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Where to Change (Cost of) JAMB Names, DOB, State/LGA

A few posts, on this blog, might have made quick references to how to change JAMB names, date of birth, gender, and state/local government of origin.

Some of you might have got the fact that you couldn't change institutions and courses at any café rather, you're to visit the nearest accredited CBT center for such changes.

But that's for the changes in institutions and courses.

When it comes to changing other data as noted above, generally the personal data, do you use a café, a CBT center, or a JAMB office?

This post will strictly give you where to visit for the JAMB changes including names, DOB, etc., and will let you know why such changes are restricted to this center or office.

You Will Go to the JAMB Office to Change Your Personal Data

In JAMB, bio-data include your names, date of birth, sex, and state/local government of origin. Errors usually crop in from the data on your national ID card, through the NIN.

Remember, bio-data errors didn't just happen from the CBT center where you registered your UTME or DE. No! It was from the NIN. 

When you texted your NIN to 55019, you'd just allowed JAMB to export all the information filled on your national ID  card (NIN) to your JAMB form too.

So, if the exported information contains errors, JAMB won't allow you to correct that at a café or a CBT center. You're strictly required to visit any of the board's offices around you and affect the changes.

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Changes on National ID  Card Won't Automatically Reflect on JAMB Portal/Form

In case, you're thinking if you visit the NIMC and correct the errors on your national ID card, it should automatically reflect on the JAMB portal/profile or printout, you're wrong.

In fact, if there will be a refection of such corrections, it may not be for this year's admission activities/exercise.

Therefore, to see yourself through this trauma and confusion, proceed to the nearest JAMB office and correct things.

The Cost of Correcting Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/Local Government of Origin

The fee, being charged for the correction of personal data, at any JAMB office is #2,500. This may not include the remita or online transaction charges together with the office service charge. For all, prepare between #3,200 and #3,500.

This is a one-time payment for one-time activity. In other words, you're only allowed to pay for and change names, date of birth, gender, and state/LGA once.

And if rejected or disapproved, there won't be a chance to make a new attempt. This is why you have to be sure of what you're doing before correcting any of the above items.

You May Need to Correct it at NIMC First Though

Because personal data errors occurred originally from the National ID card, you may need to first correct that mistake with NIMC before proceeding to the JAMB office.

Although candidates are allowed to correct the bio-data errors at the JAMB office without necessarily correcting that at the NIMC until they deem it necessary or at a later date, some attending officials may prove stubborn that you should make the corrections at NIMC first.

We can't blame those officers though. The information you're trying to correct at the JAMB office emanated from NINC. It's still official and statutory if they insist the errors should be corrected at both ends to ensure correlation of data across the board.


JAMB offices, will, generally, not require you to do corrections at the NIMC. In fact, you may risk attempting to correct the errors at the JAMB office first, if the attending officer doesn't insist, you will be able to correct the personal-data errors and later do that with NIMC.

If however, he insists that you should attend to errors at NIMC first, you'll be left with no other choice than to do as instructed before JAMB can attend to the same issues at their office.

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