Can I Use Cancelled Results/Papers For Admissions? -

Can I Use Cancelled Results/Papers For Admissions?

There are some concerns about cancelled WAEC, NECO or NABTEB results.

Some candidates were affected by the exam bodies' cancellation of some subjects or all the subjects. 

The affected candidates are now asking if they can use their cancelled results to seek and gain admissions.

As a result, in this post, I want to look into circumstances where cancelled SSCE results can be used for admission and where they may not be accepted.

You Can't Use Cancelled Results, Where All Subjects Are Affected

It's possible for WAEC, NECO or NABTEB to cancel a candidate's entire results/papers. In this case, you can't use it for admission.

Obviously, entirely cancelled results are as bad as not-sitting-for-the-exams.

In which case, nothing good, admission or job can be processed with that.

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You Can't Use Cancelled Results for Admissions Where the Required Subject(s) Are Affected

In case you don't know. You don't practically need the 9 or 8 subjects you wrote in WAEC, NECO or NABTEB for admission.

Your proposed course only requires 5 relevant subjects. And what matters is at least C6 (credits) in the five relevant subjects.

If the exam body cancels any of these required subjects, you won't be able to use that for admission, of course.

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In fact, where a school accepts another subject in place of such a compulsory one for your course, they may still insist that you should at least have D7, E8 or at worst F9 in the subject. That marks its attempt and a grade that "the canceled" will never replace.

So, if canceled, schools may not honor that, even if you have another subject they want to accept in place of it.

For example, a few schools may accept Biology in place of Agric and vice versa. If one of these is canceled, some schools will take the other.

However, if a school accepts at least D7 or E8 in Physics if canceled, it may not accept that or any subject in place. The school wants to see at least a grade for Physics not just "cancelled". 

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Cancelled Results Will Be Accepted For Admission if Not in the Relevant Subjects

Some subjects a generally not relevant for any course or to your own proposed course.

For example, Marketing is not relevant for Nursing, Medicine, or Pharmacy. Literature may not be relevant for Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing etc.

In the cases above, it wouldn't matter if those irrelevant subjects were cancelled or not. Such subjects may just be occupying spaces in your results. 

Once you can produce the 5 core subjects, all cancelled subjects won't stop a school from offering you admission. That five is what matters.

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You Can Combine Another Result If It Makes Up For the Cancelled Subject(s)

If a relevant or compulsory subject/paper is cancelled but you can produce the cancelled subject from any future exam, you can sit for that and make the cancelled compulsory subject to combine for your admission. You can combine the present and future results to pursue admission. 

This is also applicable if you've already got a result that had a subject (at least credit) for the one canceled (in the present result). You can combine the old and new results to pursue your admission.

However, where the proposed course/school only accepts 1 sitting, such a combination may not work. You may consider other courses/schools that will accept two sittings instead and combine rightly.


Entirely cancelled results (where the nine subjects are affected), can't be used for admissions. So also is where a relevant subject to a candidate's proposed course won't be accepted. However, where the subject(s) affected has(have) no relation with the course being proposed or there is a subject that can replace it, it won't matter for the admissions. Any school will accept that.

And if you can provide the cancelled subject/paper in another already owned or to-be-seated-for result, you don't have to worry about the affected subject, especially for a course/school that will accept two sittings.

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