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Are Schools/Organizations Accepting Court Affidavits?

We have got cases of admission seekers with errors in their names, date of birth, local government, address, etc.

A few job seekers, never realize the seriousness of certain errors until they're out in the labor markets. When data get conflicting, a prospective employer may be smelling a rat.

Errors might have crawled in while you're in primary or secondary schools. The spelling mistakes were common back then. Typographical errors while filling WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB forms were unusual.

As a result, affected candidates had tried their best to correct these errors as prescribed by certain officials. However, due to some terms and conditions, financial requirements, and bottlenecks, candidates are forced to halt chasing the corrections officially.

In response to that, they're considering the alternatives out there. One option opened to you is using court affidavits to back your documents up in cases of mistakes, loss, damages, etc.

In this post, I'll be guiding you, first, on what to do officially, in case you'd not tried, if you have a few mixups. Then, I will take you by the hands and show you where the uses of the court affidavits will be the perfect and recognized documents to back things and where it's less acceptable.

How to Officially Correct Errors on Documents and Credentials

Let's pick a few I can cover here and give a brief explanation of the means to get each error corrected.

1. Errors on SSCE Results and Certificates

The usual errors on WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results or certificates may include names, and dates of birth. 

To handle this, you simply have to go to the nearest WAEC office. If you're a school candidate, use the help of the principal or exam officer.

You will need:

  1. Original certificate
  2. Affidavit for correction of Name (from a court)
  3. Letter from the school principal
  4. Original Birth certificate for sighting and photocopy for submission
  5. Attestation Letter for correction of name from the courts or clergy. 
  6. Ten thousand naira only (N10,000)

If after making attempts, and for any reason whatsoever, the correction is not possible, you should go for a court affidavit as a backup.

You can even use the affidavit, temporarily, for any similar purposes, while the processes of correcting the names are ongoing too.

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2. Errors on Primary School Certificates or Testimonials

Errors on your primary school certificates and credentials can be as disturbing. To amend things, return to the school and lodge the complaint. 

Errors that can be reported include names, date of birth, year of admission, etc.

You're likely going to get a replacement if the error is officially from them. However, if you're trying to manipulate things, as you grow up, they may deny you.

While public schools' certificates may not be issued more than once (except with official backing), they can issue testimonials at will.

However, a private school may issue the second, third or more, as long as there are reasonably convincing reasons to do so.

If after the necessary effort to correct errors on your primary school certificate and/or testimonial or getting a replacement, things wouldn't work, kindly subscribe to a court affidavit as a backup.

3. Errors on the Birth Certificate

Where there is a mistake in your date of birth (age). And such a date of birth is clearly written on that birth certificate, you can:

  1. return to the issuing body e.g hospital, religion society, national population commission, etc to ask for the amendment
  2. forget that document and get a new certificate of birth that will bear the correct date of birth. They can issue twice or more times.

In case, no opportunity to get another or correction is not allowed from the issuing body, you should collect the court affidavit of birth also called the declaration of age.

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Affidavits For General Errors on Filled Forms

While filling forms, especially online, candidates or cafe attendants usually make a series of mistakes.

In some cases, candidates can log in back to their form, amend things and resubmit.

However, in certain forms, once submitted, you can't edit anything.

To solve this issue, where possible and accessible, the best step to take is to visit the school ICT or the ICT of the body you register with.

They can access your information from their end, which a cafe, may not be able to access after submission.

Narrate the story and they will handle that for a charge or no fee.

You can, as well, look for the portal helpdesk email or contact to narrate the issue. They can help you correct things without leaving home.

However, if there is no time, resources, or amendment opportunity at the other end, you may need to back such an error up with a court affidavit.

The affidavit will be titled accordingly depending on the mistake. Hence, whenever you submit the main form or appear for screening or documentation, the affidavit will be attached to the affected credentials as the backup.


There is no need to think of a court affidavit as the first thing when you have some errors on your credentials or while filling (online) forms. You should take a few official steps to correct things first.

And if things don't fall your way, you can then consider using court affidavit as the recognized official backing.

Also, a court affidavit shouldn't be taken as a replacement for the actual document referred and it's not, in all situations, what an organization must recognize it, because they're not compelled, under any terms, to accept it.

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