Can I Use Another State LGA Certificate Instead of My State? -

Can I Use Another State LGA Certificate Instead of My State?

When you need local government identification, there are a few things that you may not immediately understand. One of them is the question this post stands to answer.

Can you use the local government identification of another state instead of your state? Is it acceptable to use a state of origin certificate different from your own state of origin?

Let's break this down a bit.

A guy living in Lagos contacted me with his story below.

Hello Sir, I'm from Abia State but my parents are living in Lagos. I'm living with them too. Now, I'm seeking admission and I will need a certificate of state of origin or local government identification. Is it ok to get the Lagos local government identification or I must travel back to Abia State to collect one?

If you find yourself in similar situations, maybe for jobs, interviews, screenings, scholarships, or admissions, you will want to know what matters or what you should do in this case. Let me guide you.

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Local Government Identification of Your State Is the Real Deal

When you're asked to provide the local government identification or state of origin certificate, what they truly want is that of your state/local government of origin (where you belong to by birth and not necessarily where you're born or the local government or state of living.

Apparently, there is no need to remind you that your state of origin is where your father hails from. By birth, that's where you hail from too. It won't matter whether you're born in that state or not.

In the story above, the guy was from Abia State (that's where he and his father hail from) and lives in Lagos State. The certificate he needs in his case is that of Abia State.

In his situation, he will need to go back to his state and get the LGA certificate. Other means of getting the state of origin certificates are well discussed in my post, "How to Get a State/Local Govt Identification For Screening and Interview".

So, you have to be consciously aware of what they're asking for if this document is demanded for any purpose.

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If You've Claimed Another State in NIN, You Might Be Forced to Retain That State

In a similar story, a candidate was from Kaduna State but he is living with his parents in Abuja. When filling out the National ID card (NIN), he stated Abuja FCT as his state of origin and the local government where he is living as the local government of origin. This was a mistake because he could not differentiate between the state of origin and the state of living.

In this case, even though he hailed from Kaduna State because he had made a mistake in the NIN, except if he chooses to correct that now, he would be forced to keep Abuja as his state of origin henceforth, especially where National ID card was being equally required.

Most applications will require the officials to check your NIN and see if the information on it corresponds with the documents you bring forth. For example, in JAMB, it's the state of origin on the NIN that will appear on the JAMB result, and that's what they want to see on your local government identification/state of origin certificate too.

Therefore, our friend will have to get the Abuja LGA claimed in NIN instead of using the Kaduna one.

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The State/LGA Should Be The Same Across Similar Papers

Similar to the condition of submitting, where required, the local government identification of the state claimed in the national ID card, it's better and required that the LGA should be the same on any other documents.

Let's say your curriculum vitae (when seeking employment) reads Afijio Local Government in Oyo State, there is no way your employer will accept the LGA identification paper of Isokan LGA in Osun State.

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If any past document, such as a birth certificate, resume, testimonial, etc. has stated that you're from a particular LGA, where you must attach such with your LGA certificate, the two should correspond.

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Where It Matters, Corrections Should Be Made

If you've claimed a state of living as the state of origin, by mistake and for whatever reason, you will need your real state of origin certificate, it's better mended than retaining the wrong one.

You may not worry about using another state of origin for some applications if it won't matter in the future. But if you know it will have effects on decisions you're to make now or in the future, kindly work on changing it or getting the right document.

For example, a wrong state of origin in JAMB will repeat itself for your NYSC. When registering NYSC in the future, the corps will collect the same claimed state from JAMB and you can't change it then. And the state of origin in NYSC has an effect on where corpers are likely to be posted.

Another case is about admissions. To gain admission, some schools consider catchment areas based on the state of origin. Choosing the wrong state may deprive you of admission when you're supposed to benefit in the catchment areas consideration.

Similarly, during bursary opportunities, some states will require your local government identification plus NIN and admission letters. This may deny you the money if things don't tally across all papers.

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There are situations you may not worry about claiming another state as your own state of origin. Some people do that voluntarily if they truly want to claim the indigeneship of that new state and abandon their true states. 

However, if you're trying to use this for just one reason, first consider the future effect of it before jumping in. Won't it affect anything so dare to you later?

And if you've already made the mistake, fine. You can still alter things. It's never late. You can collect your own state LGA identification. You can correct that on the National ID card, JAMB registration, and more.

Wish you luck!

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