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NIN Names Corrected, Profile Code Names Still Wrong

I was visited by a student who had once obtained the JAMB form. Back then, he got the wrong names on the NIN. But he registered for JAMB notwithstanding. However, he didn't secure admission with that JAMB - not because of the errors in the name though.

This year, he decided to obtain another JAMB, but before then, he corrected the names on his NIN. Then, he sent his NIN to 55019 to get his profile code. Unfortunately, the profile code received still contained the names with errors.

He had hoped to get a profile code containing the corrected names. So, why the old names again? Why was the correction not reflected in the profile code message received?

This is the same situation shared by another candidate below.

In this post, I will be telling you what happened, why the corrected names still didn't reflect with the profile code SMS, and what to do about this.

Once You've Generated a Profile Code With NIN, You Can't Get Another Profile Code With Different Data

In fact, under normal circumstances, if you want to correct errors in your name or any other data before registering for JAMB, that ought to have been done before generating the profile code for the first time. If you didn't correct the errors before generating the first profile code, the errors won't reflect if you do the correction later.

Another student's complaint

In the case of the guy above, he got a profile code last year. The code will remain the same for all his years of trying to write JAMB. Even if he tries to get a new code (which is always the same old code) in later years, the same code will be sent to him.

In other words, the same old names will keep coming with the code each time you regenerate or retrieve it. So, what's the way out?

You Skipped an Important Step

Yes, you read that correctly. If you've corrected errors in your NIN, it's not enough to simply resend your NIN to 55019/66019 and expect the changes to be reflected on the JAMB portal or in the newly generated profile code.

The step you've missed involves sending a REQUERY text to 55019/66019. This is the new method that JAMB uses to correct errors in personal NIN data, which also affect your JAMB registration. To do this, ensure you've corrected your details on the NIN, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your messaging app.
  2. In the recipient's number field, enter 55019 or 66019 (depending on which one was used previously to obtain your profile code).
  3. In the message box, type REQUERY, followed by a space, and then your NIN (e.g., REQUERY 28198898919).
  4. You will be charged N50 for this service.
  5. Afterwards, you will receive a text message confirming that your new data has been retrieved from the NIMC database.

It is only after completing these steps that you should purchase your JAMB PIN or, if already purchased, proceed to a JAMB CBT center or JAMB office to register. At this point, you also need to inform the attendant that you've corrected specific items on your NIN, so he or she can look for the updated information in the system and make the corresponding corrections as well.

JAMB Has Affirmed That It Won't Change Personal Data After Registration

Before now, JAMB entertained corrections of personal data at its offices even after forms were completed and submitted. However, starting from 2024, JAMB has insisted that it would no longer allow corrections to names, date of birth, state/local government, and gender if a student has completed the registration and submitted it.

As a result, for students who have completed their JAMB UTME or DE registration before going to NIMC to correct such items, you would not be able to change this information again with JAMB.

The only option is if the admission doesn't work out this year, you should ensure you send the REQUERY text as instructed above before processing admission for the next year.

However, given your current situation, I recommend the following if your admission should work out this year:

  1. Visit any high court or magistrate court.
  2. Request an affidavit for errors in your NIN and JAMB data.
  3. Keep this until you get to school for biodata or fresher physical screening.
  4. During this exercise, back the error up with your affidavit.

Experience has shown that not very many schools accept affidavits. Yet, it's worth trying as you might eventually be lucky.


It's crucial to ensure that any corrections, especially those related to your personal details like names, are made and verified with NIMC before proceeding with important applications like JAMB. If errors persist, as in the case of the profile code not reflecting corrected names, the solution is to continue with the registration process and seek rectification at the JAMB office after the examination. 

It's essential to provide proof of the corrected details, such as an updated NIN, and to understand that this process may take time and might not be immediately visible on the JAMB portal. Additionally, ensure that the corrections made with NIMC are well-documented and officially recognized to avoid complications during the correction process with JAMB.

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  1. Thank you for the information sir, but I've sent a REQUERY and they sent me an SMS, but when I try to buy e-pin it's still bringing my old name.
    What should I do sir?


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