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Thursday, 12 September 2019

How Can I Change My O'level Results on School or JAMB Portal? See Answer

Editing of O'level Results After Being Submitted
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Another complex admission issues to address is if it's possible to change O'level results on JAMB CAPS or an institution website? Are you intending to change your results to another after already completed JAMB registration or post UTME or just because WAEC, NECO or NABTEB has just given you better grades?

If you have been following me, I had earlier mentioned it should be possible to change your old result entered on CAPS to new ones if you choose. After all, it should just be a matter of visiting the nearest CBT centre as instructed by JAMB. Then, tell them you must change your result.

It eventfully happened this may not be possible. I'd, in fact, updated the page where I earlier mentioned that. The changing of your results may be beyond what a CBT centre can do for you after already uploaded for you.

JAMB Allows Uploading of O'level Results Once

During  JAMB registration, you're to enter your O'level results and if you haven't got one, use awaiting results. Then, after the release, you're to return to any CBT centre to upload. I detailed how to do that in my post, "How to Upload Results to JAMB Portal: O'level (SSCE), ND and NCE".

If you had earlier uploaded one result. And later your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB result grades were better. Then, you think of replacing that on JAMB portal, you may be out of luck.

Several students who had visited CBT centre to plead for replacement of their old results with new ones were turned down. The CBT centres insisted the results couldn't be replaced. Only those used awaiting results will be allowed to enter theirs since they'd not put in one in the first place.

With this explanation and excuse, it seems JAMB is not giving any grace to CBT centres to touch your results after already been submitted.

This could be for security reason. JAMB won't want people to manipulate your results after it has been submitted correctly in your presence.

Editing of O'level Results After Being Submitted

A few students have equally asked if they can edit the grades entered for them during the UTME registration or returned to upload waiting results. Perhaps there were errors in the grades entered for some subjects. Such a mistake may craw in when the CBT centre attendant or the candidates themselves, were filling the form. Editing your wrongly entered grades on CAPS may not be possible.
The story is as simple as once, you've done the uploading first time, you may not be allowed to touch anything thereon again.

In this case though, candidates shouldn't be worried. I think this shouldn't affect your admission process. Especially if the grades entered is lower than the actual grade. For example, if instead of C4, the grade entered was C6. This may not show that you're trying to cheat the system. It's a glaring mistake.

Replacing or Editing of O'level Results on School Portal Possible

For those who had earlier filled certain SSCE result on the school portal but arr now blessed with better results in their WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB, you can still upload that to the school portal to replace the earlier one. You can as well be able to edit if the error happened in the grades catered during the post UTME registration.

But on conditions:
  1. If the school's post UTME form is not yet closed. For some institutions, their post UTME application portal will still allow changes even after submission , once the form has not closed. For example, Adekunle Ajasin University, University of Ilorin, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Federal Polytechnic Ado. But once their application closes, you can edit anything again.
  2. If the school doesn't close your application after submission. Even after post UTME registration has closed, some institutions will still allow candidates to enter their portals and change certain details (if need be). For example, UNIOSUN.
  3. If the school allows save of data before final submission. Some schools, once you submit, they won't allow you to edit anything again, even if their forms are still on sales. This is why this set of schools will give you the option to save you details and submit later. If you'd just saved before now, you can return to the portal and edit O'level results before you submit finally.

Aside from all the conditions mentioned here, you may not be able to replace or edit the O'level results on your school portal. Perhaps, a visit to the school ICT and pleading for replacement can still work. It's hard to say - do it, if it's worth trying.

Only 5 Subjects and Grades Appeared On My CAPS

A similar issue candidates have been calling me on is where CBT centre just entered 5 or 6 subjects and grades for them on CAPS. Is this anything to worry about?

The answer is YES and NO!

If the five subjects are the relevant subjects to your proposed courses, then, nothing to worry about. JAMB and schools only need usually 5 to 6 relevant subjects to offer you admission.

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