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Where Can I Collect Original Result For NECO, WAEC, NABTEB, GCE?

Original WAEC, NECO and NABTEB result

While seeking admissions or applying for jobs, there may be the need to tender your WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE result.

And if you don't have that at hand, you should want to know how and where to collect these results.

Hence, the questions:

  1. How can I collect my WAEC result?
  2. Do I have to go to the NECO office to collect my result or I can get it at my school or anywhere else?
  3. Apart from the school or exam body's office, can I collect the result from any other office or online?

In this post, I will be answering these questions and a few related concerns.

1. WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE Result Can Be Printed Online But Not Original

After releasing any of these SSCE results, candidates are required, generally, to visit the nearest cafes to print their results. And if you have access to the internet and a printer, you can check and print the results by yourself.

I think this is generally known to many candidates and they must have done that within the first few weeks of their results were being released.

However, for those who have lost these printouts, they can revisit the cafe or on their own, to reprint the results up to five times including the first print.

In other words, any token or PIN/Serial number given or bought to check your O'level results the first time can still be used to recheck and reprint up to 5 times.

And if these five times per card/token are exhausted or exceeded, you can still buy a new card or token to recheck and print. Buy NECO, WAEC, GCE, and NABTEB Cards on Schoolcontents.info

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2. Original SSCE Results Can Be Printed Online Or Collected Offline

The checking and printing of the SSCE results, as detailed above (no. 1), is not the original type.

In case you need the original WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE result, you will have to follow any of the procedures below depending on whether the original result you seek is the internal type (school candidates exams) or GCE type (private candidates exams).

1. You Will Collect Your School Candidate Original Result at the School of the Exam

In order to collect your May/June WAEC or NABTEB or June/July NECO original result, you can visit the school where you sat for the exam. 

The original results or certificate will be available for collection in about 3-months after the online version of these results were released. Mostly, it's 90 days after the release of the results before your school will be able to collect the results from the exam body and give them out to students.

You should see your school's principal or the exam officer to know when the original results or certificates are available for collection

However, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has launched an online digital platform, where you can get your original result or certificate. In fact, this will greatly help those who have lost, stolen, or damaged their WAEC/GCE certificates. 

With the same platform, you can share your digital certificate, which is exactly the same as the paper one, with any organization e.g. schools, or companies, requesting it.

To enjoy this benefit, follow the guide in the post, "WAEC Certificates Online: Access, Verify, download, share, and Print".

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2. You Will Collect Your Private Candidate Original Result at the Exam Body's Office or Order Online

There are two options open to a WAEC GCE candidate (specifically candidates who wrote their exams starting from 2019 to date) who is urgently in need of his or her original GCE result or certificate.

He or she can:

  1. order it to be delivered to any WAEC office closer to him/her after placing the order at https://certrequest.waec.ng. This option is open to exam takers from 2019 to date. The requested certificate would be delivered to the WAEC office of choice. Candidates would be required to provide valid means of identification at the designated pick-up location (WAEC office).
  2. visit the nearest WAEC office to him/her and request his original result or certificate. This is open to candidates who may not want to use the online ordering option or fall off the range of the years stated above i.e. WAEC GCE candidates before 2019 and they may get theirs on another online platform

For the NECO and NABTEB GCE candidates, to collect your original result or certificate, you must visit the branch office of the exam body situated at the state of that exam.

For example, if your NECO GCE or NABTEB GCE is taken in a town in Kaduna, you'll only, at least for now, be able to collect the original result/certificate at the NECO/NABTEB office in Kaduna State.

3. You Will Collect Your Statement of Results at the School of the Exam

Statement of result is usually only available for the internal type of WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB exam. This school candidates' version of the exams is usually taken under a permanent school, unlike the GCE version that is just taken under some selected centers by the exams bodies.

A school where you completed your senior secondary school education and wrote your WAEC or NECO is a permanent center that can issue a statement of results. A school where you wrote GCE is not a permanent center. Hence, can't issue a statement of results.

A Statement of Results

To collect the statement of results for the May/June WAEC/NABTEB or June/July NECO, return to your school and ask for this.

The school will type and print your WAEC/NECO/NABTEB subjects and their grades on its official letterhead. That's called the statement of results.

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  1. I need my gce certificate oo who can help me out

    1. I think the post below will guide you on how to get that

  2. It's been about 10yrs now since I sat for WAEC and I've not taken my original result. Will I be able to get it from the school I wrote the exam in? Even after 10yrs.

    1. Please what if I’m not in that particular state anymore? And i need my neco certificate it’s been 19 years now.
      Can it be issued in lagos instead of the school?

    2. If It's Internal NECO, you will have no other choice than to go back to that school. the certificate must have already been sent to the school and the exam body won't issue two certificates for a candidate. If it's GCE NECO, you can get that at NECO office of any state


    4. Good morning Mr Tolani. Please sir I need your help. How do I apply to get my Neco 2003 result and GCE 2010. I have collect the results previously after writing but I lost it while moving from one apartment to the other. Please help me. Thank you.

  3. Hello Mr. Techie. This is an enquiry For NECO GCE (eternal candidate).
    For someone that is not currently within the country. Could it be collected by a proxy from the school/exam center or is it only at the NECO office?
    Thank you sir.

    1. You can collect it by proxy. The requirement to get that done shouldn't much different from what WACE is accepting too. Follow the guide in the post below.


    2. Hello sir. I live in Owerri but I need the original G.C.E result I wrote in Lagos 10 years ago.
      Can I get the original certificate a the the weac center in Owerri or do I have to go to the exam center in Lagos?

  4. Please can my nephew get his original neco result, he wrote the exam in May June 2020, and he needs the original result urgently, but people said it’s not out

  5. Please I sat for neco (internal) 2019 and now i was told the original is still not out.

  6. Good day sir.....just confused as to, can I use my original neco gce statement of result for Nysc registration, though I am using my original waec certificate in conjunction with the neco statement of result I got from neco office like 10 years ago..... Pls just for clarification would it be necessary obtaining the original neco gce certificate for the Nysc registration or I go with the neco statement of result.

  7. Hello sir. Please I need help on getting my NECO statement of result and certificate urgently. The school I wrote my exam has been submerged due to the ongoing flood in Anambra. Please I want to know if I can get them at the NECO office at Awka. Thank you.

    1. Please I wrote neco since 2003 where can I collect the original. Is it in the school at Niger state or any neco office .I live in delta state now. Can I go to neco office in delta state

  8. I wrote neco internal 2021. Do you think the original results is out?

  9. I sat for neco GCE in kogi can I collect the original in neco office Ilorin

  10. Good day pls is there original certificate for nabteb aside statement of result

  11. Good morning sir please I wrote neco since 2013, I went to the school to collect my result but the principal could not go find it how do I go about it

  12. Where should I go for my original May/June NABTEB certificate sat in 1999 in Owerri as my school is now defunct?

  13. Hello sir
    I used my neco 2019 for my school but I got partial admission, is it possible to enter the school with statement of result ?

  14. Good afternoon sir .I wrote my Neco 2012 ..I have my statement of Result .please where can I collect my original Neco certificate?


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