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New Method to Change JAMB Names, DOB, LGA, etc.

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In a few prior posts, I stated that names, States, LGA, Gender, etc could be corrected after completing JAMB registration. However, clarification is necessary as there are instances where corrections may still be impossible with the latest position of the board.
Firstly, it was previously asserted in a recent post that JAMB would no longer facilitate name corrections at its office, creating a seemingly impossible situation.

JAMB stated.
Please be informed that JAMB does not alter names after registration. Candidates were strongly advised to effect all necessary changes on the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) platform before initiating their JAMB registration. Once registered, certain features become unamendable.

Upon examining a Twitter post, it became evident that the restriction applied primarily to candidates who had not yet generated their profile code with their National Identification Number (NIN).

Once the profile code is generated, subsequent corrections to names on the NIN platform do not automatically reflect on the JAMB portal. Instead, the names initially generated with the profile code persist after registration.

Are You Affected By The New Change?

For those who have not generated a profile code before correcting name errors on NIN, the correction should seamlessly reflect with the profile code and consequently on the JAMB portal, provided no profile code with incorrect names was previously generated. However, candidates who had generated profile codes in previous JAMB sessions (or done JAMB before) with incorrect names but later corrected them on NIN before reactivating the profile code for the current year must send a text with the keyword "REQUERY" followed by a space and your actual NIN to 55019/66019. This action is necessary before expecting the corrected names to reflect with the activated profile code and during registration. JAMB stated in another release.

If your intention is to register for this year's UTME, kindly return to NIMC to effect the change before registering, once you are certain that the change has been effected, send REQUERY in capital letter, followed by your actual NIN to either 55019 or 66019 depending on the one previously used . Eg. REQUERY 12345678910 to 55019 or 66019. Once you receive a re-query confirmation via sms, select the field to be corrected and make the applicable payment. You can thereafter visit an accredited CBT centre to continue the registration but if you don't intend to register for the ongoing UTME, please be aware that JAMB does not alter LGO after registration.

Following this, candidates can proceed with their registration, anticipating the correct name on the JAMB portal. The previous practice of correcting names at a JAMB office after generating a profile code might not be applicable going forward.
The current procedure entails correcting names on NIN, sending a "REQUERY NIN" text to 55019/66019, obtaining the JAMB PIN using the corrected/reactivated profile code, and subsequently completing the registration. This ensures that the corrected names are reflected in the reactivated profile code and, consequently, on the JAMB portal. A student who encountered this situation shared their narrative, highlighting the importance of adhering to the revised process.

The candidate narrated.

I have this issue of name too which I went to Jamb office last year to correct and it shows data correction successfully updated. Now I had gain admission into the university my name on jamb admission letter is different from Sch admission letter pls just help my life.


The recent adjustments to JAMB's name correction procedures underscore the importance of adhering to a meticulous and timely process. Contrary to earlier beliefs, names, State, LGA, Gender, etc., can still be corrected in specific circumstances.

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