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Is Fingerprint Required for JAMB, NYSC, PUTME, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc?

Fingerprint and scanning seem to be laterally required during certain registrations. The usual bodies we register include the JAMB, NYSC, WAEC, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, etc.

However, each of these bodies has a few registrations they do across the year. For instance, NYSC registrations include mobilization, relocation, revalidation, etc. JAMB includes UTME/DE registration, change of data, part-time registration, regularization, etc.

Whereas not all these registrations or activities will require you to register your fingerprints or biometrics of any type.

The bottom line is that not all these registrations require finger scanning or biometrics. 

This post aims to answer a few questions as collected below and many other more.

  1. Does WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB registration require fingerprints?
  2. Does JAMB UTME/DE registration require fingerprints?
  3. Does JAMB change of data require fingerprints?
  4. Will I do fingerprint capturing for JAMB regularization?
  5. Does JAMB part-time, Distance learning or NOUN registration need fingerprints?
  6. Will I need fingerprints for NYSC registration, revalidation, relocation, etc?
  7. Does Common Entrance or JSS 3 Exams need fingerprints?
  8. Will I need to do fingerprint capturing for post UTME or screening?

Let's dive into it.

Need for the Fingerprint Scanning in WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB registrations

Generally, all SSCE registrations now require candidates to do fingerprint scanning before they will be able to enrol and partake. The requirement for fingerprints covers not only the internal or school candidates' exams (WAEC April/May, NECO June/July, and NABTEB June/July) but also the external or private candidates' ones (WAEC GCE Jan/Feb and Aug./Sept.NECO and NABTEB Nov/Dec).

Hence, the presence of a candidate is needed at the registration centre or point to get his or her fingerprints captured for any of the exams above.

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Need for Fingerprint Scanning in JAMB UTME/DE Registrations

To register JAMB UTME or DE, you will need to do fingerprints. Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board requires individual prospective admission seekers to use the service of accredited CBT centres to put in for the registration of UTME and DE. Each of these CBT centres will capture your photo, data, and fingerprints (biometrics) during the exercise.

As a result, each candidate should be ready to be captured with fingerprints inclusive. 

In fact, fingerprint capturing is so important for UTME and Direct Entry registration that where candidates have issues capturing their fingers, the board has made appropriate provisions for such exceptional cases

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Post UTME/Screening Doesn't Require Fingerprints

After the UTME comes the post UTME or screening, depending on the one your school of choice adopts. As of now, no university, polytechnic, or college of education will require you to capture your fingerprints during the post UTME or screening registration.

Generally, institutions will require you to fill the form online and participate in exams or/and physical screening. Some will limit your stress to the online application only. However, whether online screening, physical screening, or exams, candidates will NOT be required to capture fingerprints at any stage.

However, after being admitted, for example, at the Polytechnic Ibadan, candidates may be required to do fingerprints capturing during the fresher registration and documentation.

JAMB Change of Data Doesn't Require Fingerprints

The fact that you're to do the change of institutions/courses and similar data corrections at an accredited CBT just like the JAMB UTME and DE registration, doesn't mean you must capture fingerprints or any biometrics for data corrections.

To do the change of institutions and courses, you only need to make the service payment and effect your changes at an accredited CBT centre or any connected cafe around you

In fact, your presence may not be required to effect the changes if you can just get the JAMB OTP through your phone and send it to the right person especially if you have a friend or family who wants to handle it for you in your absence.

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JAMB Regularization Doesn't Require Fingerprints

Similar to the change of institutions, courses, and other data, candidates won't need to do fingerprint capturing for the registration of JAMB regularization.

Of course, JAMB regularization can take you to a CBT centre before you're able to do it. Yet, you're not required to be captured with fingers. The centre only needs to fill your biodata, O'level, and other academic details with certain school references to get you fully registered.

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Uploading of Results to the JAMB Portal Doesn't Require Fingerprints

If you didn't earlier upload your results (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, NBAIS, GCE, IJMB, JUPEB, BSC, HND, NCE, or ND) to the JAMB portal during the UTME/DE registration, you will need to do that later.

When candidates using awaiting results for their admissions are ready to upload, they may use the service of CBT centres or find out if certain cafes around them are connected to help do that

Either a CBT or cafe won't need to capture your fingerprints to upload your results. All you need is your JAMB profile code, Full names, and the printout of the result in question in order to upload to the JAMB portal.

JAMB Part-Time, DLC and NOUN Registration Requires Fingerprints

Candidates who apply for any programmes other than full-time are categorized under part-time, distance-learning, or NOUN. These applicants, apart from the regular applications for their programmes, must also register with JAMB. This registration is called JAMB part-time, DLC, and NOUN application.

Whereas, candidates will have to be physically present at CBT centres for the registrations, just like UTME candidates, for the capturing of their data and biometrics which include fingerprints.

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Using Fingerprints for NYSC Registration

The process of mobilizing graduates for service starts with the periodic mobilization application called NYSC mobilization. The registration requires the capturing of each prospective corps member's fingerprints and biometrics.

An accredited cafe for NYSC should be in possession of a fingerprint scanner that would be used to capture your biometrics online or offline. 

Therefore your physical presence is required in order to complete your NYSC registration for service.

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NYSC Relocation Doesn't Require Fingerprints

While applying for NYSC relocation, you may be tempted to think Recolocation will require fingerprint capturing just because you did the same during the mobilization application. NO, you wouldn't be required to apply for relocation with that.

The processes involved in NYSC mobilization usually start from your time on camp. There, you will put in your interest to be relocated. Only a few details including your call-up number, reasons or any supporting documents will be required to process the application.

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No Need for Fingerprints for NCEE and JSS 3 Exams

As of the time of this writing, applications for the National Common Entrance Exams and Junior School Certificate Examinations don't require fingerprints capturing of a kind.

Pupils and JSS 3 applicants are only required to register through their individual schools and/or designated centres where fingerprint scanners won't be needed.


Apart from the JAMB change of institutions, courses, other JAMB data, JAMB regularization, NCEE, BECE, NYSC relocation, applications including NYSC Mobilization, JAMB UTME/DE, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or GCE will require fingerprints and/or biometrics.

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