How to Register For NYSC Batch A, B or C (Stream 1 & 2) -

How to Register For NYSC Batch A, B or C (Stream 1 & 2)

How to Register for NYSC Batch A, B or C Mobilization
It’s another NYSC mobilization registration period and you’re to take part in this year's camping and service. Here is all you must know before the registration starts.

In other words, below is the full guide to NYSC mobilization registration.

I will be as concise as possible. But justice will only be done if I don’t leave out anything significant.

This post will cover areas including:

  1. Checking up names in the JAMB matriculation list (Check here for 2019-and-above candidates)
  2. Checking up names in the NYSC senate list
  3. Registration for NYSC mobilization

The first two are separate topics though. Yet, they must equally be featured here (as briefly as possible) for those who may not have time to read them separately. If you have the time and need to, kindly read them before proceeding.

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Checking Up Names In The Matriculation List

Every prospective corps member must check for his or her name in the JAMB matriculation list in order to be sure that he will not miss the train to this year's service.

This matriculating list is designed by JAMB to let prospective applicants be aware that their names had been submitted and processed for NYSC by the board. This is the only way NYSC can know that you’ve been offered admission by JAMB.

If for any reason, you’re not on the matriculation list, kindly follow my guide in the post “How to Check Matriculation List on JAMB Portal and Solutions to Issues”.

That post contains perfect solutions to your issues.

Here is the official JAMB website to check the matriculation list.

Check Your Names in the NYSC Senate list

Just as JAMB will forward your information to NYS that, you’re given admission through it, your school management must equally forward your name. This will give NYSC the assurance that you’re a bona fide graduating student of your school. This list by your school is called "the senate list".

These are the details needed to check the NYSC senate list.

Your name may not be on the Senate list if:
  1. your school has not sent the names of their graduating students
  2. you’re having personal or academic issues with the school management
  3. your school is not mobilizing graduates for the service year

To check the Senate list, follow the steps my post, “NYSC Senate List: How to Check Your Name

Complete NYSC Mobilization Registration

The main focus of this post is the registration for NYSC. There are five stages to registering for your mobilization.

  1. Create a Registration link
  2. Fill out your pre-registration form
  3. Capture fingerprint and biometrics
  4. Fill out the full registration form
  5. Make payment for the call-up letters

For summary purposes, below is a quick look at how NYSC registration will go. If you want a detailed explanation, read to the end of the post.

To register for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Batch, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the NYSC portal at and click on "Mobilization Batch" to check if the registration is open for the batch you wish to join.
  2. If registration is open, create an account on the NYSC portal by providing your email address and password.
  3. Fill in the necessary personal information, including your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, address, phone number, and next of kin.
  4. Upload a passport photograph with a white background, not more than 20kb in size, and in .jpg format.
  5. Choose your preferred deployment state and submit your registration.
  6. After submission, wait for the NYSC call-up letter, which will indicate the state you have been posted to and the date you are expected to report for orientation.
  7. Attend the orientation camp on the specified date with all necessary documents, including academic credentials, medical certificate of fitness, and other important documents required for the registration process.
  8. Note that the NYSC registration process may vary slightly depending on the batch and the NYSC portal update. Ensure you follow the instructions on the NYSC portal carefully to avoid mistakes.

Step-By-Step Guide to Registering For NYSC Mobilization

With the detailed explanation below, you're sure to have a clear understanding of every step and stage involved in registering for NYSC.

1. Get the Registration Link to Create Your Profile 

Before you start this stage, you must have your email and password handy. You must equally have logged into your email.

Then, visit the registration portal. There, you should click on “Fresh Registration”. The Fresh registration option is meant for someone who has not registered for NYSC in the past. Whereas, the “Revalidation” option is for those who have been mobilized before but for one reason or the other did not show up for camping or posting.

For more on revalidation, read my post “NYSC re-validation: Step by Step Guide”.

The first stage of NYSC registration is to create a profile

On the resulting page, you’re to fill in your email and answer one of the security questions. Then, submit.

A confirmation link will be sent to the email supplied. Check your inbox/spam. Click the link, then you will be taken to a new basic form where you will choose the university/polytechnic you attended. Then, you’re to supply some information including JAMB registration and Matric Number.

After entering those details above, the form should automatically display your other information as sent to NYSC by your school and JAMB.

If any of the details supplied above is incorrect or your school hasn’t sent their Senate list, you will receive an error message.

Supply other details including the phone number and password you want for the NYSC profile

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2. Take Biometric/Fingerprint 

This stage is probably not what you can handle yourself. You will need a biometric scanner called UareU here. Hence, you may need the service of an accredited cyber café to take your biometrics.

Visit a café and they will handle that for you.

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UareU bio-metric fingerprint reader for NYSC
But note that at this stage, you will be required to take and upload a passport photo. This photo must have a white background or off-white clear background.

Your right and left thumbprints will be taken twice during this process.

After completion of the biometric stage, you can proceed to the next stage yourself or with the help of the café's attendant.

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3. Filling Complete NYSC form

This is the main registration stage. It consists of four parts:

  1. Bio-data and background details
  2. Schools attended with dates
  3. Kits selection and signature
  4. Preview
Bio-data and Background details
Here you’re to supply information including your genotype, blood group, the name of next of kin, phone number, and address, name of the person in case of emergency, phone number and address, etc.

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Note that you can’t use the same person for the next of kin and the person in case of an emergency.

Institutions Attended with Dates
Of course here, you will supply the names and addresses of your schools from primary school to the higher institution(s). You will also state the starting year and ending year for each qualification.
HND graduates and those who gained admission through Direct Entry will supply ND/NCE/IJMB/JUPEB details as well.

Kits Selection and Signature
You must supply basic details about your dress here. NYSC need your shirt, trouser, and shoe sizes.

You will also need to scan and upload your signature. Note that the signature must not be larger than 7kb.

You can also use a digital signature. But the former may be more convenient.

Registration Preview and Selection of States
This is the last stage of your registration. You have to preview the registration and see if every detail is entered correctly. If otherwise, hit the edit button to get things into perfect shape.

Right below the whole page is the list of available states for you to pick from (this option has been suspended for now. I will update this section if returned later). You have access to four states. One state must be taken from each of the four categories.

After this, submit.

You can then log in to see that your registration is completed and accepted.

4. Payment for the Call Up Letter

I stated in my post “How to Print NYSC Call Up Letters Online. Step by Step Guide” that you won’t be able to print both green cards and call-up letters unless/until you make payment.

At present, you’re to pay N2,962.47. This is including online Remita charges.

You will need, strictly, a Mastercard to make this payment online. Remita is not accepting verve for their payment for now.

If however, you decide to pay at a bank, copy the RRR (Remita Reference Number), and pay at these commercial banks across the nation.

Log in to your NYSC profile after payment to print your green card. And when the time to print the call-up letter comes, you can print that as well.

Wishing you luck!


I’ve done some justice to cover significant details that all prospective corps members should know in this piece. Kindly help me get this post across to others on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. You will help some people by doing so and it means a lot to me too.

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