Can I Upload Results at a Café to the JAMB Portal?

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This is a quick response to the question "Can I upload my results at a café?". At the same time a comprehensive explanation about uploading of O'level, A'level, or other results to the JAMB portal through cyber cafes.

I'd got a few messages and calls asking whether candidates who were yet to upload their results to the JAMB portal could do that at the nearest cafes or internet business centres.

I'm sure you're on this page because you already know it's compulsory to upload your results to the JAMB portal whether during or after the UTME/DE registration. Of course, if you've already done the uploading while registering for JAMB UTME/DE, you don't need to upload again.

Candidates who were still confused about whether the CBT centres they used uploaded for them or not had been guided on how to check if the results were active on the JAMB portal or otherwise before starting to worry. You should check yours too.

If you've confirmed that you don't have your results uploaded, the next thing, of course, is to upload them now especially before your school starts to release the admission lists.

Generally, all accredited CBT centres can upload the results as prescribed by JAMB. However, candidates are contemplating whether they can use the service of cafes instead.

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Cafes are not Legally Allowed to Upload O'level or A'level Results to the JAMB Portal

Just like the registration of UTME/DE and change of institutions/courses, cafes are generally not allowed to upload results to the JAMB portal for candidates seeking admissions into various institutions through JAMB. However, a few cafes are doing that.

Yes, you heard me right in the last part of the paragraph above. A few cafes are uploading results for candidates using awaiting results or who failed to upload during the JAMB UTME/DE registration.

Of course, there are a few activities cafes are not allowed to do.

  1. JAMB UTME/DE registrations
  2. JAMB changing of institutions/courses
  3. Other JAMB corrections of data and,
  4. Uploading of results to the JAMB portal

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Unfortunately, candidates who want to upload results or make changes to institutions/courses and other data would have to travel outside their towns or long distances before being able to achieve any of these activities because accredited CBT centres are far from them.

This is why a few cafes are connecting (unofficially) with certain CBT centres to render these services at minimal service fees.

While a CBT centre may charge between N200 to N300 for the uploading of results to the JAMB portal, connected cafes may end up charging N500 or more.

If the extra fee is no problem for you or more bearable than the stress involved in using a CBT centre, find out about such cafes around you. They will do it for you.

I shared a similar stand in the post, "Do Cafes/CBT Centres Handle Change of Institutions/Courses?". There, I explained that some connected cafes were still doing the change of institutions to date even though JAMB didn't approve of them.

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Will Uploading of Results by Cafes be Accepted or Recognized by JAMB?

There is probably no way the board will know you used a cafe or a CBT centre to upload your results. In as much as all things are correctly done, there is nothing to fear.

Because most cafes are aged in the service with the stock of experience, they hardly make mistakes rendering these services.

Having said that, no problem once things are well done. 

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How to Know If Cafes Had Well Uploaded Your Results

After the said cafe has completed the uploading they should be able to show you live on your JAMB portal that the results had been uploaded and had reflected. They can send you the confirmation screenshot right to your email or phone as evidence of a successful upload.

Below is a sample of the uploading evidence.

After this, you should be able to log into your JAMB profile (on your phone or computer) so as to confirm if it has shown.

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Results uploaded through cafes are also acceptable by JAMB. As a matter of fact, the results were uploaded by the attached CBT center not directly by the cafes. Cafes are just intermediaries who are trying to make a few bucks by saving you time and stress.

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