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Do I Need Fingerprints For Change of Institutions/Courses?

A few readers had asked me if they would need fingerprint scanning during the change of institution/course registrations. In other words, they wanted to know if to do JAMB change of institutions/courses will require fingerprints and biometrics.

There is actually the need to ask this question if you're a first-timer for JAMB or this is your first time to change any of your data

Candidates who are contemplating whether to hand over the change of data to their parents, teachers or friends are wondering if their presence will be required before they can change their information on the JAMB portal, wants to know if their physical presence, as for the need for the fingerprint capturing, will discourage them from doing that.

This post won't only clarify whether you will need to do finger scanning for the JAMB UTME/DE change of institution/courses but will also add other alternations of data including names, date of birth, state, local government, and gender.

Change of Data is Beyond Institutions and Courses

You have to be informed that the JAMB change of data is a broad language used to describe your attempt to change:

  1. institutions
  2. courses
  3. date of birth
  4. state of origin
  5. the local government of origin and 
  6. gender

For any of these activities, in the past, candidates were only required to make a payment and proceed to alter things at any cafe or internet business center or by themselves. 

However, starting from the 2020 admission year, to alter any of these items, after the payment, candidates are required to visit the nearest JAMB accredited CBT center

Although a few cafes seem to have connected with the right CBT center to help you cut the traveling and stress of going to CBT centers. Yet, they're not allowed to officially handle any of these changes.

Going to CBT Centre Gives Raise to Asking Whether There is Need for Fingerprints

Having said that only the CBT centers were officially allowed to register you for changes, you might have concluded that these should be due to the fact that fingerprints could be required (just like when registering UTME/DE).

As a matter of fact, from the 2021/2022 admission year, you will need a fingerprint or biometric scanning in order to do JAMB UTME/DE change of data - be it institutions, courses, date of birth, names, gender, state/LGA

Below is what it takes to change data including:

  1. Making payment of N2,500 on the JAMB portal: You can make this payment by yourself or through the CBT center or a cafe. If you decide to do that yourself, you will need a Mastercard. You have to log into your JAMB profile first, proceed to the right section, and make the payment.
  2. JAMB profile code/JAMB Registration Number equally needed: There is a need to match your email and profile code at the JAMB office or the CBT center. That's why these other details are needed.

NOTE: You don't have to worry about making the payment or taking any payment before you go to a JAMB office or CBT center for the changes. These approved centers will handle everything. In other words, you don't have to initiate the process. You can just let the CBT do it all inclding the payment.


Changing your institutions, courses, and similar data now requires fingerprints or biometrics. And it doesn't matter whether the changes are being made at a CBT centre or JAMB office. Both will ask you to do a fingerprint.

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  1. Because of the candidates that made a thumpring during the capturing but now are having difficulties in doing change of institutions

    1. Consider another JAMB office or CBT centre to make attempt.


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