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Must Part-Time Applicants Register With JAMB Again?

Part-Time Applicants Will Not Do JAMB Regularization, But JAMB Part Time Application
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A new question has just been dropped. Candidates seeking part-time admissions are now asking if it's necessary or compulsory to still register with/for JAMB? They want to be sure if they must register with JAMB and does that mean they have to seat for JAMB UTME? These and a few related questions had been sent to me lately.

Well, it's a complex thing to discuss but I will make it simple for you.

Candidates Use Part-Time Programmes to Avoid UTME

A majority of students who sought part-time admissions follow that path, in the first place, because they want to avoid writing UTME. In fact, they don't want anything to do with JAMB. I called this JAMBfobia.

And truly, if you'd sought admission through part-time programmes in the past, you're free from the hurdle of writing UTME and JAMB entirely. But as time went on, JAMB devised a means to make sure those who had been offered admissions through PT will still have to register with JAMB; even though they won't write UTME or exams of any type by JAMB.

The system was devised to collect these applicants' data so that they will be recognized as students who were educated in Nigeria. Also, to help them have JAMB registration numbers which they didn't have because they went for part-time courses. More so, to help them use the same JAMB registration numbers for HND or Direct entry admission if they want to proceed with their studies. Furthermore, to help them have JAMB registration numbers to be used for NYSC mobilization and registration.

This process is called JAMB regularisation. This should be cleared to candidates who had done part-time courses (be it daily part-time or regular part-time) in the past. Candidates will need to register this with JAMB if they must be mobilized for NYSC or are proposing to use Direct Entry admission.

2019 (to Date) Part-Time Applicants Will Not Do JAMB Regularization, But JAMB PT Application

JAMB regularisation is for 2018 PT candidates and before, JAMB Part-Time application is for 2019 PT applicants and beyond.

The statement above says it all as succinctly as possible. If you're just registering for 2019, 2020, and beyond part-time programmes of any polytechnic, the management may ask you to register for the JAMB part-time application form. This should be done after you'd completed and submitted the polytechnic application form online. Get more ideas in, "JAMB Regularization For Direct Entry (DE): Procedures, Price and Closing Date"

Below are the instructions according to the two polytechnics in southwest Nigeria - emphasizing that Part-time applicants must apply for the JAMB PT form.

The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State instructed that,

Upon admission, candidates are expected to visit any JAMB accredited CBT Centre to fill the JAMB part-time form for Three thousand Five hundred thousand naira (N3,500) only.

Kindly be advised that Candidates who applied for Daily Part-Time (DPT) and Regular Part-Time (RPT) are expected to register on CAPS (JAMB Site)in order to acquire JAMB Registration Number, which will be required to Process the Admission

However, if you're already running a part-time programme from 2018 or before, you may still need to go for regularisation instead of the JAMB part-time application.

Is It Compulsory to Apply for JAMB Part-time Application?

The answer is YES.

As a matter of fact, you had seen above that you may eventually need a JAMB registration number to further your studies or proceed to NYSC. Then, there may not be a need to reexplain why this process may be compulsory for you.

By "part-time" in this context, I mean university, polytechnic and NCE part-time candidates - be it daily or regular. No available updates as to whether university degree part-time candidates are required to do the same.

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However, without the registration, the polytechnic may still offer you admission. Yet, you will be required, by some, to give them evidence of your JAMB part-time registration before being offered a space.

Whereas the price is N3,500 at the nearest CBT centre. Hence, I don't expect you to defer things until later.


JAMB has just introduced this method of capturing the data of admitted Part-time candidates. If you seek a daily part-time or regular part-time admission (from 2019 henceforth), you should, on instructions, apply for the JAMB part-time form. Though may not be necessary until you're offered admission, yet it's compulsory!

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  1. Please when is the 2020/2021 part time registration closing?
    I read somewhere that a part time applicant must be 25 and above, is it true?

    1. No age limit for part-time applicants. No closing date for the registration yet. Just be sure you do that before your school start releasing the admission lists.

  2. Please is there any center here in ajah that someone can registered for per time. When is per time admission started. Thanks

  3. Is jamb part time registration Still open?

  4. Please, I participated in 2020 UTME, but I wanted to purchase part time form in my preferred institution.
    Sir, is there need to purchase jamb part time form(for purpose of JAMB CAPS data capturing). since I have existing registration number(for 2020 UTME) already.

    1. There is the need to do that. They will register your JAMB part-time form with the existing UTME registration number instead giving you a new one. However, you must register.

  5. I gained admission 2018 for ND part-time and am done I want to go for direct entry which one do I do? Jamb regularization or part-time registration/application

    1. You can just obtain another UTME and later upgrade that to DE

  6. Sir,I got admission in 2018,but I was asked to register for part time programme after admission with sum of 3 500..which I did.

    Same 2018 I did jamb [UTME] which i wasnt afmitted with but I still have the jamb reg.

    Do I still need jamb regulirization to process Direct entry.

    1. First, be sure the JAMB Part-time reg was done on your JAMB registration number. If otherwise, you may need to regularize.

  7. Sir can I apply for part time registration on my mobile app
    Cos we are fed up of the jamb office

  8. Good day sir, please i have been trying to create my jamb profile so that i can do my jamb regularization but its not going through. Do i have need to visit jamb cbt center?

  9. Good morning sir, if i secure admission with RCBC affliated program to study CRS 200 level. How can i be sure that i have been granted admission? Thanks...

    1. You have to check the school portal for admission updates and status.


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