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5 Issues UTME Candidates May Face in the Exams and Solutions

Prospective UTME candidates should be aware and afraid of some possible problems they may face during the forthcoming JAMB computer-based exams.

Being aware will let you find possible ways around such issues if you come across any. Being afraid may be the beginning of success in this exam. Remember, we’re safer when we think we’re in danger and we’re more in danger when we think we’re safe.

How I wish handwork is enough for your success in UTME. But that’s not it. Some candidates that failed in the past were not dumb-headed. They were just victims of circumstances. If you ever find yourself in their situations, you may not be different in the end.

This is why I think you must read this post to know the likely problems to face in the JAMB exam hall and follow the suggested solutions below each.

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1. Broken Generator

A candidate of mine returned to narrate how he was let down by a broken generator at a CBT centre in Ibadan. He was supposed to write his papers by 9am. He was thrown in and out more than 5 times. This guy eventually wrote the 9a.m test by 5p.m.

A candidate who identified himself as Aliyu told PREMIUM TIMES, in 2018, that during the two hours examination, the generator that supplied electricity to the centre stopped three times.

What would then be the fate of those who were scheduled for 12pm, 2pm or 5pm?

This was why most candidates eventually were allowed to use 1 hour for the exams meant to be covered for 2 hours?

Whereas, candidates don’t have control over their choice of CBT venue/centre. You can’t defer your test to other days yourself – even the CBT centre can’t do that for you. Hence, what’s the solution here?

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From experience, most CBT centres with broken generators later resolved their mechanical faults or brought in new ones to keep the tests going. However, the exam duration was shortened as said above.

According to a victim,

We were expected to spend two hours, but we couldn’t. They kept pressuring us to submit. Many candidates had not finished when the management submitted the exams.

This means the CBT centre may force you to submit before the right time. In fact, they may submit for all candidates from a central computer if you choose to continue the exams against their instructions.

Therefore, I advise you to prepare to rush your test. Be prepared that, you just have to work within an hour to get all necessary questions answered.

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Be sure you answer all your English questions, especially those with 3 or 2 marks. Then, go straight to easier questions in the other three subjects.

This approach may give you an edge. After all, you’re left with no other choice.

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2. Network Failure, Software Problem,s and Platform Inaccessibility

You shouldn’t be surprised if you hear that your center has a network breakdown problem. This was common very recently.

Even though JAMB and CBT centers are doing their best to get things into shape, network problems may be beyond their arm's length.

If you’re in doubt of this…

In 2018, A PREMIUM TIMES reporter, in Kano found that the third session of the exams in Vitae Computer Institute, Club Road, Kano scheduled to commence by 1:00 p.m did not start till 2:00 p.m due to network problems.

A candidate who sat in the second session complained that the system failed to recognize his registration number until after about 20 minutes.

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The victim narrated his bitter experience.
When I supplied my registration number, the computer system rejected my number. I complained to one of the staff, it took him almost 20 minutes before he rectified the problem. And they kept putting pressure on candidates to submit. I have 20 questions and about 15 minutes left, when I submitted.

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Just like the broken generator, you don’t have control over this. Except the network was off for the whole day, you would still be pressured to do your test no matter how late.

Hence, they would force you to spend fewer minutes (possibly an hour or so) for the exams to allow others in for their turns.

Follow the same guide above to get yourself compensated.

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3. Biometric Problems

This problem is usual too.

As a matter of fact, it’s a problem if you're denied writing your UTME because your biometrics can not be verified.

You wonder how or why.

Well, some candidates might recently have injuries to their fingers to be verified. Some may just have too soft fingerprints that complain about the fingerprint readers/machines.

JAMB has equally said, that registering your JAMB UTME through fake and unaccredited CBT centres may lead to this issue too.

What I know from experience, in short, is that some candidates would not be let into the exam halls because of biometric issues.

In most cases, candidates with biometric issues find it difficult to register UTME in the first place, this was why JAMB devised a way out.

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As part of new measures to curb cheating in its examinations, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says any candidate with biometric issues must report at its office in Abuja to resolve the issues and write the examinations.

In this case, JAMB will announce a special arrangement and exams date for the affected candidates.

Whereas, those candidates who could not register for UTME as a result of biometrics had been earlier instructed to visit JAMB headquarters in Abuja for special registration. There, they would be scheduled for the CBT exams too.

Candidates with biometric challenges can only register at JAMB headquarters in Abuja. No other CBT centre is allowed to register such candidates.

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4. Writing Wrong Subject Combination

I had seen this many times in the past.

I can’t understand why a candidate who chose Biology, Chemistry and Physics during UTME registration was presented with Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics during the exams.

No matter how you view it, this happens.

And when it happens to us, we’re victims of circumstances.

A candidate with this experience complained to the CBT centre manager. Then, he was promised the subjects' combination will be resolved by JAMB themselves. But when the result was out, he was given the marks for what he wrote - not what he chose during the registration.

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It may take you months before resolving these kinds of issues.

For all complaints on JAMB processes, candidates can create a support ticket at (support.jamb.gov.ng) with his/her email address registered on the Board’s site. The candidate then provides his/her name, phone number and the nature of the issues, selects a complaint area on a dropdown and then summarizes the nature of the complaint. He/she may also attach supporting documents (if available), and then send them.

Let’s wait a while for their response to your email.

In case this doesn’t help, consider a change of course to the appropriate course your new subject combination (the one you wrote) can go for.

Before that, firstly check your eligibility for the new course or study the JAMB brochure for the courses with this combination.

Then, make the change of course and pursue your admission for the new course.

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5. Gate Fee Payment

You should be surprised that some CBT centres in the past asked candidates to pay a certain amount, usually N1000 as a gate fee before they could write UTME.

According to JAMB, some CBT owners collected what they called a gate fee of N1,000 from candidates before they would allow them to write the UTME. This is wrong. 

And because we've heard on the news that JAMB instructed candidates to pay N1,000 to CBT centres, you may easily be fooled. The payment announced by JAMB was for the mock candidates not for UTME candidates.

I don’t know if this will happen at your centre. If it does, JAMB has you guided.


Any CBT centre collecting money from candidates before they allow them to write the exam should be reported.

Once JAMB has concrete evidence of a CBT centre collecting illegal money from any of the candidates for any purpose, they are going to discredit such a centre and take further steps as sanctions against them.

Affected candidates can talk to JAMB directly through this official complaint link of the board.

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