Do I Need NIN for Change of Institutions/Courses, Data? -

Do I Need NIN for Change of Institutions/Courses, Data?

The use of NIN for admission activities has come and stayed in Nigeria. JAMB introduced the use of NIN for the UTME/DE registration in 2020.

And with the success recorded, the board retains its uses through 2021, 2022, and more likely, years after.

However, admission seekers are not sure if the board will also require them to provide NIN when making attempt to change institutions, courses, and other JAMB data.

You used NIN for JAMB, will you use it also to change institutions and/or courses, names, date of birth, state/local government of origin, etc.?

This is the question this post is written to answer.

You Won't Need NIN to Do JAMB Change of Institutions, Courses, and Similar Data

In order to correct your JAMB information, including schools and courses, you won't be required to provide NIN or the National ID card.

JAMB has collected the information required of your NIN, during the JAMB registration period and won't need the NIN again for data change - especially for institutions and courses.

Hence, if for any reason, you don't have access to your NIN or the National ID card, there is no need to panic if you're changing your data.

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CBT Centers Will Only Require Your JAMB Profile Code/JAMB Registration Number For Changes

Of course, CBT centers are generally allowed to handle corrections of institutions and courses. They're not, for now, allowed to change names, gender, date of birth, or state/local government of origin. These are left to the board's offices.

While visiting the CBT center for the change of institutions and courses, go with your JAMB profile code (which you can recover, using this guide, if lost) or the JAMB registration number which you can recover through one of the methods shared in, "6 Ways to Get Back Your JAMB Registration Number".

Using any of these numbers, the attendant should be able to access your personal JAMB profile and make the corrections, as you instruct.

Your fingerprint will also be required and captured before any alteration can be effected and submitted to your profile.

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JAMB Offices Handle Change of Names, Gender, Date of Birth, State/LGA, and May Require NIN

Even though this is not compulsory and uniform among the JAMB offices, some officials may ask for your NIN if you're trying to change your name, gender, date of birth, and state/local government of origin.

The reason for this is because the above-listed data is national-ID-card-dependent i.e. they're found on the National ID (NIN). Hence, the attending officer may want to be sure what you're changing correlates with what is on the national ID card.

In fact, some JAMB offices will ask for a birth certificate bearing the date of birth you're trying to change to or the local government identification/certificate of the state/LGA you're trying to change to.

If the document is asked for and properly attached to the application, the approval is more certain than when they're not asked for and attached. If done well, your changes should reflect when next you visit your JAMB profile or you print the JAMB admission letter or original JAMB result.

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To this end, my best advice is that if you intend to change anything other than courses and institutions, try to do the corrections on your National ID card first, have the corrected enrollment slip at hand and any relevant document along with you when visiting the nearest JAMB office for the corrections.

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