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Does NYSC Use Year of Graduation or Year of Mobilization?

NYSC Uses the Year of Graduation Instead of Mobilization

While preparing for NYSC mobilization, and you fear the year your school will send may be an issue, you start to ask, "which year will NYSC use for the mobilization?". Is it the year you graduate from the school and if delayed, is it the later year of the school send the list?

Are they going to consider the year of graduation or the year of mobilization (which may be different from the year of exact graduation)?

Let me break this down a bit.

Chioma is 29 years. She knows if she is a day older than 30, she may not be considered for NYSC. Instead, she will be left with an exemption certificate.

Now, Chioma is in her final year. Considering possible ASU or ASUP strike or any other usual problems affecting education in Nigeria, she is worried she can be older than 30, by the time her school will be ready to send names (senate list) to NYSC.

She will obviously graduate this year. What if the list is delayed beyond age 30?

Now, her position is, since she'll graduate by 29 or 30, she should be able to serve if NYSC uses the year of graduation instead of the year of mobilization, which may be a time she is older than 30.

However, if NYSC should use the year of mobilization, which will be, maybe 31, she has lost her chance for the clarion's call.

This post will vividly show you the year that NYSC considers for mobilization if you're in a similar situation with Chioma. It will show you how to confirm the year sent by your school to NYSC and how to change that to favor you.

NYSC Uses the Year of Graduation Instead of Year of Mobilization If Submitted Rightly By the School

Though, it may be difficult to know which one will be sent by a school. Will the school send your year of graduation in the senate list or the very year they're sending the list?

As the concerned graduate, you may not be sure which one your school will claim for you. If they claim the year of graduation that favors your serving age, you'll be in camp sooner.

You may be out of luck if they claim the year of posting which may not favor your present age.

Let's get this clearer in the next section!

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Where You'll Know The Year Being Sent By Your Institution

During the NYSC Mobilization registration, pay attention to the third stage (part of the form), where the form will be asking for the names of your primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, the start and the end years for each of the schools.

The stage will be like this:

Name of the Primary School

Qualification Obtained

Start Year: .....

End Year:  ......

Name of Your Secondary School

Qualification Obtained

Start Year: .....

End Year: ......

Name of foundation school (e.g where you had NCE, IJMB, OND, etc)

Qualification Obtained

Start Year: .....

End Year: ......

Name of Higher Institution (.g BSC, B.TECH, HND, etc)

Qualification Obtained

Start Year: .....

End Year: 2022*

Do you notice that the end year for the higher institution has the specific year in the box?

That's where you have to pay attention?

For all other schools and qualifications, the start and end year will be left empty so you fill them by yourself. However, the end year of the higher institution will be filled by the NYSC system (in accordance with the date of graduation being sent by your school through the senate list).

This is the year, your school claimed for NYSC that you completed your studies and graduated.  And in fact, it doesn't matter whether they're correct or not. If the date is left unchanged, that's the date the system will recognize and calculate things with.

It's you who must answer if the year submitted is favorable with your present age and NYSC.

This is the year with which you have to calculate the possibility of serving with NYSC.

Hence, this is the year of graduation which may be the same as the year of mobilization for some folks, or a year after the real graduation year for others.

Can You Change the Year to a Favorable Year During NYSC Registration?

Having established that the very year of graduation will be set to default in the NYSC form, you should think of altering this to favor you if the year will force you to be above 30 if left unchanged.

The good news is YES, you can change the graduation year in your NYSC registration form.

It's not certain that NYSC or your school wants you to change it in the first place. However, the year, in the provided box, can be changed.

If the system would not want you to change it, the date wouldn't be made available for the alternation in the first place. Since the date can be reduced or increased within the form, you're allowed to change your destiny at this stage.

NYSC might have made the date changeable because they believed a few schools might make mistakes in the years of graduation being sent. Hence, they gave prospective members the chance to change things.

However, watch out for the right year that will make you be 29 or 30 if you're already overage. Don't reduce it too excessively!

Once, the system calculates your date of birth, on the JAMB result/regularization and matches that with the one on the NYSC form, it will submit you and inform you to wait for your green card and call-up letter instead of an exemption certificate for those whose ages show they're 30+.


Your fate depends on the graduation year submitted by your school. It depends on the very year of graduation. If the year of graduation sent by your school favors you to be less than 30 years, you will serve. If the graduation year sent makes you more than 30 years, you won't be lucky.

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  1. Sir I av been offered admission by jamb during my OND and year of birth is reading 1990 instead of 1991 so I opt for new regularization using 1993 and I have send d form alrdy for approval and due to strikes and corona my year of graduation is supposed to be 2020 which I ll be 30yrs according to jamb data so I av court affidavit of 1993 I intend changing my data at school I don't know if am on track if I should use d old jamb registration cos uptil nw I haven't received notification from jamb

    1. Send a complaint message directly to JAMB through the link below. They will work in your submission.

  2. Good day sir, please I used my
    Old jamb number for jamb regulazation and jamb sent me new jamb number but the both are different so my question is that which one they are going to use

  3. Good am sir, am a DE student of futminna and will be graduating by 2025 am currently in 200level and i did my jamb regularization with my old jamb which carry's DOB of 18/10/1994, going by the date i wont be able to serve by 2025 by den i will be 31. please i want to ask if i can do jamb regularization again to reduce age?

    1. You can do it again only if the old institution will agree to sign it again and send to JAMB for approval. Read the post below.


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