Not on Matriculation List After Result/Letters Printed? -

Not on Matriculation List After Result/Letters Printed?

After paying for your JAMB admission letter and/or original JAMB result, you should see your name on the JAMB matriculation list, if you check.

In fact, candidates who could not see their names would be instructed to pay for a JAMB admission letter and/or original JAMB result. Once paid and printed, their names should automatically be on the matriculation list.

Similarly, candidates who have done JAMB regularization, at any point in time, may need to pay for and print the JAMB admission letters and/or original JAMB results before being able to see their names on the matriculation list.

However, very many students have paid, in the past, or very recently for their results and/or letters but later checked their matriculation list and found their names were still not there.

And without your names on the matriculation list, you risk being recognized as a bonified student/graduate for NYSC in the future.

But why is the name not on the list even though you've paid for and printed the admission list? Well, let's answer this question.

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Maybe the Course You Studied is Different From the One Offered by JAMB

With the admission system in Nigeria, we're safe to say that both schools and JAMB offer admission -even though technically it's the school that does that.

In some cases, a school might initially offer you admission into one course through JAMB but later gave you another course in school.

Whereas, you continued with or later graduated with the new course without changing the one on the JAMB portal. That may not let them include you in the matriculation list.

In this case, you'll need JAMB regularization to correct the admission offered. After that, you'll pay for a new JAMB result and/or JAMB admission letter before you'll see your name in the matriculation list.

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Perhaps You Only Paid For the Result Without an Admission Letter

Sometimes, before you can see your name on the matriculation list, you must pay for both the JAMB result and the JAMB admission letter.

In your case, which one did you pay for? The two or just one of them?

If it's just one of them, kindly pay for the other. Only then, all things being equal, you may be able to see your name on the matriculation list.

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Perhaps Your Payment Your Letter/Result Was Paid For Before JAMB Perfected Things

Until very recently, JAMB has not perfected its payment and database. So, when admitted candidates in those years made the payment, it was swallowed by snakes (remember the story?). 

But now, things are different with payment and record keeping. As result candidates who were victims of the board's maladministration and misappropriation might be required to make new payments for the JAMB letters and result before their names will be on the matriculation list.

All it requires is logging in to your JAMB profile and reprocessing the payment. If you're trying to make the new payment, you might receive an error stating that you've already used the service, read, "JAMB Shows, "You Have Already Used this Service" to get out of that blockage.

JAMB Confirms That Both JAMB Result & Admission Letter Must be Printed With Further Instructions

A more likely a prospective corper had contacted the board about this problem. After paying for the two though, the guy could still not find his name on the matriculation list

According to him,

I paid for the JAMB result and admission letter but I still didn't reflect on the matriculation list. It's been days. Please do something. 

JAMB could not especially spot where the issue was. The board's suggestions conform with what I've already given you in this post.

If the course you have studied defers from the course you were initially offered by JAMB, if your institution hasn’t sent your details to NYSC, if you don’t have a JAMB admission letter, etc., your name may not reflect on the matriculation list. 

The NYSC part of this reply is for the prospective corps members to look into. And for the "etc.", we can deduce that there could be more reasons for this situation.

In a related interaction between a candidate and the board, Umar Abdullahi Doguwa asked.

Please, I was done my regularization last year, and I printed my jamb admission letter, but I check my name in the jamb matriculation it showing me you're not on matriculation, please I need a help

JAMB's response. 

Kindly visit any JAMB-accredited CBT center or JAMB office near you to reprint the admission letter, as soon as that is done, your name will automatically appear on the matriculation list.

From this response, we can deduce that the handler must have thought the candidate was doing something wrong. Hence, he advised him to use the service of an accredited CBT center that had enough related experiences to help.


Whether you find out about missing names in the matriculation list while you're in the 100 level, 300 level, final year, or while about to be mobilized for NYSC, the possible reason must have been covered in this post. 

Look into things and take the right steps. 

Wish you luck!

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