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Can I Register For NYSC Myself or In Absence?

As NYSC mobilization registration is becoming more difficult very recently, probably due to potential stress as a result of limiting the registration to a few so-called accredited cafes, prospective corps members are now asking if they can do the registration all by themselves.

A few awaiting corpers recently contacted me to know if they could handle the registrations using their phones or personal computers or tablets. Some were trying to see if they could register without being present at the points of registration or if it was possible to use a proxy to handle the registration for them.

There is a need to ask this question if you wish to save the time and stress of going far for the mobilization application.

In this post, I will share the possibility of registering NYSC by yourself or if it has to be left with the cafes only.

In the Past, PMCs Could Register Themselves if They Had the Required Facilities

Among the required resources were computers and a biometric scanner called UarU fingerprint scanner. With that, together with the ability to install a few software and utilities (as instructed on NYSC's portal), you're good to go.

Even though it's easier said, getting UareU fingerprint scanner could be the most difficult of all. Why would you want to buy a device that cost a few dollars because you care to register NYSC yourself? Cafes can handle that for a moderate fee, of course. If you could borrow one though, it might not be serious.

In short, these were the same resources all cafes, back then and to date, put together before they could register prospective corps members.

However, the story changed when the corps introduced the accreditation of cafes.

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Only Accredited Cafes Can Register Your NYSC Mobilization For Now

In order to sanitize cafes that are registering prospective corps members (PCMs), (according to the corps), these operators are required to register with NYSC before they can participate in the annual three-time registrations of the PCMs.

With this, it's obvious that you don't want to undergo all this stress and cross the hurdles of the accreditation, just because you care to register NYSC yourself. It's safe to say, you can't register for NYSC by yourself - be it on your phone or computer.

In fact, to join the cafes that are accredited to register for NYSC, an intending café has  to pay:

  1. Expression-of-Interest fee - N5,000
  2. New Registration fee - N20,000.00

And to remain in the system, a N16,000.00 renewal of accreditation fee will be required and paid every year. 

You see, why would you want to climb this hip of problems for a single registration?

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You Can't/Shouldn't Register NYSC In Absentia or By Proxy

One other thing you may want to consider regards regarding NYSC is if it's possible to register for NYSC without being there in-person. In other words, you want to see if you can just make some calls and get the registration done or just send a friend or family to handle things for you in your absence.

Well, it's not advisable to let them handle your NYSC registration in your absence. Not only is it wrong to leave this kind of important registration to a proxy, we both know people are not likely to hand you things the way you will.

The corps has equally warned and called registration in absentia by prospective corps members the number 1 cause of problems.

Similarly, since the NYSC registration will require capturing your fingerprints, you won't be able to avoid appearing at the registration centre even if it's just to do the biometric capturing.

If after the capturing you still have reasons to be there to complete the registration yourself, well, if you can leave the required information to be filled behind for a friend, family, or the café operator, you can still complete the rest in absentia.


NYSC registration is unfortunately not possible to be handled by an individual prospective corps member (PCM). Individuals have been limited due to the resources required for registration and the need for accreditation recently introduced by the corps. 

If you must register NYSC in your absence,  you will still need to be there for fingerprint capturing and biometrics. After this, if you trust your proxy or the café operator, you can leave the rest to him or her while you're away.

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