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Details You Need to Fill Post-UTME/Screening Forms

Details that will be needed to fill your online post-UTME/DE forms are important before making the attempt to start the registration in the first place.

And with a critical look at things, the information needed to fill the online form of one school may be different from another. Although in most cases, the differences are usually not significant to warrant dedicating separate posts for individual schools.

And for those going for physical screening, here is the list of items you will need to present when your get to the venue.

If yours is just online screening or online registration with physical screening (later), this post will detail what will be required while filling the form online such as personal details, education backgrounds, and possibly documents that may require being scanned and uploaded.

Knowing this will prepare you ahead of visiting your local cafe for registration. It will also get you prepared for the possibility of handling the registration all by yourself.

Personal Details Needed to be Filled For Post UTME/DE

1. Your Full Names

This information should be taken seriously because you may not be allowed to change it if mistakes are made. Trying to seek your school's ICT's help to change names may cost even more than the price of the form.

Be careful with the name arrangement. Some forms may be specific about SURNAME, FIRST NAME, and MIDDLE NAME. 

A British standard form will ask you to fill in full names or give the arrangement stated above.

If your names are Adeyinka Abeeb Tope, this is the filling (Surname: Adeyinka, First Name: Abeeb, Middle Name: Tope). Some forms will just call the MIDDLE NAME "OTHER NAME".

For the American standard form, it will be the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and OTHER NAME. 

In the example above, (The last Name in America is the Surname in British. Hence the last name is Adeyinka, the First name is Abeeb and Other Name is Tope.

RecommendedHow to Fill Surname, First Name, Last Name, and Middle Name

2. Home/Residential Address

Most schools' forms will require your address(es). It may not be your permanent address (i.e origin address). All that matters is filling your present or temporary location or permanent address if the same.

It doesn't have to be the one used for the JAMB registration or any other past registrations. Don't be too worried about the address as nobody, from the school, is visiting you.

3. State and Local Government of Origin

Be sure that your state/LGA conforms with the one used during your JAMB registration. All these data must tally across all papers.

If there will be any difference at all, be sure you try changing it with JAMB change of data or you must have a court affidavit to back the difference up.

4. Date of Birth/Age

The date of birth for the post-UTME/DE is better to be the same as the one used for JAMB registration as this may implicate you. 

If there will be a need for the difference, you may want to consider the JAMB change of data or court affidavit.

5. Email Address

It's important you fill in a correct and functioning email address. Here it doesn't matter if you use the same email for the JAMB registration or not

Just be sure the email you're using for the post-UTME/DE is accessible (i.e you still have the password). This is because the website may want to send a piece of information into it now or later as your admission progresses.

6. Gender

You have to take the right gender (Male/Female) during the filling of the form. For some schools, this information will automatically be imported from JAMB. For some, you have to make the choice yourself. 

Kindly be attentive while picking one. It may lead to losing admission even though it appears as a small thing.

7. Phone Number

Be sure your phone number is equally active especially for possible future communication for the school. Be sure you don't enter the wrong number.

The phone number for the post UTME doesn't have to be the same as the one used for JAMB registration. You only need a phone line that can receive calls and more importantly SMS.

8. Password

A few forms will require you to create a password for your admission portal. Here, you don't need to use the same password (as for your email or for JAMB) for your post-UTME portal. And you can use the same if you think you can easily forget or mix things up.

9. JAMB Registration Number

For some schools, this information will be imported from the JAMB database. For others, you may need to enter it manually. If manual, you have to be very careful while entering your JAMB registration number because if an error is made here, you may not be allowed to edit it. And that may stop your admission process here.

Family Or Relative Details That You May Need to Fill During Post UTME/DE Registration

A few schools will require you to supply basic information about your relatives during post UTME registrations. Information you may be asked to fill among others are:

  1. Next of Kin names
  2. Next of Kin Address
  3. Next of Kin Phone number
  4. Relationship with Next of Kin
  5. Parent's/Guardian's/Sponsor's Name
  6. Parent's/Guardian's/Sponsor's Address
  7. Parent's/Guardian's/Sponsor's Phone Number

Academic/Education Details To Be Filled During Post-UTME/DE Registration

1. Name of Schools and Dates

Generally, all institutions' forms will require you filling the name(s) of your secondary school(s) the dates you started and/or finished there. 

If you have gone to a different school from the one with which you're using its results, I recommend you fill in the name of the school where you got your results. 


Because that is the school that will be on the result you used for UTME/DE and you're about to fill for the post-UTME/DE. The same will be checked when you get to school if admitted or called for physical screening. 

If two sittings and from different schools, fill both as may be provided by the portal.

For some institutions, the name of your primary school and its address/location may be asked for. Also, you may need to fill the starting and ending years of the primary education

2. O'level Result's Subjects and Grades

You're to supply/fill in your individual subjects and grades you have in your SSCE. 

For some post-UTME/DE forms, only five required subjects will be asked for. Here, be sure you know what you're doing so that you don't fill in subjects not needed for your proposed course.

There is actually a serious need to avoid wrong subjects just as wrong or non-corresponding grades can mare your chance to gain admission. Be attentive here and double-check your entries.

3. Predegree/Remedidial Information

This part is only applicable to candidates who had undergone a year preliminary academic programme of the university, polytechnic or college in question. 

Probably for the identification or preferential treatment, the Post-UTME form will be designed - providing a space(s) for affected candidates to supply their predegree-related information such as remedial admission/form number, course proposed, etc.

This space(s) should be left vacant if you're not the school's pre-candidate. The concerned candidates should fill it as required.

4. A'level Result/Grades

This space is strictly for Direct Entry applicants. The concerned candidates may be required to supply their CGPA, Grade, or academic point.

Just as the pre-candidates, it should only be filled by the concerned.

Possible Documents For Scanning and Uploading During Post UTME/DE Online Registrations

A few schools may go a bit further to require their aspirants to scan and upload the scanned or PDF copy of the following items while filling their forms.

  1. O'level/A'level Result
  2. JAMB Results usually not the original one
  3. JAMB registration slip or change of institution slip
  4. Primary School Certificate or Testimonial
  5. Local Governement Identitifation/State of Origin Certiticate or Attestation
  6. Passport Photograph (if not imported from JAMB)


Above is the list of possible information, personal, relative, educational details that any university, polytechnic, or college of education post-UTME/DE (online screening) registration may require.

While some schools may exhaust the whole information, some will only require a few details from the above.

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