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How to Fill NYSC COVID-19 Test Online

After registering for NYSC mobilization, you're required to do online COVID-19 registration. If you're hearing this for the first time, you're likely going to be confused. Is this registration the same as taking the COVID-19 injection? Does it cover taking the vaccination?

In this post, I will be shedding light on these concerns and guiding you through how to do the online COVID-19 registration and print the confirmation slip.

Purpose of NYSC COVID-19 Testing

First, be informed that the test doesn't involve going to a hospital or getting some vaccinations. This test is a form of precaution put in place by NYSC to be sure that prospective corps members understand that COVID-19 is real. 

And also to assess to what extent he has been careful in dealing with the pandemic.

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However, starting from the 2022 NYSC Mobilization, every prospective corps member is expected to have taken the first or two doses of the Covid-19 injections before proceeding to camp. And that should be answered with AFFIRMATIVE YES while filling out the online Covid-19 questionnaires.

A prospective corp member is expected to just fill out a form (questionnaire) on her dashboard and print, after the submission, a report to be submitted at the camp.

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Although a few questions in the form are directly requesting prospective corpers to state if they've been vaccinated or otherwise. You're to state if done or not. Answering NO doesn't mean you won't be allowed to serve or go to the camp. You may just be subjected to the vaccination before entering the camp or at the point of registration at the camp.

If you state YES, you may be asked to provide evidence of your vaccination (card) before being trusted and permitted to camp.

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Thus, below is the three stages involved in the test.

  1. Complete the COVID-19 RDT self-reporting form and Print your verification slip. Begin by completing the self-reporting form for Covid-19 RDT-based testing. Print the generated verification slip to present in the camp.
  2. Go to the NYSC orientation camp. Ensure you report on time to the NYSC orientation camp of your state of posting, with your verification slip.
  3. Get tested on arrival to camp. On arrival at the NYSC orientation camp, a Covid19 RDT test will be administered to you.

Step By Step Guidelines to Register Online

  1. Prospective corps members are to log in to their profiles using their NYSC email and the password chosen during the registration
  2. Close the pop-up notification page containing ADDENDUM notices and instructions
  3. On your dashboard, locate COVID-19 PROTOCOL FOR PCM
  4. Right below the entire guidelines, there is a link "Kindly click on this link to register for COVID-19 test/print your registration slip". Click that to proceed to the COVID-19 form. The form is called NYSC Covid-19 RDT Testing Self-Reporting Form
  5. On the resulting page, click on CONTINUE
  6. Make your corresponding choices on the questionnaire and submit
  7. Print the COVID-19 confirmation slip or acknowledgment slip after the submission.

Before Camping and On-Camping COVID-19 Protocols

All prospective Corps members/Corps members are to note the following for strict compliance during the Orientation Course:

  1. Prospective Corps members/Corps members are expected to go to their Dashboards and fill in the COVID-19 test self-reporting format before printing the call-up letters
  2. Corps members are to download and print the code and slip generated, for presentation at the Orientation camps.
  3. All prospective corps members/corps members must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps.
  4. No prospective Corps member(s)/Corps member(s) will be allowed into the camps if they come before their appointment date.
  5. Upon arrival at Camp, prospective Corps members/corps members must subject themselves to the COVID-19 test.
  6. Prospective Corps members/Corps members must report to camp with at least two (2) washable facemasks.
  7. Wearing facemasks at Camp at all times is mandatory.
  8. Corps members must take responsibility for their own safety And ensure strict compliance with all COVID-19 Safety Protocols.
  9. All foreign-trained prospective Corps members/corps members must arrive in the Country two (2) weeks before the commencement of the Orientation Course.
  10. Frequent washing of hands at the wash-hand points and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  11. Physical distancing must be observed in all Camp activities.
  12. Avoid touching faces with unwashed hands.
  13. The number of worshippers will be regulated at the approved religious centers.
  14. All Corps members must attend the sensitization on Infection, Prevention, and Control (IPC) of COVID-19 to be conducted in the Camps.

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  3. Thank you very much, this post is very helpful.

  4. I icked on the link but they said that they are unable to retrieve my details. What do I do?

  5. Good evening sir. How was your day sir? I'm having problem with the covid 19 form to be fill on NYSC portal. I did correction of date of birth on 11/11/2021 it changed in my dashboard on 12/11/2021. Since on Saturday I have been trying to register for NYSC Covid-19 RDT Testing
    Self Reporting Form. It brings your information could not be retrieved from NYSC. Please kindly assist me sir.

  6. Are you going to be sent back home if you're unvaccinated?

    1. I don't know. Try to be. And if you don't want to do that, you will find out when you get to camp

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