Can I Change Institutions/Courses at Cafes/CBT Centres? -

Can I Change Institutions/Courses at Cafes/CBT Centres?

If you must know, you can, of course, do your change of institutions at a cafΓ© or CBT centre whichever is more convenient for you.
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This has just crossed my mind and I thought I should clarify a misconception about the JAMB change of institutions and courses exercise.

Some candidates are worried by the update got from friends that they couldn't do JAMB change of institutions and courses at cafes henceforth. They heard that changes could only be made at CBT centres nationwide and JAMB offices.

Some of these candidates had called, texted and even commented on this blog. 

Obviously, they knew the challenges of going to CBT centres that are far from their homes or the queues at JAMB offices.

Can't you just do the changes at cafes?

Some Cafes Did the Change of Institutions and Courses in the Past But Not Again

For the change of institutions and courses before the 2021/2022 admission year, some cafes helped with the changes. A few cafes were then handling changes of institutions and courses together with uploading of O'level results. 

I must state categorically that this was unofficial though. They're connecting with certain CBT centres to render the service. 

This didn't make it illegal in any way. If a candidate insisted on using the services of a CBT centre, he could. However, if there was a cafe he trusted and claimed they could help him with the changes, they're likely to forward things to accredited CBT centres on his behalf and get it done at a higher price - charging for their own services too.

However, this ended in the year 2020/2021 because, for the years after, candidates must capture their fingerprints, with devices, which were only available to CBT centres and the JAMB offices.

Candidates Will Compulsorily Need the Services of CBT Centres and JAMB Offices Henceforth

This update supersedes anything else on this blog. 

The 2021/2022 change of institutions/courses and the years after can only be done at any JAMB offices and approved CBT centres nationwide

JAMB has NOW made the use of fingerprints compulsory for this year's change of data exercise. As a result, cafes, connected or otherwise, may not be able to assist you in the changes. if they can forward your data to a CBT centre, how will they send your fingers to them? 

Hence, proceed to the nearest JAMB office or accredited CBT centre to effect the changes because your physical presence will be required.


If you’ve read/heard that you must compulsorily go to a CBT centre or JAMB office for any of the JAMB changes, it's true. Cafes are now limited to officially procuring JAMB registration PINs, printing JAMB original result/admission letters and registrations of schools' post-UTMEs and screenings.

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