NYSC: Can I Use Fake/Downloaded Medical Fitness?

When going for NYSC, two of the required documents/credentials to take to the camp of the state of deployment are the Medical fitness and if need be, the medical report.

However, getting this may be difficult especially if you're not closer to any federal or state-owned hospital.

Another reason you may not want to run around for NYSC's required medical fitness and medical report is if you don't have the money.

Yes, you will have to conduct a series of tests, genotype, blog group, hyperthermia, retroviral, chest x-ray, etc. which will require some fees before being given the official fitness and medical report.

As a result of these difficulties or related ones, prospective corps members who had talked to their friends are being hinted to get a softcopy online or at a cafe, modify or edit it, and use it for theirs.

Some have got such adverts online to pay for medical reports and fitness which will be sent to them to print and use for the NYSC camp clearance.

Is this possible? Is it acceptable? Won't it backfire? Is there no sanction if caught?

In this post, I will be answering your questions and related concerns.

You Can Still Use Edited Medical Report You Get Online, From a Friend, or from a Café

As much as I wish to tell you that you can't use an edited medical report, I've seen it being used without repercussions of any kind.

Sample of Lagos Medical Fitness Certificate for NYSC

NYSC definitely wants you to get original medical fitness and medical reports. Yet, they seem not to care much if you've come up with one you bought from a WhatsApp group or from a blog online.

What's important in this case is to be sure that you do your homework without leaving any tracks uncovered. Don't give them reasons to suspect it's not original. Don't print with poor coloring or ink. Don't print with a signature already on the letter or report i.e. print with a stamp and sign it with a pen.

Even If NYSC Officials Are Aware It's Fake...

Let's be frank. NYSC may find out that the medical fitness/report is fake if you're dealing with a smart official. After all, we're all Nigerians and we know how we roll here. Smile!

In this case, the officials are not particularly interested in the ingenuity of your report and letter. They just need a piece of evidence, to be presented by yourself, that you're medically fit to participate in the NYSC physical activities and assigned duties when posted.

Sample of medical report for NYSC

With that fitness certificate, be it original or fake, if anything happens to you during the camp assignments, you've already submitted, with your own hands, the evidence they will present in court for your fitness and readiness to be part of the activities.

Let me prepare your Medical Report/Fitness and send you on WhatsApp. Contact me on 08065152292. All States' templates are available for just N2,000.


For a long time, NYSC never requested prospective corps members to come to camp with fitness certificates. What started the request for medical fitness, in the first place, was the death of a LAUTECH graduate who died during the camping. The parents sued the corps for their negligence. That is why the corps mandates it, henceforth that before coming, be with something to rope yourself and your parents in such an occurrence.

So, if they know it's fake, they don't lose. Just pray you don't fall victim to a bad occurrence. And if that happens, you or your parents shouldn't turn to a legal suit.

Print on White Papers, Conqueror Papers Not Necessary

I've been asked if it's compulsory to print the doctored fitness certificates and reports on Conqueror papers instead of white papers. A conqueror paper is a hard type of paper usually in cream color.

The thing is you don't have to worry about the choice of paper. Print on ordinary white A4 size paper.

As beautiful as printing on the conqueror paper may look, it doesn't make your fake report original and in fact, it may implicate you in the end.

Remember, I told you that, the officials might be aware it's doctored, but they wanted you to perfect your lies. If it's easy to be spotted, they may take it up with you.

One possible flop that may open up your fake doc is using the Conqueror paper. 

Let me explain.

Many government hospitals are not using Conqueror papers. And most NYSC officials are aware of that. In fact, those state-/federal-owned hospitals can't afford this type of paper for all sorts of medical reports and certificates. Using conqueror papers is common in private hospitals. 

So, if the screening officer tries to probe you further, you may fall right there to that simple misstep.

Print on white paper and forget all unnecessary decoration and "over-sabi".

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