NECO GCE (2023): Price, Closing Date and Walk-In-Candidates Guide -

NECO GCE (2023): Price, Closing Date and Walk-In-Candidates Guide


The 2024 November/December SSCE NECO GCE registration has commenced. The advertisement for the registration and conduct of the examination is published in the following National Dailies.

  1. Tribune Newspaper
  2. Daily Trust Newspaper
  3. The Sun Newspaper
  4. State Officers are expected to contact their respective Local Media Houses and advertise the examination on a regular basis using the Radio Jingle Message enclosed. This should be done 20 times during the registration period.

This post will answer a series of questions including:

  1. Is NECO GCE form out?
  2. How much is the NECO GCE form?
  3. When is the NECO GCE registration closing date?
  4. How can I get NECO GCE Timetable? and more...

NECO GCE Registration and Candidates Eligibility

  1. Candidates are expected to visit a nearby accredited cyber café to register for the exams
  2. See the list of NECO-accredited cafes in your state/town
  3. The Café will have to download and install a Biometric Fingerprint scanner to capture your data. Those with mismatched fingerprints at the point of verification will not be allowed to sit for the examination.
  4. Candidates who have done one or more SSCE exams such as NECO or WAEC in the past are eligible to register. 
  5. Candidates who are still in secondary schools - classes 1 to 3, can equally apply.
  6. During the registration, you're to choose a town of exams - from the list given/shown. NECO reserves the right to place you in any center within the town or its environs.

  1. The NECO SSCE Ext Registration fee is Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira (N17,500.00) only.
  2. Stamp Duty N100.00.
  3. All payments should be made into NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) SSCE (E) NECO portal
  4. Candidates sitting for Mathematics and Physics are required to purchase Four Figure Table.

NECO GCE Method of Application and Payment

  1. The registration card can be obtained through the internet café you decide to use or visit the nearest NECO office for Online Registration
  2. The Registration card fee is Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty Naira (N17,500.00) only, including one hundred nairas (#100) Stamp Duty. 
  3. Registration will, as usual, be online using the NECO registration website
  4. Passport Photographs of candidates will also be required during online registration. The passport photograph should NOT be more than six months old and must be of a white background.
  5. Each candidate is expected to download ONE (1) clear copy of the Attestation Card from the cyber café where he/she registers.
  6. Download the 2023 NECO GCE Time-Table.
  7. See the complete Candidates and operators guide for the 2023 NECO GCE application. 


NECO GCE Registration Procedures for Cyber Cafes

  1. As earlier mentioned, registration is strictly online, and biometric data capture is an integral part. The use of reputable cyber cafes with good facilities is highly recommended as the Council will not be liable for registration errors committed by candidates.
  2. Download Biometric Application: In order to carry out NECO Registration on any computer you need to install the Biometrics Application and Scanner drivers on that computer. Download here.
  3. A clear copy of the downloaded attestation/photo card should be given to applicants. This photocard must be signed and stamped by an eligible referee and should be presented during the examination
  4. Candidates are no longer required to stamp or submit their attestation/photo cards in NECO state offices. 

  1. Blind Candidates: Blind candidates are to register like everyone else. However, they are to inform the NECO State Officer of the State where they intend to write the Examination, immediately after they register. A copy of each blind candidate’s Attestation Card should be collected by the State Officer for further action.
  2. Blind Candidates and Albinos: Please note that the Albinos and Blind Candidates are to be given 30 minutes extra time across all papers.
  3. Center Coordinators: The principal of schools that are to be used as centers for this Examination will, as usual, be appointed as Coordinators. Please, liaise with them to ensure that they give the necessary support for the successful conduct of the Examination.
  4. Complaints on Registration: Please inform Candidates that complaints on registration will be treated online via email [email protected] or [email protected]. Furthermore, the following NECO helpline GSM Nos. can also be contacted: 08126886938, 08126886939, 08069232760, 08052218069, 08189342754, 08052218070

NECO Walk-in Candidates Registration: How to, Modalities, Price, and More

Let’s talk about NECO exam registration and its walk-in candidate registration for their GCE or November/December exams.

The National Examination Council conducts two SSCE exams yearly. First, NECO June/July is usually called NECO Internal. This is the school candidates' exam. Second, the NECO (GCE) Nov/Dec is usually called the NECO external. This is the private candidate's exam.

Read more about NECO and her exams in my post, “NECO Exams and Results: Answers to Your Questions on National Examination Council (NECO).

NECO Add Walk-in Registration Opportunity 

The Walk-in registration is an opportunity for all interested applicants who missed the deadline (closing date) for the application.

However, this is, as at the time of this writing, only opened to the NECO external. In other words, the school candidates' exam does not allow late registration in such a manner.

How Does NCEO GCE Walk-in Application Work?

  1. Candidates who wish to register and sit for 2023 NOV/DEC SSCE after the closing date must adhere to the following guidelines:
  2. Candidates must complete their registration within twenty-four (24) hours to the scheduled time of the paper(s) that they intend to sit for. The Walk-in-Candidate’s fee for the examination is twenty thousand naira only (N20,000.00) per candidate
  3. Candidates are to pay the registration fee to NECO TSA and present evidence of payment at the NECO State Office.
  4. Candidates are to collect activated registration scratch cards from the NECO State Office.
  5. Biometrics enrollment is mandatory for this examination.
  6. Candidates are to report to the examination center on the date and time of the scheduled

  1. This means a candidate can at any time (while the exam is already on and some papers are done) still register for the exams and partake in the rest of the papers. Such candidates will only be allowed to write any next papers but not the ones already done.
  2. NECO GCE is right for you if you have one or two deficiencies in your NECO June/July results. You can take this exam to make up for such.
  3. You can check if the registration is still open to walk-in candidates when papers are still ongoing. As soon as the final paper is done, no such chance opened again.

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