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Who Can Apply For Direct Entry (DE) Admissions?

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While seeking admission to universities, you might have heard the term direct entry (DE) which simply means applications and admissions through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) but which doesn't require writing Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Some candidates mistake that for "direct admission". No! They are not the same. 

Direct admission is when you don't need to apply through JAMB as a board in charge of admissions and at the same time, you don't write UTME.

Direct entry requires you to apply and enter through JAMB as a board in charge of admissions but you won't be required to sit and write UTME.

Enough of the introduction! 

You may want to know if you're qualified for such admission. After all, we all want to avoid writing the almighty unpredictable UTME.

We all seem to know that candidates who are required to obtain the JAMB UTME forms are the holders of SSCE i.e WAEC, NECO, NBAIS, or NABTEB. As for this discourse, what are the qualifications of candidates who can obtain direct entry forms?

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BSC Holders are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry (DE) Forms

The first set of candidates who are qualified for Direct entry are the holders of Bachelor of Science (BSC) or any of its equivalent e.g B.TECH, B. Agric, etc.

In short, once you're a degree holder, you're qualified to obtain the JAMB direct entry form in order to process a new admission using your existing qualification (degree) to gain admission for, usually, a related course.

As such, if you hold BSC, you may be lucky to be offered a 300 level admission instead of the usual 200 level which is widely available for DE applicants.

To obtain the form, you're to pick up a DE form when it's out (usually the very time UTME candidates are also obtaining their forms too). There, you will fill in two universities of choice, even though rarely can you find a university accepting second choice applicants. Then, you follow through - sending the transcript, partaking in the post-DE, and related activities.

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HND Holders Are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry (DE) Forms

Similar to the BSC DE applicants, a Higher National Diploma (HND) holder can obtain a JAMB Direct Entry form to process a 200 level admission or for some universities, 300 level offers.

Just as the BSC applicants, HND holders, with good grades may be given edges over other applicants with lower qualifications/grades.

As such, HND holders obtaining DE forms can use that to cross to a different course different from what they had from the polytechnics especially education as some universities accept HND holders for education courses through Direct Entry.

It should be noted that whether you're a BSC or an HND holder, if you've served at NYSC before obtaining the DE and being offered admission into the university, you'll not be officially allowed to serve the second time. However, if you've not served with your first degree or HND, and you're within the serving age bracket when you complete the second degree, you'll be allowed to serve - being your first time.

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OND Holders Are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry (DE) Forms

While HND is the qualification you have after four-year studies at a polytechnic or certain Colleges of Health or Agric, Ordinary National Diploma (OND or ND) is the qualification that you have after the first two years of your studies.

Ordinary National Diploma holders can also obtain JAMB DE form to process strictly 200 level admissions to universities accepting DE applicants.

There may not be the option to be admitted to the 300 level if you're an ND applicant. In fact, some universities may consider admitting their DE applicants, with OND, to 100 level, as against the norm, if the admission committee deems it fit.

With a Distinction or Upper credit at your ND level, direct entry admission can be more favorable for you than if you're applying using lower credit or pass (these two grades are becoming very difficult to gain DE admissions except for a few less competitive state and private universities).

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NCE Holders Are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry Forms 

Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) is obtainable after your three-year studies at any college of education. After this, you're opened to several opportunities among which is the furthering of your studies through the JAMB Direct Entry application.

With NCE, which is primarily an education certificate, you'll find it easier to gain admission, through direct entry, to any universities offering the same or related education courses. 

In other words, it's easier for an NCE holder to seek education-course admission than courses that are not education-related.

However, it's clearly possible to move from education to a new line of discipline if you deem it fit especially with certain universities.

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IJMB, JUPEB, NEBTEB, and Cambridge A'level Candidates are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry (DE) Forms

This set of Direct Entry admission seekers must have obtained, admitted, and completed (or about to) a 9-month intensive study of Advanced Level (A'level) courses as listed below:

  1. Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE)
  2. Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB)
  3. National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB Advanced Level)
  4. Cambridge International Examinations (Cambridge Advanced Level)
  5. General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-Levels)

After obtaining a competitive grade from any of these or similar other programmes, you can obtain JAMB DE form to process admission strictly to the 200 level of your desired and applicable course. The better your grade the higher your chance to be admitted.

Whereas, just as BSC, HND, ND, or NCE, your result, here, can also be used to process DE admissions several times until you're lucky eventually to be admitted.

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RN, RM, and Some Health Tech Graduates are Qualified to Obtain Direct Entry (DE) Forms

After undergoing a three-year basic/general nursing or midwifery leading to the award of Registered nurse and Registered Midwifery, or that of four years leading ND/HND in Nursing, you can use your certificate to obtain the JAMB DE form which, if admitted will offer you admission into the 200 or 300 level of a Nursing or related Health course.

Similarly, if you hold National Diploma from a College of Health or the College of Health Information Management, you can obtain DE form and process admission for Public Health or any other applicable Health-related courses.

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However, candidates who run certificate courses (not OND/HND as health assistant, environmental health, etc.,) from a college of health, may not be able to obtain JAMB Direct Entry as they've not been offered admission through JAMB during their first programme.

Although most colleges of health may ask their certificate-programmes candidates to obtain the JAMB regularization form or the JAMB prat-time form. This will help them to obtain valid JAMB registration numbers which will be needed if they want to obtain DE form in order to cross to universities later.

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  1. As a community health extension worker(CHEW), after graduating from college of health technology with national deplom

  2. Hello, i graduated with a pass from a state college of health technology what are my chances of gaining a university admission?

    1. It's very narrow. You should try your luck with very less competitive universities.

  3. can a graduate of industrial do direct entry to medcine

    1. I don't think so. See the DE requirements for Medicine in the post below.


    2. Good day sir college of health technology or poly which one is better if I get diploma in MLT in college of health can I cross to university with direct entry and which course will I be given

  4. Hello, I am a student of health technology, I am in my final year program, is it possible to register for DE with an Awaiting result and upload it after few months when the results are out.

  5. Good evening sir
    I'm a part-time national diploma student will it be possible to get the DE form bcos I don't have jamb reg number
    And also will I do NYSC

  6. Please sir, I want to jamb CBT centre for DE registration and I was told that awaiting results is not acceptable , which later now it's all over the internet that is allowed 😔. Which one is the factual true about awaiting results sir ??

  7. Hi sir i graduated with an upper credit 3.00 Mechanical engineering Yaba Tech what are my chances of getting admission too federal university

  8. I graduated 2019 and wanted to apply for de but was declined, that someone that graduated from 2019 downward can't apply for it. What's the reason for that?


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