Must DE Applicants Send Transcripts To JAMB/School -

Must DE Applicants Send Transcripts To JAMB/School

DE Candidates' Academic Trascipts Should be Sent to the Universities Proposed
We have all heard that admission seekers should upload their results to the JAMB portal. And if you're hearing that for the first time, there you have it.

It's compulsory to upload your result to the JAMB portal if you truly desire the admissions. Unfortunately, thousands of candidates have lost their offers for not yielding to these simple instructions.

For the UTME (100 level admission seekers), only the O'level results are required to be uploaded.

For the Direct entry applicants (200 level admission seekers), the following documents are required:

  1. O'level results
  2. A'level results (i.e results for BSC, HND, ND, NCE, JUPEB, IJMB, etc)
  3. Academic Transcripts.

Here is the question, which ones must be uploaded to the JAMB portal for the Direct entry applicants?

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Direct Entry (DE) Applicants will Upload O'level and A'level Results

To the JAMB portal, during the DE registration or at a later date (if awaiting), direct entry applicants must upload both the SSCE results and the advanced academic records, certificates, or statements of the result.

At the point of registrations (i.e CBT centers or JAMB offices), they will ask for the two results, details of which must be filled, scanned, and uploaded to the JAMB portal.

If there is a delay in presenting either of the two or both, you can still return to the CBT centers or JAMB office later to upload.

If you've heard that a transcript must equally be included in your Direct entry application, that is true. This is fully addressed in the next section

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DE Candidates' Academic Transcripts Should be Sent to the Universities Proposed

The third document involved in the DE application/admission process is the academic transcript.

What's an Academic Transcript?

This is a performance record showing your academic results of courses taken from a particular time in school to another period of your studies. It usually includes both the test and exam performances. Candidates' personal data are also shown on the transcripts e,g names, department, years of admission, graduation, and overall grade.

For instance, a National Diploma (ND) transcript will show a student's test scores together with exam scores for a period of 4 semesters in the polytechnic i.e. D 1 first and second semester together with ND II first and the second semester.

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Sending Transcripts to Your Proposed University

For security and privacy reasons, while requesting your transcript from the former school, the management is not likely to hand over the documents to you. 

Instead, you're to approach your admin office and request them to send the transcript to your proposed university, on your behalf.

The service is usually charged at a moderate fee. The school will then prepare the transcripts and forward them to the official addresses given by the student.

A typical address will look like this ...

The Registrar,

The Federal University of Agriculture,


Ogun State.

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Not All Universities Ask for Transcripts, Yet It is Safer to Send

While reading the post Direct entry advert of your university, you may or may not find the statement that instructs you to send the transcripts to the appropriate office within a stated period. 

If you find such, it's obvious you should request a transfer of transcript to the university. If however, you don't, that doesn't mean you should ignore sending the transcript totally. 

I advise you to send the transcript notwithstanding. It may give you an edge over those who don't send at all.

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Requesting Transcripts Online and Sending to Universities

If you've heard that you could just request a transcript online and send it to your proposed university, they're correct.

Of course, for some universities (not all), you can request the transcript to be sent directly through your former's institution's website.

Some schools will have dedicated links through which ex-students can request sending of transcripts to their proposed institutions. This means you have to fill a form to that effect online.

To check if your school entertain online transcript request, visit the school's official website. Check the portal menu to see if there's any link dedicated to such service.

If otherwise, it means, it has to be processed on-campus!

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  1. Please, I made mistake during my jamb registration, Am a native of Oyo state, but the person registered me as a native of kebbi...pls is there any effect on that, Because I want to do my Jamb regularization now....pls I need a fast Answer on that

    1. You can correct that during the regularization. That's one of the purposes of regularization.

  2. i did my regularization since last year November and since then up till nw i avnt received my registration num tru my gmail as they told me. plz what can i do?

    1. Ok. Send a compliant letter to JAMB on this.

      Use the guide below.

  3. When is the best time to send the transcript a one's desire university, is it after written the post utme exam.

  4. Please I am processing admission as a DE student using ND result, but during the registration at the jamb accredited centre I forgot to upload my previous jamb registration number which I used during my ND level,,,,plsss can this problem be rectify??

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  6. I upload my transcript hope no problem with that

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  8. Pls, I'm just hearing about transcript now, can I still send it to the school(unilag) because I'm still expecting their admission. I did NCE and I'm putting in for their DE

    1. First, find out if the university s still offering admissions especially to the DE applicants. If yes, you can still send it.

    2. Please sir, must i transfer my transcript to my proposed institution during the registration or during or before admission?
      Please sir help me

  9. How will the transcript be forwarded? Is it through mail or what sir?

  10. Pls sir I still don't understand this transcript
    I need more explanations on the transcript
    Which transcript are they talking about and how do upload it to my school

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