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After NCE, What Next? NCE Graduates Must-Read

How to Further Your Studies After NCE

It’s not until you’re done with your NCE before you ask this question. It’s better to know the end of a journey before starting it at all. This is why some candidates want to know what is next or waiting for them after they complete their studies at colleges of education.

Getting the right answer to this will not only be beneficial to the existing college students but to the college-to-be candidates.

Let’s start with the basics.

What’s NCE?

The full meaning of NCE is Nigeria Certificate in Education. This is a qualification to be achieved/awarded after a three-year course at a college of education in Nigeria.

To be admitted into a college of education, candidates must have completed senior secondary school and possess WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NABTEB. In addition, he or she must have obtained JAMB UTME and be given admission through that or in some cases, through part-time programmes.

After your third year, you’re done with the college and awarded NCE.

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Now, What’s Next After the NCE?

After your college days, you’re opened to two opportunities:

  1. Jobs: You can, of course, be employed by either government or private school (especially primary schools), as a teacher, when you’re done at the college. NCE is the least qualification to become a teacher in Nigeria now. Before now, it was Grade II.
  2. Further Studies: You can, as well, further your studies. How? In most cases, this is what a majority of NCE holders will want to do. After all, getting befitting jobs is not something easy lately. Then, why not continue studying until the right job comes?

How to Further Your Studies After NCE

1. Proceed to University Through Direct Entry

You can immediately after the college obtains JAMB DE form. This will allow you to make choices of two universities you prefer to continue to study with. If offered admission, instead of starting at 100 level, you’re going to be offered a space at 200 or 300 level. 

Gaining admissions through DE to 200 levels is more certain than to 300 levels. However, a few universities and for certain courses give 300 level admissions. Here is the list of universities accepting NCE holders to 300 level through DE.

You continue from here till you’re finally done with your degree. At the university, you spend three more years (if admitted to 200 level) or to years (if admitted to 300 level). At the end of the course, you have NCE together with BSc (Ed) or B.Ed.

In most cases, if you obtain DE form to universities, you may be limited to continue your studies in the same or related education course you had while at the college. If you prefer other fields than education at the university level, read, “Can I Study Nursing in University with OND SLT or NCE?”. 

You can also, check the following courses fo you prefer any of them.

2. Opt-in For Sandwich/Part-time Programmes

This will be better for you if you’d got a job after completing your NCE. In order to further your studies and acquire a degree, you can attend a degree-awarding programme called part-time or sandwich course.

With this, you’re to learn on a part-time basis and in most cases during the weekends. Some universities only call for candidates on contact basis (such that students attend lectures during long vacations from their places of work especially schools).

University sandwich programmes such as that of the University of Ilorin, University of Abuja, Lagos State University and its Affiliates etc may come to your mind when the time comes.

3. Go for National Open University (NOUN) or Distance Learning Programmes

Just like the sandwich and part-time programmes, National Open University and similar distance learning programmes (e.g UI DLC, LAUTECH ODL, OAU DLC) allow you to further your studies after college.

With your NCE, you're more likely to be admitted to 200 level. Students are to attend lectures at specific study centres and/or virtually online. This gives you the opportunity to work while still studying.

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It’s common to think that DE is the only next thing after NCE. There are more opportunities as you can see in the post. Choosing one depends so much on your conditions and preferences - if you’re already engaged or want to have enough time to look for jobs or you’re just not interested in jobs before proceeding to a university.

Do you think you prefer DE without delay or you may want to get something doing and take advantage of Sandwich, Part-time, or distance learning programmes? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Good afternoon sir. I want to know the universities that offer part time degree and there mode of admission. Thanks

    1. UNIOSUN, FUNAAB, UI (Distance Learning), LAUTECH Part-time and Distance Leaning, AAUA, EKSU etc. Check the schools' portals for their modalities or do sime searches on this blog too. You can subscribe to this blog for updates on when those forms are out.

  2. UNIOSUN, FUNAAB, UI (Distance Learning), LAUTECH Part-time and Distance Leaning, AAUA, EKSU etc. Check the schools' portals for their modalities or do sime searches on this blog too. You can subscribe to this blog for updates on when those forms are out.

  3. Thanks for the info sir. I have an OND result in busadmin and would like to own a degree in edu. Please, what can I do

    1. Read the post through the link below and see where you fit in.

  4. Good afternoon sir, please sir I want to know if I can use my NCE certificate to further my education in other countries (especially African countries)

    1. I don't have any reference for this right now. I will be sure to write an article on it if i find something worth to write about.

  5. Please can a NCE holder apply for master's

  6. Good morning Sir, I have finished NCE 2016 and I want further my education can I get direct entry? And second one is if I want have HND in poly can be possible?

    1. You can still obtain DE form no matter the age of your NCE.

      NCE is not acceptable for HND admission.

      Read more below.

  7. Good morning sir, I studied pes in my nce pls sir can I study educational psychology or educational management for my BSc program

  8. After college,
    Is it a must to do T.P before proceeding to Bsc?

    1. TP is part of the activities that will earn you NCE

  9. Pls sir, can I obtain the Deform immediately after Nce, as i don't want to work before obtaining the form.

  10. Sir
    A NCE holder must write jamb before getting admission into degree?


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