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Who Are Qualified Or Not Qualified To Serve at NYSC?

NYSC seems to be one of the main reasons most students are going to school in the first place. After all, who would like to be in the NYSC khaki and enjoy the respect that comes with wearing the crested vest?

On this note, except if you've got a brother or sister who had participated in the one-year national service, you should want to know classes of students/graduates who are qualified to serve with NYSC.

You may be asking about those that will be allowed to go to NYSC if you're confused about the level of education that is accepted to participate in the scheme.

In this post, I will be showing you the list of academic qualifications/awards accepted for NYSC and those that won't be serving.

Four Classes of Students/Graduates Qualified to Serve With NYSC

Below are the classes of graduates who will be mobilized for NYSC and serve for a year.

1. University Graduates

These are called BSC/degree holders. This set of graduates generally attends universities in Nigeria or abroad. It won't matter whether you're a graduate of a federal, state, or private university, once your school is approved and registered with the corps, you should be on your way to serving your father's land after graduation.

Among the university graduates who will be allowed to serve at NYSC are candidates:

  1. who gained admissions into universities starting from 100 level and usually through JAMB admission
  2. who have earlier done with a National Diploma (ND), Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE), or any other advanced diploma e.g. IJMB, JUPEB, etc. but later sought and gained admission to the universities through Direct Entry admission
  3. who crossed to new universities from previously attended universities through the transfer admission form
  4. who studied at foreign universities and returned home to serve their fathers' land

2. Polytechnic Graduates

The second set of students who are allowed and called for NYSC are graduates from polytechnics in Nigeria and abroad.

As a matter of fact, a polytechnic programme is divided into two - the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND). 

Each is individually a two-year programme. If you're done with the 2-year ND programme, you can proceed to the 2-year HND programme. With only ND, you can't serve with NYSC. If you continue to HND and complete that, you're qualified to participate in the one-year national service just like your university counterparts.

3. Graduate Nurses With ND/HND

Similar to this, if you're a graduate of a school/college of Nursing where you're admitted for ND/HND in Nursing. When done with HND in Nursing, from any of these schools too, you're qualified to serve at NYSC.

4. Health Tech Graduates With ND/HND

As you might have assumed, graduates of colleges of health technology are qualified for NYSC if they undergo programmes that award ND/HND in the colleges.

Set of Students (Graduates)Who Are Not Qualified To Serve at NYSC

I wouldn't have bothered to list this, because a few references had earlier been made regards this. Yet, it will be wise to emphasize those people who shouldn't expect to be mobilized for NYSC.

1. National Diploma (ND) Holders

Even though holders of National Diploma (ND) can be called graduates because they're already done with the first phase of polytechnic education, yet, they're not qualified to serve with NYSC.

Maybe we should just say, with your ND, you're not a fully qualified polytechnic graduate to be part of the scheme. So wait for your time!

2. Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE)

In a typical college of education, students are commonly trained for three years. After this three-year programme, you're awarded the Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) which qualifies you to become a teacher for any primary or secondary school.

With only NCE, you're not qualified to serve with NYSC.

When done with NCE, you have the option to cross to a university through DE - starting from the 200/300 level. And when done with the university, you can then go for NYSC as you're now qualified for that.

However, there are colleges of education that are also awarding 4-year degree programme independently or as affiliates of other universities. If you start your degree with such universities, or you cross through DE, on graduation, you're qualified to go for NYSC as its graduate.

3. Registered Nurses/Midwives (only)

I've earlier said graduates of schools/colleges of nursing who had ND/HND in Nursing can be mobilized and served with NYSC. On the flip side, these same schools/colleges of nursing do run basic nursing and basic midwifery programmes, which on completion, will award you Registered Nursing/Midwifery.

With ONLY that qualification, you can't serve at NYSC. If you must serve, you'll have to obtain the Direct entry form, seek, and gain admission to a university offering Nursing Science. After graduating here, you can go for NYSC as a nursing and university graduate.

4. Colleges' Certificate Holders

Colleges of health technology offer several courses. Some are ND/HND programmes while very many are just certificate courses. If you go for a certificate programme such as Health Assistant, Pharmacy Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, etc., you won't be able to serve with these.

In fact, most, if not all these certificate courses may not have the HND level which automatically limits you to hold that base qualification only. 

And if you decide to use them to cross to university, it may not be possible or acceptable. If they will be tenable at all, you may need to go through the hurdle of the JAMB regularization.

5. Unregularized Part-Time Graduates

Part-Time graduates are commonly not allowed to serve at NYSC. However, with the introduction of the JAMB part-time application and JAMB regularization, it's now possible for a part-time university or polytechnic graduate to serve with NYSC.

Let's break this down!

If you run the daily part-time programme at a university such as the Federal University of Oye Ekiti, the university will mobilize you for NYSC. This is because, as part of the admission process for the daily part-time programme, candidates will be asked to go for the JAMB part-time/regularization which will place them in a qualified position to serve with NYSC even though they're part-time graduates.

However, if you're for a weekend part-time, sandwich or distance learning programme where you're not asked by the school management to do the JAMB part-time/JAMB regularization, you won't be lucky to be part of the national call for NYSC.

The primary thing is that part-time programmes can now procedure graduates to NYSC but not all the schools are doing that. It may be wise for the prospective admission seekers to find out of their schools will be producing them for NYSC or not.

6. Over-Aged Full-Time Graduates

Generally, the rightful age to serve with NYSC is ages less or equal to 30. In other words, if you're a full-time or regularized part-time graduate not older than 30, you're sure to serve with NYSC. However, even if you're a graduate but not within the 30 years age bracket, you'll be out of luck for the National Youth Service.


This post has covered all the higher qualification holders who will be mobilized for NYSC while it didn't leave out higher academic awards that won't qualify you to be part of the scheme.

In summary, with BSC/HND from any institution, be it from home or abroad, from a federal, state, or private school, of a full-time or regularized part-time course, and within the acceptable age bracket, you're qualified to be part of the one-year national service called the NYSC.

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