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How Many Universities Can I Choose in JAMB? Answered!

The Maximum Number of Universities in UTME and DE
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Candidates are asking the number of universities they can choose in JAMB UTME/DE. In other words, what is the least or highest number of universities you’re permitted to consider when registering for JAMB?

A few candidates want to know this before registering for their UTME/DE. Some want to consider the change of institutions and as a result, need to know the number of universities they can go for at least or most.

This post will address this concern and other related ones.

You will not be limited to the number of the universities you're allowed to choose as a UTME applicant, you will also be detailed about the number of universities allowed for a Direct Entry (DE) applicant as well as the number of polytechnics, colleges of education, and initiative enterprise institutes (IEI) allowed to be chosen.

The Maximum Number of Universities in UTME

I have earlier addressed this in my post, “How to Choose Institutions For UTME and DE”. Though not talking strictly about the minimum or the maximum number of universities. Rather, how to combine the choices. 

For the purpose of the question at hand, candidates are allowed to consider one or two universities in the JAMB UTME.

Of course, there are spaces for four institutions. Yet, you’re limited to two universities at most. Others can be polytechnics, colleges of education, and/or Initiative Enterprise Institutes.

In all cases, institutions – be it federal, state or private are loaded for candidates under the first choice category. In the second choice category as well, you will find all Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

However, you can’t find universities – be it federal, state, or private in the third and fourth choice categories. Hence, you won’t be able to pick more than two universities in your application or change of institutions. These two you can only consider as first, second, or both.

The Maximum Number of Universities for Direct Entry (DE)

As for the direct entry applicants, you’re limited to two choices. The two, of course, are universities.

As expected, there are no categories for polytechnics, colleges of education, or Initiative Enterprise Institute for Direct Entry applicants - because they won't need these.

Therefore, you can only choose two universities at most as a DE aspirant. However, you may consider the same universities as the first and second choice. For Example, OAU can be your choice 1 and choice 2.

What of Polytechnics and Colleges of Educations?

For these institutions, you’re permitted to choose three polytechnics or colleges of education. And they can be mixed.

In other words, polytechnics or colleges of education are all loaded in the first, second, and third choice categories. Hence, you’re permitted to choose them in that order.

Therefore, polytechnics can be the first, second, or third choice. The same is applicable to colleges of education. Meaning, you may not consider a university, at all, in the registration.

As for the fourth choice, the category of institutions here is called innovative enterprise institutions (IEI). These institutions are not polytechnics or colleges of education, per se. Rather they award diplomas, which can be used for jobs or further their education - as they're also equivalent to polytechnics and colleges.

While our regular polytechnics and colleges of education award National Diploma (ND) and Nigerian Certificate of Education (NCE) respectively, innovative enterprise institutions award National Innovative Diploma (NID) which is equivalent to the National Diploma (ND) is an approved programme of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

To this end, IEIs are not available as the first, second, or third choice, you can only see them at the fourth choice. Hence, only one IEI can be considered in the JAMB UTME registration.


No matter your interest in picking three of four universities in UTME or during the change of institution, know that you’re restricted to two at most. And it’s not compulsory to even choose two as you can consider polytechnics or colleges in the second and/or third position.

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  1. ..thanks, but can I choose the same university for the both choices? .Also can I choose the same course under two different Universities?

  2. I graduated from NTI with upper credit as an English student. I want to continue with University of Ibadan. Is it possible? Please, tell me all I need to know.

  3. Can I input two federal University in jamb before inputting a state University and the rest

    1. No.

      See how to choose schools in the post below.


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