Can DE Course Be Different From ND/NCE Course? -

Can DE Course Be Different From ND/NCE Course?

While picking up a direct entry form, you may want to drop your ND or NCE course and go for another choice. It's not uncommon to see holders of NCE or ND deciding to change their courses/disciplines when registering for JAMB Direct Entry (DE).

As possible/impossible as this may sound, it's wise to ask some questions. With that, you'll be able to know if this is possible and if yes, know if it's applicable to all courses or just a selected few.

In this post, I will be answering this dilemma and addressing related issues.

You Choose a Course Different From Your ND/NCE Course in Direct Entry (DE) Application

Of course, what's straightforward is to pick the same course you offered for in polytechnic or college of education, if you want to register for DE. However, you're allowed, depending on the school and its policies, to change the ND/NCE course in your DE registration.

If you take a moment to see some of the linked posts below, you'll see a direct situation where NCE applicants are allowed to pick other courses different from what they had in college, during the DE application. 

The posts equally list universities accepting that, (as not all universities are doing that) and the NCE courses they're accepting (as not all NCE courses are considered for this).

  1. Universities Accepting NCE for DE Microbiology
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  3. Universities Accepting NCE holders for Accounting
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Similarly, National Diploma (ND) holders applying for Direct entry can equally process a course different from what they did while in polytechnics. For example, a Business Administration student may go for Economics through DE. An Accountancy student, instead of Accounting, may consider marketing at a university.

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You Should Consider a Related Course Though

Even though you're allowed to change your NCE/ND course when seeking university admission, or direct entry admission, you're not entirely free to take a course that's completely different from your base course.

Let me explain.

A science student, holding ND/NCE, will be rational to chase a science course (not art or management) through DE. Not only that, his polytechnic/college's course should be related to the course being chased.

Although the JAMB brochure is the official booklet designed to guide you on this, some universities (for example, UNILORIN, AAUA, etc.) equally have dedicated pages, on their websites, to guide aspirants on admission requirements for both UTME and DE.

If you won't have access to that, you should be fine off only if you can be smart to choose a related course to the one offered back in the polytechnic or college of education. JAMB admission eligibility status tool can also save you from making the silly mistake of picking the wrong course.

Speaking of the related courses, don't blindly choose Nursing Science because you did Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) in a polytechnic. SLT is not related to Nursing. While the former is about working in teams with scientists and other technicians and usually in sterile laboratories, the former is about caring for patients, communicating with doctors, administering medicine, and checking vital signs.

Some graduates of the college of health with CHEW and similar courses are usually making the same mistake.

It's more important to study the brochure before anything. And this has never been more important!

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I don't doubt the fact that you can choose a course different from your ND/NCE course during the JAMB DE registration. You're safer if you go for the same course you had back in the polytechnic or college of education though.

However, if you must change course here, be sure you know what you're doing. The course must be very related or in the same field. Studying the official JAMB brochure, or checking the school's portal for its admission requirements is actually the best bet.

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