Must I Sit For UTME If I Want To Convert UTME To DE? -

Must I Sit For UTME If I Want To Convert UTME To DE?

Now that we all know that there are two ways to achieve the same thing when it comes to Direct Entry application, there comes one disturbing question. As for the two ways - you can upgrade UTME to DE (conversion), or you can obtain the DE form directly.

As for the disturbing question, must candidates who are upgrading their UTME to DE sit for JAMB UTME first before the conversion application? In other words, is it compulsory to still sit for UTME, or can you just obtain the UTME form, sit back at home, and wait for JAMB to open UTME to DE conversion? 

Let's talk about this here.

You Must Sit For JAMB UTME First

If you're up for the upgrading of UTME to DE, you're not only required to obtain the UTME form, but you will also have to sit for and write the UTME. It's compulsory if you must upgrade later. How?

The JAMB official, who will be converting your UTME to DE, among other things, will ask for your JAMB result. In other words, the JAMB result printout is a primary requirement for the concerned applicants.

Hence, it's best for you if you don't miss out on sitting for the UTME. Then, after you can wait for the window to be opened for the conversion and act accordingly.

Sitting For UTME Has Never Been More Important

Before the 2024 admission year, even though the board required candidates to take UTME before the conversion could be done for them, those applying for direct entry without the conversion channel (i.e., directly obtain DE form) were never asked to write any exams. However, from 2024, the main DE applicants are now asked to write the DE CBT too.

Yes, DE applicants will have to sit for their own exam. This time, not UTME CBT but rather the DE CBT. While UTME will be for candidates seeking admission to the 100-level of various institutions' courses, the DE CBT will be for those seeking 200-level admissions.

So, if the main DE applicants will have to take exams by JAMB, the conversion applicants must also take an exam, which is UTME in their own cases. This is because, by the time the conversion registration window will be opened, the DE exam must have been completed too.


In summary, for those looking to convert their UTME application to Direct Entry (DE), it's mandatory to first sit for and complete the JAMB UTME. This step is essential as the JAMB result printout is a crucial requirement for the conversion process. 

Starting from 2024, even primary DE applicants are required to undergo a separate DE CBT examination. This development underlines the importance of participating in the UTME for all candidates aspiring for higher-level admissions, ensuring they meet all necessary prerequisites before proceeding with the conversion from UTME to DE.

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