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Will My Second/Third Choice School Give Me Admission?

Choosing Universities, Polytechnics, and Others as Second Choice: Will they Give you Admissions?

You may be on this page because you searched for questions like:

  • List of universities that accept the second choice
  • Federal universities that can be chosen as the second choice
  • Polytechnics and colleges that accept the second choice
  • Polytechnics and colleges that accept the third choice.

The broad heading for these searches is, can you be offered admission if you chose a university, polytechnic, or college of education as second or third choice in your JAMB or DE?

We need to get some facts cleared before we continue.

Difference between Choosing a School as the second choice and being offered admission as a second choice candidate

Here is the difference.

Choosing an institution as the second or third choice

  1. Almost all universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, or innovative enterprise institutions can be chosen as the second choice. JAMB system allows that.
  2. Some federal premier universities were not included in the second choice institution. Hence, you can’t take such as second choice e.g Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Benin, University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, etc.
  3. Some northern and southern federal universities are still found in the second choice section.
  4. All state universities (also polytechnics and colleges – be federal, state, or private) can be chosen as the second choice.

Choosing an institution as the second or third choice

  1. The fact that you can choose a school in the second choice position during UTME/DE registration doesn’t mean you will be offered admission as a second choice candidate.
  2. Therefore, no school will give you admission in the second choice position - except a few discussed below with their conditions.


That brings us to certain situations that must be taken seriously.

Best Candidates Focus Most on their First Choice

  1. See, the real deal is that every institution (universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and IEI want to be selected as the first choice i.e most preferred institution. This is because candidates that chose them as the first choice and had the pass marks were already more than what they could possibly admit. Why would they want to go down to their second-choice candidates?
  2. JAMB CAPS only gives admission to students who choose a school as the first choice. This is the admission process now. Schools compile the lists of their to-be-admitted candidates and send it to JAMB. The body then checks the list to be sure they all merit the admissions and also chose the schools as first choices before they can give you admission. This system is called CAPS. Hence, if your name is not on the first-choice candidates, JAMB CAPS will not give you admission.
  3. In case you chose a school as a second or third choice and they wish to offer you admission, they will instruct you to change them to the first choice, before you can be offered a space.
  4. A school might give you admission in the second choice or third, yet they will later force you to do the change of institution, thereby, bringing them to the first choice.

What About Schools that Sells Post UTME to 2nd Choice Candidates and those who didn't choose them in UTME?

The answer to this question is, they are baiting you.

See, these institutions smartly advertise that you can obtain their post UTME screening forms if you chose them as first, second, third, or even if you don't select them at all. All they claim they want is you writing UTME and scoring a specific mark range. They're just marketing to you. They will, of course, sooner or later ask you to change them to the first choice before you can be offered admission through JAMB.

A few of such schools in recent years (and probably till now) are:

  1. Federal College of Education Oyo (Special),  
  2. Federal Polytechnic of Agriculture Akure
  3. Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology Igboora,  
  4. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State
  5. Ogun State Polytechnic (MAPOLY),  
  6. Ekiti State University, EKSU Ila Campus, etc


Don’t be deceived that some schools are giving admission to candidates who chose them as the second choice. It’s a lie.

Even though you made four choices during UTME, the first choice is your main focus and that is where you have an admission chance. If you must seek admission from any school below that, you must first change it to the first or later do that before you can be offered admission on JAMB CAPS.

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  1. Please sir, can I register for post utme in a school I filled as my second chance, like delsu?

  2. Sir, wen is d closing date for change of institution 2020

    1. Change of institutions/courses generally doesn't close. You just have to make the changes before your proposed school starts or close their post UTMEs/screenings. Once a school post UTME closes, her change of institution also closes immediately. Read more though the link below.


  3. Pls my first choice is UST wrote their post utme but I didn't get up to the departmental cutoff point though dey haven't started given admission, so am not sure of it I had to buy post utme form from my third choice polytechnic oko poly Anambara so am I to do change of institution/course or should I wait

    1. If you've decided to move to the Polytechnic Oko, kindly change them to the first. That's the only way you can be offered the admission if you meet their admission requirements too.

  4. I picked ede poly as my third choice and oau as the first choice and I only registered for poly ede without doing change of institution to ede poly which thier registration closes today...hope it won't affect me

  5. I am offered admission in a school that I picked as second choice but I have been unable to pay for the acceptance fee what can I do to proceed with the payment

  6. Pls sir my second choice have given me admission but Jamb only gives admission to first choice what can I do sir but I heard Jamb will still give admission to second choice is it true sir

  7. Good day sir
    Will Federal polytechnic oko, give me admission? Because i choose them as second choice

    1. They won't. Mostly, schools offer admissions to the first choice aspirants.

  8. I’m want to register my utme in Lagos can i be allowed to choose osogbo as exam center

  9. Please when is the deadline for payment of acceptance fee at oko poly

    1. I don't have thus update. Check the school portal please.

  10. I had 193 in my jamb
    Unilag was my first choice but due to my jamb result I'll have to choose yaba tech which is my second choice
    Is it a must I change yaba tech to my first choice before I write the school post utme and also gain admission


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