Can I Serve at NYSC Twice or More Times? -

Can I Serve at NYSC Twice or More Times?

NYSC Legally Allows Graduates to Serve Only Once
Corps Members at Orientation Camp

The article explores the legality and limitations of serving more than once in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), emphasizing that graduates are strictly allowed to serve only once, with attempts to serve multiple times being punishable under Section 13(b) of the NYSC Act, despite occasional cases of individuals attempting to manipulate the system, which carries penalties such as fines, imprisonment, or both.

Have you ever questioned the possibility of being able to serve the nation twice at NYSC?  Have ever imagined being able to do your NYSC twice or more times?

These questions come to mind if you're aware that people usually serve once - after all, your brothers and sisters equally went for NYSC once.

But could there be a way to go twice if they deemed it fit then? It's your turn now, or sooner. Can you do yours more times than once?

This post presents a true picture of the number of times a graduate can serve in Nigeria.

NYSC Legally Allows Graduates to Serve Only Once

From the time, and till now, NYSC only allows graduates to serve once. And when you're done with the 12-month posting to serve your father's land, you're handed a certificate of completion popularly called the discharged certificate.

However, we have heard or seen, in the past, cases of graduates who had served once but manipulated their ways to serve again - making two times. One anonymous writer even claimed he had met with a person who served three times.

So, how did this happen? Is it possible at all?

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Serving at NYSC More than One Time and Nigerian Factors

When you're hearing that some people served twice, you're likely to argue it - it's impossible.

And you could be right truly.

NYSC has a database of all serving and served corps. So, how, on earth, will someone beat the system to serve more than once?

Don't also forget that, it's the same system that allows people to game their ways to serve at exactly wherever they want rather than where they chose during the registrations.

Haven't you heard of "direct posting" before? Haven't you heard of the people paying for FCT-Abuja, Lagos, or Ogun State?

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In case you don't know, it's the same system that allows an over-aged graduate to buy his way to serve even with this ineligible date of birth.

I don't mean to advise that you should buy your way to serve twice or more. I'm only curious to warn you from arguing blindly.

If it's possible to beat the system in certain areas such as direct posting, overage manipulation, etc, it's equally not far from possible to do the same with the number of serving times.

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The Illegality of Serving Twice or More Times

Just recently, a reader contacted me to ask if he could manipulate his way to serving twice.

He was thoughtful in his way of trying to game the system.

Let's see his proposed method below.

Pls Sir, I applied for HND, and want to write JAMB as well. My question is, if I get admitted to both schools, can I run both at the same time? If yes, I will finish from polytechnic first and I will be mobilized for service. What will now happen when I finish my BSC program as well and the school wants to mobilize us too.

Can you see?

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Here is the summary of my answer.

It's possible to run the two programmes together. However, you have to choose the one you wish to serve with. If you must go with your HND, forget BSC mobilization. If you prefer that of BSC, wait until you're done in university.

NYSC, in fact, is aware that there are loopholes that may allow serving more times. This is why it has, from time, been included in their Laws, the due punishment for the crime.


Serving more than once begs for 2 years imprisonment or an N4,000 fine or both in accordance with Section 13(b) of the National Youth Service Corps Act.

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Graduates are generally and legally not allowed to serve more than once. If for any reason or by any means, as covered in this post, one is able to serve twice or make attempts to, the offense is punishable to the extent of a fine, imprisonment, or both.

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  1. What if I decide to study another course after my NYSC, will I still have to serve again after I'm done?

    1. No you can't serve twice.

  2. But if I enroll another degree after serving can I work with it

  3. What is the procedure for Service postponing till BSC?

  4. How about some that finished hnd and served. Did another jamb and run another program for BSc?


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