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Universities Still Accepting Change of Institutions and Those Who Are Not

All Schools Accept Change of Institution/Courses
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A few days ago, we have come across a new development on the changing of institution/courses exercise. While trying to change to a few universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education (most especially the federal-owned), the JAMB portal complained: “This institution is not accepting Changing of the institution”. Is your intending school affected?

Well, if you check back by now the issue has been resolved. In other words, those schools that reported were not accepting the changes are now doing that.

I’d concluded it could be a system error from JAMB or the body just changed her mind on this new development.

Aside from this issue, some candidates have called me to know if all schools are accepting changes or some are not accepting new students.

This post will open your mind to how things will work. You will see why, how, and when some schools may not accept changes.

All Schools Accept Changes of Institutions and Courses

All universities, polytechnics, and colleges of educations will accept new candidates through JAMB change of institutions/courses from the start.

Now that the portal is opened for the JAMB Change of Institutions/Courses Exercise, you can change your school and course of choice at will until ….

Well, that is where things get tricky.

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Schools That Stop Changes Days Before the Sales of Post UTME Form.

Yes, some schools will not accept changes a few days to the sales of their post UTME or screening forms. This set of institutions usually uploads their prospective aspirants’ details to the registration portal before the online application starts. So, once they receive this list from JAMB, they may not accept more lists.

Then, they will instruct JAMB to stop candidates from changing to them. Hence, if you choose the school during the change, it will complain “this institution doesn’t accept changes any longer” For example, Ahmadu Bello University, University of Benin, University of Lagos, University of Maiduguri, Lagos State University, etc.

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Schools That Stop Changes After Post UTME Exercise

Some schools continually accept changes but stop after the post UTME or screening registration. In other words, these schools will still accept changes even when their post UTME form is already on sales and registration ongoing. But they will stop accepting changes a few days to the final day or immediately after their final day is due.

They usually update their databases as soon as JAMB keeps sending the new list to them. For examples, the University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, Federal Polytechnic Ede, University of Ilorin, Kwara State University, Osun State University, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, etc

Schools That Accept Changes Till the End of Admission Year

Interestingly, some universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education remain open to changes until admission year-end.

This is a set of institutions that candidates can change to after already failed or missed the admission from another school.

For example, Ekiti State University, Kwara State University, Adeyemi University/College of Education, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa, Tai Solarin University of Education, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State College of Technology, Esa Oke… see more here.

A Case Study

Ridwan was seeking admission into the University of Ilorin last year. He wrote their post UTME and failed. He got less than 50%, that’s the end of any hope to the most competitive university in Nigeria.

Then we agreed to change to Obafemi Awolowo University since the university was still selling her forms and the post UTME registration was in progress.

Unfortunately, he failed this too.

Remember he could still change the institution one more time but the LAST TIME?

Then, we changed to a school that didn’t conduct post UTME for her candidates; the Polytechnic Ibadan.

This is where he made it to Science Laboratory Science at last.

This last category of schools includes most polytechnics and colleges of education across the country. Hence, if you should miss or fail from any of your proposed universities, you can consider the change of institution to others in this category. It works.


With the presentation above, you now know when schools may stop accepting changes and how things may go for different schools. If you have more to know, consider dropping a question and I should answer you sooner enough.

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  1. Please can I change to Lasu now 16th...and their screening form will be closing on the 18th ...

    Please will it reflect on their portal.

    1. No advisable. You may need to wait and see if the closing date will be extended by a week, at least, before you decide to change or otherwise.

  2. Which university is advisable to change to AAU or nsukka

    1. No school is better. It's up to you. Read the post below for more enlightenment on this.

  3. Good day sir can i do change of institution to Ebonyi State University now pls your feedback is needed urgently

    1. Check the school portal to be sure their form is still on sales. See if the closing date is far enough for it to reflect on the school portal before the closing date.

  4. Sir pls can i still change institution to ekpoma?

    1. You can change to any university so far the form of that school is still on sales and has a reasonable days to its closure. Be sure you find out of EKPOMA

  5. Please can I change to ABTU bauchi now (1st February 2021)?

    1. Just be sure you check the admission portal to check their closing date. If the date is favorable, you can change to it.

  6. Pls, which University can I change to now? I'm going for sociology I mean the university that have not commence the sales of post utme form help me o

    1. Ok.

      Check the list of schools in the post below.


  7. Please sir,I did change of institution into futo since last auguAu and it haven't reflected in my caps till date, even my screening result is not showing.is it late to go change institution again to futo

    1. First, check your CAPS to be sure it's FUTO that is there.

      Use the guide below.


      If it's not appearing there, that should be the reason. And if you have the JAMB change of institution slip with you and with FUTO as the first institution, you can lodge a complaint with JAMB to address this issue.

      Use the guide in the post below.


      If you don't have any evidence of the change of institution, it's possible you'd possible the change has not been done in the first place. Then, you do that now.

  8. Which university can I still change to

    1. Read the post below.


  9. Which institution is still available for admission

    1. Please read the post below.


  10. Pls Sir can I change my course from mbbs to pharmacy if I feel my aggregate will not be up to the aggregate cut off mark for UI after she realese her post utme result


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