Do I Need Regularization or JAMB Number For HND? -

Do I Need Regularization or JAMB Number For HND?

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When seeking admission into any polytechnic for the HND program, you must have come across a concern such as the need for regularization or a JAMB registration number. It can get you more confused if you've done your ND course on a part-time or daily part-time basis.

A prospective HND applicant recently contacted me to ask if she would need JAMB regularization or a JAMB number before she could apply for her polytechnic's HND form or any other polytechnic for that matter.

The reason for this was that he had overheard a few friends who wanted to apply for direct entry into universities be asked to do regularization in order to get their JAMB registration number having run their National Diplomas on a daily part-time basis.

Let's talk about this in this post.

HND Application May/May Not Require JAMB Registration Number

During the online application of some polytechnics (not all), a provision might be made for you to input your JAMB registration number. This space may be made compulsory at this point and may be left open to be filled if such a number is only available. 

In other words, if made compulsory, you'll have to fill it out before you can complete and submit the online form. If optional (without asterisk*), you may skip this, complete and still be able to submit your application.

The polytechnic is not asking for the JAMB registration number because of the HND admission but for the purpose of using it to mobilize you for NYSC when the time comes. As a result, some have made it necessary to have it at this point so as not to cause unnecessary delays for you when it's time to go for NYSC.

With this, we can conclude that, even when the polytechnic makes it optional, when applying for the HND form, if you're offered admission, the management, at a point during your program, or at the end, will still ask for your JAMB registration number.

At this point, if your HND is full-time, you should be able to fill in or supply the JAMB registration number (already on your JAMB result, JAMB admission letter, JAMB registration slip, or JAMB exam slip) without regularization. However, if your ND was on a part-time or daily part-time basis, you'll need to regularize your admission to get a JAMB registration number or validate an existing one.

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Your JAMB Part-Time Application Has Given You a JAMB Registration Number

If before or during your ND program, that was done on a part-time basis, you'd done the JAMB part-time registration, you wouldn't need the regularization again.

Yes, in most cases, polytechnics offering the daily or other part-time programs, will instruct their applicants to apply for the JAMB part-time forms before or after being offered admission. If your school instructed you and you did that, you must have been given a JAMB registration number after the approval - usually through your email or the printout given to you by the JAMB CBT center or JAMB office.

In this case, you won't need regularization since the number you got after the application and approval of your JAMB part-time was your own JAMB registration number. This can be used for the HND application and NYSC mobilization.

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JAMB Regularization Can Be Done Before/After Obtaining the HND Form

As you might have deduced from the above, depending on the stage at which the proposed polytechnic asks for the JAMB registration number, the time to apply for the regularization may vary accordingly.

If needed during the application, you have to do the regularization before obtaining the HND form. If at any time later or during the program, you can take your time before applying for the regularization.

But, if you seek my professional advice, since the regularization is still unavoidable, sooner or later, you'll do it, why not do it as soon as you're done with your ND and before going for HND? If you're at this point, take action and do it now. 

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If You Write JAMB in the Year of Part-Time Admission, You Still Need Regularization

Some part-time ND graduates did JAMB in the year they were admitted for the part-time courses. But, they're not offered the JAMB admission, rather, they're offered admission on a part-time basis. When a polytechnic asks for your JAMB registration for the HND, you can't just submit that number. You will need to regularize the number first!

I covered a similar situation in the post, "I Registered JAMB, Do I Still Need JAMB Part-Time Registration?"

Yes, there are two ways to do regularization. You can do a fresh regularization if you did not write JAMB in the year you gained the part-time admission. But if you did JAMB that year, you can do your regularization on the existing JAMB registration number. This regularization will then validate the number for the HND and NYSC uses.

Though it's your choice - you can either do a fresh regularization or validate an existing JAMB registration number whether you wrote JAMB in the year of your part-time admission or not.

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