Can CHEW, Health Assistant, Do Direct Entry For Nursing, etc.? -

Can CHEW, Health Assistant, Do Direct Entry For Nursing, etc.?

Students are lately going for the Community Health Extension Workers program at various colleges of health because they want to cross later into Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.

Similar courses being chased to colleges of health include health assistant, environmental technology, laboratory technology, etc.

This category of admission seekers is aware that it's possible to cross from the College of Health to the university. What they're yet to know is if it's possible to use their CHEW, JCHEW, Health Assistant, Environmental or Laboratory Technology certificates, results or qualifications to obtain a Direct Entry form and cross to a university and especially for Nursing Science, Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Biomedical Technology etc.

In this post, I will be opening your eyes to a few misconceptions about direct entry admissions for Nursing, Medicine and related health/medical courses with your certificate or qualifications from colleges of health and technology. Some related issues will also be addressed to bless others.

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Understanding the Basics of Community Health Extension Workers and Similar Programs at Colleges of Health

Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW) are generally recognized as healthcare educators, providing vital education about the available healthcare options.  A variety of community health workers (CHWs) provide maternal and newborn health (MNH) services in low-income and middle-income communities.

At any college of health offering this course, there are two types of community health courses

  1. the Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEW)
  2. Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW)

While the CHEW is also called Senior CHEW, the JCHEW is the Junior CHEW.

A Healthcare Assistant or HCA cares for patients in a hospital, residential care facility, or at a patient's home. Their duties include assisting patients with daily activities, checking vital signs, and assisting nursing staff when necessary.

Environmental Technicians typically work under the direction of environmental scientists. They monitor the environment and investigate sources of pollution by performing laboratory and field tests.

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A Laboratory Technician is a person who performs practical hands-on work in laboratories. Lab techs work in diverse settings which include health care, industry, research, and educational institutions. Lab techs may work in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, biology, chemistry, electronics, geology, and the environment. In this document, it is assumed that a lab tech works predominately indoors in a traditional laboratory setting.

NOTE: I only picked a few of the courses being offered at colleges of health here. There are still others not mentioned above which may be yours. The benchmark for all these courses is that some are not offered through JAMB. Students will just obtain the direct forms and they are offered admission. If you run any of the courses above, with an admission offer from JAMB, it means, you won't have the same problem as those that were not through JAMB.

If your own course/admission was given through JAMB, a section below will address your situation too.

Courses that are usually offered by colleges of health through JAMB UTME may include:

  1. National Diploma In Health Information Management
  2. Dental Nursing
  3. Nutrition And Dietetics
  4. Dental Therapy
  5. Environmental Health Technology
  6. Medical Imaging Technology
  7. Biomedical Engineering Technology
  8. Orthopedic Cast Technology
  9. Social Development
  10. Dental Technology

Can Any of JCHEW, CHEW, Laboratory Technician, Environmental Technician, or Health Assistant Obtain Direct Entry Admission?

We have to start this from the basics. The primary thing that makes Direct Entry admission possible is the JAMB registration number. Each prospective DE admission seeker will be asked to provide his or her JAMB registration number at the point of registering for DE.

Whereas, in most cases, JCHEW, CHEW, and similar programs courses are being offered by the colleges of health without the use of JAMB.

The button line is that if you're a through-JAMB candidate, it doesn't matter your course, you're consequently qualified for DE. However, candidates without JAMB will need to take other steps to be qualified, if it will possibly work

If you're a JCHEW or CHEW you should know that. Don't you?

Is there no way to do Direct entry without the JAMB Registration number?

Yes, there is!

That's the good news. And that takes us to the next section of this topic.

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You Can Do JAMB Regularization To Get a JAMB Registration Number. Then, Use that for DE

It's actually not possible to do DE without the JAMB registration number. But there is a way to get a JAMB registration number before proceeding to DE. This medium is called the JAMB regularization.

JAMB Regularization for Direct Entry is a process/exercise the board puts in place to correct and put in good order, admissions that were offered to candidates through back-doors, illegal mediums, or containing some errors and inadequacies.

And if JAMB regularization won't be immediately possible, and to meet up with DE registration, you can follow the guide, "Register DE Without JAMB Number/Regularization Approval".

However, there is a concern for the JCHEW and CHEW holders trying to do JAMB regularization. These candidates will need to know if their school will approve their indemnity forms, and sign and send them to JAMB before they can proceed with the regularization or DE applications in the first place.

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In other words, not all schools or colleges of health do approve regularization for their JCHEW/CHEW or any other course for that matter.

If you confirm from your school, and they guarantee that you should go ahead with the regularization application, after the submission, a printout (called the indemnity form) will be submitted to your school for signing, stamping, and forwarding to the nearest JAMB office.

After this, if the regularization is approved by JAMB, an email will be sent to you for approval from the board and a JAMB registration number will be given to you. This, in turn, can be used to do Direct entry admission.

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If Holders of JCHEW/CHEW and Others Can Do Direct Entry, Will That Work For Nursing, Medicine, etc.?

If there is any course in the heart of a JCHEW/CHEW trying to cross to a university through DE, it will be Nursing a million times. Other colleges of health students with similar courses may aim differently though.

Nothing is wrong with that but this goal seems unrealizable from my experience.

Let me explain.

Checking through the universities offering Nursing in Nigeria and their Direct Entry requirements, there is none, openly stating, through the official JAMB brochure, it's accepting JCHEW/CHEW, health assistants, laboratory or environmental technicians, or the like for its degree in Nursing.

Generally, all universities offering Nursing accept:

  1. 'A' Level passes in any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics
  2. ND/HND Upper Credit in Prosthesis and Orthopaedic Technology.
  3. Two (2) 'A' Level passes in Biology/Zoology, Chemistry, and Physics plus three (3) other 'O' Level credit passes in Mathematics, Physics, and English Language.
  4. NRN or its approved equivalent plus five (5) 'O' Level credit passes  in English Language and four (4) Science subjects chosen from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, Health Science, Further Mathematics, and General Science
  5. Some universities, apart from the above, also accept "First degree in health-related courses".

The "First degree in health-related courses" implies a university certificate (BSC/B.TECH etc.) in health courses such as Biochemistry, Microbiology, Medical Laboratory Science, etc.

In fact, the University of Ibadan is very specific, stating, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Human Physiology, Health Education, Psychology, Guidance and Counselling.

In case, you want to feed yourself with references too, you can take a moment to check the official JAMB brochure and prove me wrong. Let me know in the comment section, after going through the brochure, if you find any university accepting JCHEW/CHEW, etc. for DE in Nursing.

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So, What Course Can a J/CHEW, Health Assistant, etc Do at University?

As a matter of fact, crossing to a university with your J/CHEW or Health Assistant and like Certificate is very daunting.  

However, as earlier stated, if you're able to cross the hurdle of getting the JAMB registration number, through the JAMB regularization, my advice is for you to try some very less competitive health-related courses other than Nursing and the like.

For example, Public Health though requires the same qualifications just as Nursing, is still not as competitive. If the university proposed, doesn't have enough mainly-qualified candidates to fill available spaces, you may be lucky.

Another related course is Environmental Science. If you won't mind this, you can give it a try as less competition, compared to Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc. may favor you.

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If you hold a certificate from the College of Health, without JAMB, your best take is to go for the advanced course in the same or another college e.g. HND in the same course. If you gain admission through JAMB, you're not likely a JCHEW/CHEW, health assistant environmental technician. With your own qualification, you'll have OND, e.g. in Health Information Management, which is directly acceptable for Direct Entry in the same course or related. And such related courses may not even be Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and the like.

If you belong to the former category and insist on crossing to a university, do JAMB regularization, if you can, and pursue a very less competitive but related course as you may be lucky in the end.

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