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Can I Buy Two UTME/DE Forms in the Same Year?

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While seeking admission, you may want to consider buying two UTME forms/PINs. Direct Entry applicants may want to consider buying two DE forms/PINs too.

Is this possible? Is it allowed to buy two UTME forms or DE forms in the same admission year?

Why Candidates Want to Buy Two UTME or Two DE Forms

Although candidates seeking 100-level admissions, through UTME, are allowed to choose 4 schools and 4 courses, it's still difficult to expect admissions from other choices than the number 1.

Yes, it's true that schools that give admissions are usually those considered in first-choice positions. Candidates expecting admissions from their second, third, or fourth choices are missing the point. Even if they will be considered, they will still be required to change such schools to the first choices sooner or later.

As a result, some candidates are considering buying two UTME PINs/forms so that they will choose one favorite university as the first choice in one form and another favorite school in the other.

The same happens to Direct Entry applicants who are only allowed to choose two universities, of which, admission offer is only expected from the first choices too.

To have two chances, some DE applicants want to consider buying two DE PINs/forms in order to consider the two most favorable universities as the first choice in each - making their admission chances broader.

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Unfortunately, You Can't Buy Two UTME Forms or DE Forms

Introducing the use of NIN and profile code for the registration of UTME and DE, JAMB has limited your chance to obtain two forms with the same personality.

Similarly, with fingerprint capturing as part of the UTME/DE registration requirements, you've been limited from duplicating your personality.

In fact, you're not only limited from obtaining two UTME forms or two DE forms, you can't even obtain one UTME and one DE form together as a single candidate.

What If You Try to Obtain Two UTME/DE Forms?

While buying UTME, you generate one profile code. Note, there is no way to get TWO different profile codes because it's "one NIN for one profile code". This is because, since you don't and can't have two NINs, you can't have two profile codes too. 

If you now make attempt to buy two PINs, you're forced to use the same profile code. With that, buying the form twice will only send the same PIN to you. And if different PINs are sent to you, it's generated with the same profile code - meaning the same profile will be opened with that.

Hence, once the first registration is completed, the system will NOT open a new form for the same profile code when you get to the CBT center.


I understand why you may want to buy two UTME/DE forms. Admission is generally not easy and if you can attack it with two or more forms, at least, one should work?

Disappointingly, that won't work no matter how hard you try. NIN and profile code is your problem. Sorry!

To help you out of this mess, JAMB has given you the opportunity to change institutions up to three times before the end of the admission year. If one school fumbles, change to another and try your luck. There is practically no need to buy two forms.

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