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How to Cross From Polytechnic/College to University

Crossing to a University and Switching isn't the Same
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In Nigeria like many other countries, especially African, students are likely to ask how possible it is to cross from polytechnics to universities. In the same way, can you cross from a college of education to a university?

This post is a simple but comprehensive guide for candidates who wish to switch from their present polytechnics or colleges to universities. It will show you where, how, and when it's possible or otherwise.

Crossing to a University and Switching isn't the Same

You'll love to know the difference between crossing and switching to universities before we ride on fully into this topic.

If you cross to a university from a polytechnic or college of education, it means, probably after finishing your National Diploma (ND)/Higher National Diploma (HND) or Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE).

In this case, the decision to leave the former institution comes after completing the entire program.

However, by switching, it means leaving your polytechnic or college even before you complete the program - perhaps at ND 1, HND 1 or NCE 100 level. In order words, you're considering not going on with your present program but moving into a university.

In this case, the decision to change to a university is premature. But is it possible?

Now let's answer all the possible questions.

Crossing Through Direct Entry Application

This method of moving from a polytechnic or college of education into university is possible only after you'd completed your ND or NCE. Here, after the first 2-year or 3-years in poly or college respectively, you can obtain a direct entry form to cross to university. HND holders can equally do the same. 

To obtain this form, you must have your former result or certificate handy or be awaiting it - but with the program completed. Then, obtain JAMB Direct entry form just at the same time students seeking admission through JAMB UTME are also applying. In order words, UTME and DE forms are usually on sales at the same time and close on the same date.

While filling the form, you have the option to choose two universities of interest. Although, you have a better chance with the first institution as no university is accepting the second choice these days especially for Direct entry admissions.

After this, you're to obtain the post-DE form of that university when it's on sales - usually when they're are selling post UTME. If the university conducts entrance exams and/or screening, you must take part.

If all was well done and requirements met, you'd be offered a 200 level admission into your proposed course. Note that such a course has to be the same you did while in the polytechnic or college or most related one.

With this, it's still possible to change disciplines as ND/HND holders can change to education courses while NCE holders can change to non-education courses. However, that is limited to a few universities. See the links below for the list.

Switching to Universities From Polytechnics of College is Impossible

Let's say you're in 100 level of your polytechnic course or NCE program, can you switch to a university and continue to 200 level? NO. But to switch to 100 level, possible!

Let me explain.

There is no means to move from a polytechnic or college at ND 1 or 100 level. No form or modality officially allowing students from these institutions to switch to universities of their choices.

Such an opportunity is only available to university students trying to switch from their present school to another university. Yes, a student form LAUTECH can switch to ABU through what is called inter-university transfer admission.

Here, a candidate will obtain a transfer form of the intended university and leave his present school. In most cases he can be admitted to the same academic level he was at the former university.

However, this arrangement is not allowed for candidates in polytechnic or college of education. In fact, you can't be transferred from polytechnic to another polytechnic or college to college. At least not yet, except your polytechnic is running dual award programs at the Federal Polytechnic Ede.

HND Holders Can Cross to University with Top-Up Degree

After completing your Higher National Diploma (HND), you can opt in for the same or related university course as detailed earlier - through the direct entry application. More so, you can take advantage of HND/BSC conversion program by various universities, home or abroad. 

Here, your basic requirement is the HND certificate and NYSC. These universities upgrade HND to Degree (i.e BSC, B.Ed, B.Eng, etc) within 1 or 2 years of part-time or distance learning arrangement.

When completed, you'll be awarded a university degree of the registered course - usually the same as HND or related.

Crossing to University with Distance Learning and Part-Time

While OND, NCE, or HND was already possed, it's possible to cross to a university through what's called Distance Learning Degree program. Under this arrangement, you're to obtain the school direct entry admission form for the program. This time, it's not JAMB DE.

Although, JAMB is now instructing candidates seeking admission through Distance Learning and Part-time course to equally register with them. This, of course, is mere education arrangement rather than making the decision of whether to be offered admission or not.

To cross to a university, with HND, ND, or NCE through DLC or Part-time centers of an institution, you may be subjected to an entrance test or interview. And in most cases, what it requires is just to obtain the form.

Such a program may be conducted during the weekends, on the same institution's campus, or a study centre. A related program is the sandwich courses for majorly NCE holders.

Below is the list of some universities running distance learning, sandwich and part-time programs for undergraduates.


We can at this end concluded that, to cross from a polytechnic or college of education to a university is very possible using any of the channels detailed in this post. However, the only way to switch from the first level of HND, ND, or NCE to a university is if you quit the program and chase the university admission again through UTME or DE.

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