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IJMB/JUPEB Vs OND/NCE: Which is Better For DE (Direct Entry)

If you ask this question, you seem to have already understood the differences among these qualifications. 

In case you don't know one or two yet, read my post, "Bsc, HND, OND, NCE, A'level: What are the Differences?". There, I broke down the differences and other related matters you should know.

There is a need to answer this specific question, because of a question I received from a reader. The guy asked,

For direct entry admissions, please is polytechnic saver than IJMB to secure admission with direct entry?

He wanted to know if direct entry admission will be easier with A'level such as IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge, NABTEB than National Diploma (ND) or Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE.

This post will take you on a long trip. Kindly read to the end.

JUPEB, IJMB, and Other A'level Will Be Easier For Direct Entry Admissions of the Running Universities

All these A'level programmes or qualifications are well known to be acceptable by several universities whether those universities are among the ones running the same programmes or not. However, experience has shown that universities running these programmes do accept them more than those who don't run them at all.

In the same vain universities running IJMB, JUPEB and other Advanced courses will, in most cases, let down applicants for the same 200 level courses, to favour advanced level applicants.

For example, UNILORIN accepts JUPEB candidates so also ND and NCE applicants through its Direct Entry admissions. However, the university will accept more qualified JUPEB and IJMB applicants than ND/NCE applicants, not only because the university is among the universities accepting the advanced courses but also because the university has its own JUPEB programme/candidates to favor.

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NCE and OND Will Be Easier For Direct Entry Admissions into Universities Not Running A'level Courses

Apparently, from the earlier explanation, if a university doesn't run any of the advanced level programmes such as IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge, NABTEB, or similar school-owned diplomas, applicants with National Diploma or Nigeria Certificates in Education should have equal, if not upper hands while being admitted through direct entry than those with A'level courses.

Also, experience has shown that ND and NCE applicants for Direct Entry will have edges over A'level applicants if the proposed universities have affiliates with the polytechnics and colleges of education in question.

The same happens to polytechnics and colleges of education in the same state or catchment areas as the proposed universities.

For example, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Osun State is well known for offering qualified DE applicants from the Federal Polytechnic Ede Osun State admissions over other schools' applicants with the same or different qualifications/grades.

The University of Ibadan, which has affiliations with Federal College of Education Abeokuta, Federal College of Education Oyo, Osun State College of Education Ilesa etc and also situated in the same Oyo State with the Federal Collge of Agriculture Moore Plantation Ibadan Oyo State, is well known for giving preferences to DE applicants for those affiliates and polytechnics/colleges within the same state.

The Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta is usually in love with DE candidates from within-Ogun State polytechnics and colleges such as Moshood BAiola Polytechnic, Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Federal College of Education Abeokuta etc.

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Universities-Owned Candidates Will Be First in Either Case

Whether you're proposing a university with IJMB or other advanced qualifications or you're using ND or NCE, be mindful of the fact that that university will prefer its own products over outsiders.

It may sound like universities are focusing on economics instead of the academy but that's the truth. A university would, of course, consider candidates who did its IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge, ND or NCE programme over candidates being produced by other schools or study centres.

I'd once covered this in my post "IJMB/JUPEB in Universities Vs Study Centres: The Better".

Unless its candidates are not as qualified as the outsiders, its candidates come first on the list.


If you're just considering which one to go for, be sure you check yourself with the university you're proposing. With this, you will know if the state or its catchment area will favour your programme or the running the course with the university will be the best choice.

And if you already possed one of these qualifications, I'm sure, by now, you know what to do and which university will be better for you to chase.

Best of luck!

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