PART-TIME Degree, HND, ND or NCE: What To Know -

PART-TIME Degree, HND, ND or NCE: What To Know


I have got to cover this topic as detailed as I can. The education world is changing so rapidly that students are finding ways to easily, seamlessly and affordably go to schools. Questions after questions regarding the adoption of part-time courses as alternatives to campuses gives me the urgency to write this post.


This post will cover the following areas among other things:
  1. JAMB UTME/DE and Part-time programmes
  2. Part-Time Programme in Polytechnics
  3. Regular Part-time Courses in Universities
  4. Distance Learning Programmes in Universities
  5. Sandwich programmes in universities
  6. Off-campus regular part-time programmes
  7. Part-time programmes fees
  8. NYSC and Part-time graduates
  9. Part-time graduates and labour markets

Let’s look into these areas one after the other.

JAMB UTME/DE and Part-Time Courses

First and foremost, the easiest way to gain admission to universities, polytechnics or colleges of your choice without UTME or DE is through part-time courses.

These programmes are open to solving the kinds of problems students are facing in passing UTME among other issues.

Hence, if you think you may have to wait years to win JAMB’s heart, you may want to consider earning your degree, NCE, ND or HND through part-time programmes.

Part-Time Programmes in Polytechnics

Before now, a majority of polytechnics ran regular part-time courses. By this I mean, a three-year course for students who are only available for learning during weekends.

Regular part-time is equally called weekend part-time programmes in some schools. Their students are mainly working-class who will only be available for continuing studies after their working days.

A few polytechnics are still running this 3-year programme by now.

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At a later time, polytechnics introduced daily part-time programmes. This is a 2-year course meant to be conducted during the weekdays just like the full-time course. The only difference is timing in most cases. While full time runs from Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (sometime to 8pm as work may demand), daily-part time classes are usually fixed for the evening (usually 4pm to 8pm). That’s why some call it evening part-time.

Schools well known for the programmes include The Polytechnic Ibadan, Federal Polytechnic Offa, Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State Polytechnic Esa Oke, Oke Ogun Polytechnic Saki to mention a few.

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Regular Part-Time Courses in Universities

Well, no daily part-time programmes in universities (at least for now). Some schools just call it evening classes. This represents their daily part-time; just like their polytechnics counterparts. Only a few universities run this although.

Majorly, courses in universities are full time and regular part-time.

Regular part-time programmes are meant for working people. That’s why most universities set aside weekends to accommodate these continuing education students.

It should be noted that this course usually runs for 5 years instead of 4years in the case of full-time courses.

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Also, schools limit the number of courses that can be attended on a part-time basis. Hence, you may not expect the likes of Medicine, Pharmacy, Law among courses to be endorsed for part-time programmes.

However, some schools may still have the right provisions even for practical-based courses like Nursing (e.g Obafemi Awolowo University).

You can apply for this course at universities like the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ekiti State University, etc.

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Distance Learning Programmes in Universities

These hot programmes are common among top tier universities like the University of Ibadan, Lagos State University, University of Benin etc.

It’s easy to mix the regular part-time programmes with distance learning. In fact, some schools use it interchangeably. However, distance learning programmes are usually conducted without expecting students to be present (not regularly) on campus.

Students are provided with study materials and study centre only. If wished, students can be at the study centre for classes and you may choose to study the available study materials while right in your bed.

This kind of settings is adopted by the University of Ibadan, National Open University of Nigeria etc

Though SSCE holders can apply for Distance learning programmes, they are more appropriate for postgraduate students and graduates of Bsc, NCE, ND or HND who wish to further their studies.

Unlike regular part-time, 100 level applicants may spend 5 years for the course (instead of 4 years in full time), NCE and ND applicants may spend 4 years, HND and BSC applicants may only spend 2 or 3 years.

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Part-Time or Distance Learning Courses on the Internet

If you have come across adverts promoting universities running distance learning programmes on the internet, know that, they are not all fake. Some are really real.

It's now very convenient for intending students to learn from the top leading world universities direct from the corners of their rooms. How possible, you ask?

Students can register for such courses online and be given study materials, attend virtual classes and real-time online classes. When it's time for exams partake in the online tests. In some cases, such universities send representatives to conduct offline exams at specific exam centers around the world.

These programs save time and in some cases, money. UNICAF Distance Learning still gives scholarships while the University of People is a free tuition online degree-awarding institution.

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Sandwich Programmes in Universities

Primarily for those who had completed a programme at a university - Bsc, HND, ND or NCE (most appropriate) and wish to go for education studies.

SANDWICH programs are generally weekend or school-holiday-centered programs. Students are expected to attend classes during the weekends or first-, second- or third-term breaks by intending teachers.

In other words, these programmes are perfect for the existing teachers who want to upgrade themselves. Other non-education courses are equally available, however.

Popular schools known for sandwich programmes include Lagos State University, University of Benin, Niger Delta University, University of Abuja, Adeyemi University/College of Education, University of Ilorin, Ekiti State University, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education etc.

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Off-Campus Regular Part-Time Programmes

Around us today, like before, we have universities and colleges who are running part-time NCE courses within public or private secondary school premises. This is called an off-campus part-time course.

Intending applicants; holders of SSCE (even with major deficiencies) can be admitted – an opportunity they may not get for regular full-time programmes on the campuses.

After completing this course, you’re awarded the same NCE by the main university or college but under the off-campus (town) name.

Part-Time Programmes Fees

There is no way to say precisely what a school will charge students for her part-time course. The school fees can be a bit more exorbitant than regular full-time tuition. Governments usually subsidize for full-time tuition while part-time programmes are mainly administered by the management without such subsidy.

The only advantage, however, is that payment can be more flexible whereby students are allowed to pay installmentally.

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NYSC and Part-Time Graduates

If you wish to partake in the one-year national service, then part-time or distance learning programmes are not for you. Check the link below this section for the latest update.

NYSC (at present) has not endorsed any part-time schools to participate in the serving programme. Instead, such graduates are issued NYSC Exclusion Letter. This stands as equivalent to NYSC Discharged Certificate (for the served corps).

The only condition NYSC grants part-time graduates for service is if such a school is allowed to regularized her students through the exercise called JAMB regularization. This is usually considered for graduates of daily part-time ND programmes who proceeded to HND full-time.

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Part-Time Graduates, Jobs, and Labour Market.

One fear students may have is, if it will be easy for them to get jobs after completing a part-time or distance learning course. If you think there is any major difference between full-time and part-time graduates in the labor market, you’re wrong.

After completing your 4 or 5 years part-time or distance learning course, you can use it to secure employment anywhere once your course is demanded.

You can be better off if you apply for government jobs though, because most private establishments may prefer NYSC Discharged certificates to Exclusion letters.

Coming out of any program with an excellent result is your main leverage over others – get the right grade.

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  1. Is it not going to affect those people that are working

    1. It may and may not. It depends on if your work can spare you the weekends or not.

    2. My question is
      I did PT in ND and want to proceed for HND
      Actually I know I have to do jamb regularization..but can I be given admission before doing the jamb regularization

  2. Can I gain admission DE with my nce awaiting result

    1. Yes, you can. Read the post below.

  3. Is class held around 7pm_10pm

  4. Pls how nd where can I get the De jamb form?

    1. Clicking on some of the links in the post above will take you to where you can apply for the forms.

  5. Pls sir those noun university accept pat time?

    1. NOUN is actually run on a part-time basis. That's why it's a distance learning programme.

  6. Is part time Nd certificate ready before or after IT


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