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Do Part-Time and Full-Time Students Lecture Together?

Lecture room
Just recently, a reader of my post, "What are the Differences in DPT, DPP and FT Programmes?", asked if the part-time and full-time students will be receiving lectures together.

He was, however, more specific.

He was asking about HND full-time and HND daily part-time.

Does HND DPT/FT receive lectures together?

Here, I think we can look into that and add more flavor to it, so we can answer a few more questions along with it.

I will be answering his question and the related ones such as

  1. Do ND Daily or regular Part-time and ND full-time students attend classes together?
  2. Do HND/ND Regular part-time students receive lectures together with HND/ND full-time students?

Part-Time Students are Usually Separated For Classes

As a norm, universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education have different classes/lecture arrangements for part-time students. The same is applicable to full-time students.

Hence, under normal circumstances, there should not be classes for full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) students together.

Generally, daily part-time students are to lecture strictly in the evening (usually from 4pm) of all days of the week (Saturdays inclusive). This is why a few schools call it evening part-time e.g Federal Polytechnic Ado, Ekiti State

Regular part-time students are expected to receive their lectures Friday and Saturdays (and sometimes on Sundays e.g LAUTECH).

Full-time students are expected to receive lectures from mornings of all days of the week (and sometimes, including Saturdays).

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Lecturers Sometimes Lecture Daily Part-Time Together with Full-Time Students 

Because the full-time timetable may run from 8am to 8pm (depending on the lectures and the availability of the lecturers in charge), a few lecturers may decide to merge full-time students with daily part-time students for their own convenience.

This is very common among the universities and polytechnics lecturers who take both the full-time and part-time students the same courses.

However, it's uncommon to see such arrangements for full-time and regular part-time students. This is because the latter are only meant to be on campus for lectures on weekends.

Meanwhile, where a lecturer sees it possible to marge the full-time students (having lectures on Saturday) with regular part-time students (having lectures on Saturday), he may take advantage of it.

In summary, there is probably no law prohibiting lecturers from merging part-time and full-time students together if a lecturer deems it fit. However, it's not the usual official arrangement.

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