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Inter University Transfer Admission: Requirements/Process

You’re on the right page if you want to know about what inter-university transfer admission is all about, which universities you can consider for the transfer admission, the requirements, form prices by some universities, and so on.

I’ve got a series of queries. My blog readers want to know about:

  • UNIBEN inter-university transfer
  • OAU inter-university transfer
  • UNIZIK inter-university transfer
  • UI inter-university transfer
  • UNIABUJA inter-university transfer
  • UNICAL inter-university transfer
  • LASU inter-university transfer
  • FUTA inter-university transfer form

Here is my comprehensive post on this topic so far. It’ll be wise if you read it word for word before taking action thereon.

What is the Inter-University Transfer Admission?

Inter-university transfer admission is not that common but universities offer that as well. So, what’s this about? This is the admission exercise that allows an undergraduate student of a university to move from his or her present university to another. For example, a 200 level student of Ladoke Akintola University may seek transfer admission to the University of Ilorin.

Of course, what most students are used to are the admissions through UTME, Direct Entry, Pre-degree, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge and NABTEB Advanced Levels, Part-time and Sandwich programmes, Distance learning (e.g NOUN), and most recently top-up degree programmes. We also have what is called inter-university transfer admission.

Why Considering Inter-University Transfer Admission

A student may want to consider such admission if:
  • his or her parents relocate and they deem it fit to move together 
  • he/she wishes to move to a university with a better academic standard
  • there are consistent strike actions in his or her present university
  • there are security challenges (or related issues) in the present school or its environs 

It’s important to note that this admission arrangement is between the two involved universities. Hence, JAMB is not directly concerned with admission by transfer.

JAMB portal now includes the registration link for students to register before/after being transferred.

Option to register as a transfer student with JAMB

Transfer from Polytechnics/College of Education to Universities

Another question that may come to mind is if you can apply for the transfer from one polytechnic to the other or if it is possible to do the transfer from a polytechnic/college of education to a university.

As at the time of this post in Nigeria, you can’t be transferred from a polytechnic or college of education to a university. Likewise, you can’t do transfer within polytechnics or colleges of education. The option opened to ND or NCE holders is admission through JAMB Direct Entry.

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How to Apply for Transfer from One University to the Other

Basically, only four things are involved:
  1. Consulting with the recipient university admission office/officer
  2. Consulting with the present university admission officer
  3. Meeting the entry requirements of the recipient university/course
  4. Obtaining the transfer form

Let’s look at each of the points above one after the other.

1. Consulting with the Target University Admission Office/Officer

You must first meet the entry requirements of the university you’re seeking the transfer to. The university may have some internal arrangements you can’t read anywhere on the web. Doing some findings online may help but that won’t replace your physical presence and inquiries so you can hear from the horse’s mouth.

In case you can’t make it to the campus for inquiries, you can seek the help of a proxy – someone who can do the findings to your satisfaction.

Another medium is to go straight to the university’s dedicated page for transfer admission. The links below take you to the extracted information about the named universities.

  1. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria
  2. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)
  3. University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Kwara State
  4. Osun State University (UNIOSUN) Osogbo
  5. Crescent University, Abeokuta
  6. University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED), Ondo, Ondo
  7. Generally, All Private Universities

What is the Required GPA for Inter-University Transfer?

As a matter of fact, each university you’re proposing has a different policy regards the GPA that will be accepted. If you follow any of the links above, those universities state clearly and openly the GPA an applicant must have before standing a chance of being admitted.

Where a school is not opened on this, or not available on the portal, ensure you visit the admission office, as earlier advised. They will be pleased to tell you anything you wish to know.

Do I Need to Request Transcript for Transfer Admission?

The answer is YES.

Generally, all universities require their prospective applicants for transfer admission to request the former school’s transcripts.

It’s based on this that the university will decide to offer you admission or otherwise.

2. Consulting with the Present School Admission Office/Officer

It’s also important to meet with your school too on your decision to go for transfer to another school.

Some faculties have strict policies as to release their best products to another course not to mention of another school entirely.

Meet with the admission officer, dean of faculty, or registrar - whoever is in charge.

They will as well let you know what you have to do before requesting such.

You may be thinking, does it matter if they want you to go or not? Don’t forget you’ll need them to process and send your transcript.

3. Meeting the Requirements of the Target School/Course

Transfer Admission Requirements:

  • Generally, all universities demand the same O’level and JAMB requirements for Transfer admission. The only thing that may vary is the GPA.
  • By O’level results, applicants must meet the 5 required subjects needed for his or her course. You shouldn’t have problems with this since you’re already admitted based on this in the present university.
  • By JAMB requirements, it means the schools require you to have written UTME or use DE for your admission into the present university. Such a JAMB registration number should be available on request. Subjects written for UTME must align with the course you're proposing in the new university too.

Having said that, it is worth noting that you can only process transfer admission for the same course you had in the present school. Hardly do we have universities accepting transfer students into other courses than they offered in their previous universities.

4. Obtaining the Transfer Form Online

Contrary to the belief that a body is in charge of inter-university transfer admission like JAMB is for UTME/DE, ABU Zaria for IJMB, UNILAG for JUPEB, etc., sales of the admission form and processing in the case of transfer is handled by the recipient university.

Some of these universities require applicants to pay for, download, fill, scan and send to a specific email e.g University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE). Some schools such as Osun State University (UNIOSUN), Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH), etc, require applicants to fill an online form and make a payment on the university portal.


If you digest this piece all through, you will notice that I emphasized visiting the recipient school for inquiries before proceeding with their applications.

It is worth knowing that, admission form is never sold by any agent – be it online or offline. You have to interact with the university you’re proposing directly.

There’s equally the need to know if you meet up with the O’level, JAMB, and GPA requirements by the recipient university.

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  1. Please can student submit transcript by hand to FUTA???

    1. Generally, transcript should be forwarded by the concerned institution to the other. Not by hands. If FUTA instructs otherwise, you can then take it there by hands.

  2. Thank you so much your site is really helpful

  3. Please I need to know if someone can make a transfer from a public university to a private university in his finals. Please it is urgent and I appreciate if admin can reply soon. Thank you very much

  4. Please what about transfers from Nigerian University to Other International Universities?

  5. Can someone in private poly transfer to university

    1. No. Transfer admission is not between Polytechnics and universities. It's among universities.

  6. And can I do the transfer from unimaid to UI?

    1. Yes, you can. However, it's uncommon, these days, to cross form a federal university to another federal university. This, although doesn't mean it's impossible. It may just be difficult.

  7. Please can I transfer from state University ( Sokoto state University) to Fedral University (University of Abuja)

    1. Moving from state university to federal is more difficult. But it can still work.

  8. Can I move from one federal university to another but I want to change course there. Is it possible?

    1. Transferring from any university to federal is possible if you have the requirements of the accepting university. You can change course, but usually to the related one.

  9. Can Someone transfer from OAU to BABCOCK and to another course

  10. Hello, can I transfer from private school to a federal school. For instance I want to transfer from Rhema university to unzip is that possible

    1. Yes, you can. However, experience has shown that transferring from private to a federal university is not easy like moving from federal to private.

  11. Is it possible for old student who didn't complete his education in his school of choice to make a transfer when he has the basic requirements?

    1. No. You have to be current student of that university.

  12. Hello can I change my course while transferring to a different university.

  13. Question A
    Please, IS interuniversity transfer from unipot to UI possible?
    GPA: 4.5 (in a 5.0 scale)
    and if yes, pls what are my odds. Because I wouldn't wanna lose both ways. Thanks

    Pls also, my dream is MBBS(I don't care which school this time around). Pls I need your advice.

    No1) after finishing physiology, can I get admission to study MBBS starting from 300l?

    No2)can I go about this interuniversity transfer and secure MBBS. If yes, pls in which recipient university is it possible.


    1. Pls visit UI to confirm.

      No, you can't be offered 300 level admission for Medicine.

  14. Can i transfer from civil engineering in crutech to computer science in unical

  15. pls can I transfer from a federal university to private university
    I did part time and didn't write jamb

    1. I don't the arrangement is meant for the part-time students.

  16. Pls, as a newly admitted student into 200level in Uniport through IJMBE A level program,and when can I apply for interschool transfer?

  17. Pls what is the least grade flto transfer from lautech to UI

    1. I don't know the specific grade. Kindly visit UI admission office for more details on this.

  18. Can I transfer from Lautech to UI with a jamb score of 198 agricultural science

    1. Where in the post did you read it that you need JAM score to transfer?

  19. Please what documents do i need to take to jamb office to do an inter university transfer

  20. Pls sir
    I want to transfer frm federal university gusau to bayero university kano
    Is it possible to continue frm the level i stopped in my former school
    What the amount of fee to be paid

    1. There is no way to answer your question as YES or NO. You will need to follow the guide in this post It's the receiving university that will set the terms and conditions for you.

      Upon visiting the admission office, they should let you if that will be possible.

  21. I gain admission into a university with my A level jupeb result and i want to make transfer to another university that does not accept jupeb. What's my chance of getting the admission.

  22. I gain admission into a university with my A level jupeb result and i want to make transfer to another university that does not accept jupeb. What's my chance of getting the admission.

    1. Kindly visit the school to understand their policy on that.

    2. Good day sir,am trying to run a transfer from National Open University to another school but the challenge is that my GPA is lower than what they their any possibility of me getting it if i visit the school

  23. Please I want to transfer from aau to uniabuja how do I know if the transfer process is on going currently it's really urgent.

  24. please I need an Advice
    I am a LAUTECH student studying Accounting
    can I transfer to OAU?
    Currently in 200l
    Do I have to finish my 200l before transferring?
    I haven't collected my 100l second semester result though
    please reply ASAP

  25. Pls sir, I am in Bingham University medicine, can I transfer to unilorin or lautech sir due to the fee in Bingham.

    1. Yes, you can. However, it's really so difficult to cross from a private-owned university to a federal university for that matter. Kindly visit UNILORIN admission office to enquire about the terms and conditions, if you'll be favored.

  26. Pls sir can I transfer from crutech to unical after my 100level

    1. Yes. You may need to go to the school first and know if they don't have special preference for other schools.

  27. Sir can i dp change of course(anatomy to medicine) after 200level in the same university

  28. Please can I also transfer from Oduduwa university to LAUTECH


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