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Universities Accepting Awaiting Results for Direct Entry (DE)


Let's answer your questions. Can someone apply for direct entry use awaiting results? What are universities that accept awaiting results for direct entry, Is LASU accepting awaiting results for DE? Are all Nigerian universities accepting awaiting results for Direct Entry (DE)?

Are you seeking admission through direct entry (DE)? Do you fall into the category of DE applicants who wish to use awaiting results for their registrations? You may want to know your position if your ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, NABTEB, and Cambridge Advanced Level results are not out but you do want to take advantage of the current JAMB DE form.

I had covered so much on the use of AR for admissions including UTME, Remedial, Advanced courses, Predegree, etc in the past. 

Now, candidates for DE should find this guide resourceful for their concerns too.

Direct Entry (DE) Applicants are Allowed to Use A’level Awaiting Results

Yes. Applicants for DE are allowed to use awaiting results but which result precisely? Let’s see things further.

Before you apply for DE, you must be a holder of ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, HND, BSC, etc. The final result called “the statement of result” or "the certificate" from any of these programmes will be needed at the CBT center where you will fill your DE application. The center will:

  • Fill in the details on it,
  • Scan and upload it to the JAMB portal

What if your previous school has not completed preparing the results for your set? What if they are yet to be giving results out to any of you that graduated the particular year? Can you use awaiting result to apply for your DE?

What if you don't have the money yet to collect your result, can you still obtain DE form on awaiting? 

What if the distance to your former school is frustrating and you're considering later but now need to obtain the DE form.

The answer is YES. Go ahead to the CBT center. While filling the form and use awaiting results (AR).

However, you must visit any CBT center immediately after your result is released or collected. Take the printed copy to them for scanning and uploading.

Direct Entry Applicants May Not Use O’level Awaiting Results

A similar case is for DE applicants wishing to use SSCE awaiting results.

This is unusual though.


How did you complete your NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, etc without SSCE result in the first place?

So, I don’t think it is done well if you have completed and awarded the result of your previous course using AR throughout.

If however, your case is that you wish to write a better SSCE result to pull the new admission, you may want to use SSCE awaiting result at this stage.

The conclusion here is that, once you use awaiting for either your O’level or A’level qualification, you must go back to a CBT center as soon as it is ready, for the uploading.

Your admission will be on hold until this is done well. Neither the school nor JAMB will offer you admission with AWAITING RESULT status on your profile.

What CBT Centre will Fill For DE Applications Using Awaiting Results

  1. For those who use awaiting results for SSCE, the center will fill in AR for all your required subjects and leave the space for “scanned upload” empty until you return for reuploading later.
  2. For those using A’level awaiting results, the center will fill in AR for your grade, then you have zero (0) point.
  3. Note that no school will give you admission for 0 points.

Universities Accepting Awaiting Result For Direct Entry

As earlier said, if your grade doesn’t reflect in your registration, no school will give you admission. So don’t be misled that some schools may still offer you space notwithstanding.

Whereas, generally all universities whether federal, state, or private is accepting awaiting results for direct entry registration. What matters, in the end, is for applicants to return to CBT centers for the uploading they can expect any offer from any of these universities.

Let’s see how admission will be processed to get a better idea of why.

  1. After your DE registration, JAMB will forward the list of applicants to the schools so they can prepare or invite you for their post-UTME/DE or screening (whichever the school is using).
  2. The school conducts the entrance and/or screening. Then if you pass, they forward the list of applicants they prefer to JAMB
  3. JAMB checks to see that you’ve uploaded all your results i.e SSCE and NCE, ND, etc during or after the DE registration. If things are all completed, they give you admission through JAMB CAPS which you must accept before you can be able to print the JAMB admission letter.
  4. Then, the school is sent the final list which the school will upload to its portal for you to see and pay your acceptance fee.

In summary, if anything is missing in your JAMB profile especially any of your results, your admission will be on hold (even if the school wishes to offer you) until you do the right thing.

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  1. I will be collecting my ND results in August this year,can I apply for direct entry this forth coming jamb and be given admission????? Please tell me everything I need to know please, I love your website

    1. Yes you can obtain DE form on awaiting results. Then, after the result is given to you, you should go back to CBT centre to upload it for JAMB.

      Read more about this through the links below:👇🏻👇🏻

      1. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/02/direct-entry-candidates-applying-with.html
      2. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/08/how-to-upload-waec-neco-or-nabteb.html

  2. Please sir I am about to obtain direct entry form but my result is not yet out please can I obtain the form hope it will not affect me

    1. You can obtain the form with awaiting results.

      Read more through the links below.

      1. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2019/02/direct-entry-candidates-applying-with.html

      2. https://www.schoolcontents.info/2018/04/awaiting-results-answers-to-students.html

  3. Thanks for the information, but my Nce result is not out and I can't say when it will be out, can I apply for jamb this year or I should hold on?

    1. You can obtain UTME form now and upgrade that to DE later.

      Read more through the link below.


  4. My result will be out December/next year January can I obtain the direct entry form or wait till next year.
    Maybe there's deadline for uploading of result

    1. You may take the risk. Some schools may delay admission beyond that.

      And if you're in doubt, wait till next JAMB DE.

  5. I love this ansas sincerely because it has already given me full details of my many questions . Thanks alot sir

    1. It's my please. Share my guides with others. Put smile on their faces too.

  6. Sir, will I be able to apply for awaiting DE because I was not permitted to do my janb regularization till now, in which I was told that all 2018 UTME applicants that wasn't admitted by jamb to their various schools, have the same issue about that for now, because it wasn't jamb that gave me admission to my previous institution in which I have to do regularization before I can further to university, sir can I take the risk and apply for the awaiting DE maybe I might later be given chance to do the regularization before the next admission commences, won't they ask for anything about my regularization during registration so far it is awaiting DE?

  7. Pls I truly need ur help
    I know I am not supposed to be in a hurry but my aunty who has promise to sponsor my Direct entry admission has advised me to start making plans for next year sales or the form.
    This is where the problem lies
    "I am currently running my student industrial work experience scheme (siwes) aand presently in ND2 and according to my school's calendar,my set will be graduating hopefully by April 2022 God's willing and I am planning to pick a direct entry form that same yr but I am quite scared cus I don't know if I can proceed with that decision"
    The main reason why I want to pick it that same year is that age is really getting close and more over, I am beginning to see why I have to finish school quickly and get a job to relieve my struggling parents of some financial stress.
    Pls I need ur advice pls
    If o don't pick it that next year, it means I have to wait till 2023 to pick the form while I resume in 2024 if I am given admission.

    1. You can pick next year even before your ND result is out. You can use awaiting result. And you will be fine. If offered admission, you will be in university by 2023.

  8. It's true that if a part time student in polytechnic (ND) want to DE to university and he collected jamb form and later convert it to DE
    Is good to God ryt

    I don't need

  9. Please sir can I obtain unilag Post utme form is about to close and my jupeb result is not yet out

    1. You can. They will allow you to update your post UTME application when all results are released.


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