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Can I Do Another Degree After Completing One?

Usually, after completing a degree, there may be a need to consider going for another. You may want to change discipline or career. You may want to explore better. You may want to pursue a better grade if you've been let down by your first degree.

Is it the right take to consider another degree if you already have one?

Before I proceed to answer this question, let's get the basics right.

Taking Another Degree, In This Regard, Means a Second Degree

After completing an undergraduate degree, for very many people, the next degree is called a graduate degree or postgraduate degree. However, in the case of a reader, asking if he can take another degree after completing one, the program here, is another undergraduate degree.

Hence, this post will be handling the proposal to go for another undergraduate degree after completing one.

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It's Allowed To Go For Another Degree After One

Yes, you can go for another degree after completing one. Whatever your reason is, you're allowed, on your term, to go for another undergraduate degree after completing one undergraduate degree.

The choice is all yours, as no statutory or law restriction to whether a graduate can still opt in for another undergraduate degree.

I've heard from a few people, who contacted me, in the past, that there was a rumor that JAMB might not give admission to someone who has already graduated from an undergraduate course or is still in school. That's not true. 

JAMB, not only will offer a graduate another degree admission but also will offer those who are currently running a university, polytechnic, or college of education program but still want to run other programs together.

The admission and matriculation board allows degree holders to direct entry forms, (as much as the holders of HND, NCE, ND, etc.) for example. This though, if admitted, will make them start their new degrees from the 200-level. Yet, you're allowed to take it all from the 100-level if they choose.

Hence, don't panic as to whether it will be possible to be admitted again by another university or the same (where you completed your first undergraduate degree).

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You Won't Serve At NYSC If You've Served With the First Undergraduate Degree Though

In case, you don't know, it's a grave offense serving at NYSC twice. Although the corps has put up the right mechanisms to avoid allowing one-time corpers to maneuver their way into the scheme the second time, there could still be loopholes.

One such loophole is if you've done a first degree and served before 25. Then, you sought admission, got admitted, and finish the second degree before 30 (which qualifies you for NYSC).

It'll be wise on your own part to avoid taking that route because you're planning to serve twice or take advantage of that loophole. It may boomerang in the long run as the sanction awaiting you is, "Serving more than once begs for 2 years imprisonment or N4,000 fine or both in accordance with Section 13(b) of the National Youth Service Corps Act".

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Some Alternatives to Going for the Second Undergraduate Degree

If you must go for the second degree because you want to change your course or discipline or because of a poor grade in the first degree, why don't you consider other options instead?

Among the other available alternatives to chasing a second degree are:

  1. Top-Up Degree, which can help you upgrade a poor first-degree grade to a better one. The top-up degree can also help you change the course entirely.
  2. JAMB direct entry form, which if obtained, can help you change course, get a better grade, and let you start from the 200-level instead of 100-level admission. DE admission can also help you to cross the hurdle of reading, sitting for, and passing JAMB UTME
  3. Graduate degree/Postgraduate degree, which can help you change course entirely and complete the program within just 1 or 2 years.


There is no doubt that nothing, even the law, can strip you to have two undergraduate degrees one after the other. However, it may be more rational if you can see other alternatives to changing discipline/career, upgrading grades, etc. The routes to these options may be shorter.

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