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Can I Get a Job with Part-Time, DLC or Sandwich Certificate?

One of the downsides of going for a part-time, distance learning and sandwich programmes is the limitation regards going for NYSC and their acceptability for jobs.

Of course, for many years, part-time, distance-learning centre and sandwich graduates had been denied the national service. Until recently when a few schools such as Federal University of Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE PT), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU DLC), University of Ibadan (UI DLC) etc assured their candidates that they would eventually serve even with their part-time or distance learning courses, NYSC has been a lost dream.

In the same vein, candidates are avoiding these programmes because they have the impression that they may not be able to use them for jobs. They imagine part-time, distance learning and sandwich certificates may not be acceptable for job opportunities, unlike the full-time graduates who automatically are welcome to the labour market as soon as they're done in schools.

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If you're contemplating obtaining a part-time form because you don't know its job potentials, this post may be of help.

Will you be able to get jobs with a part-time, distance-learning or sandwich course?

Part-Time Certificates are No Different From Full-time Certificate For Job Hunting

While seeking jobs, both full-time and part-time candidates can apply to the same organizations as long as they're qualified.

Several part-time, distance learning and sandwich candidates had got job offers using their certificates. Hence, no doubt that you can get a job with your certificate.

In fact, in the end, the grade may be more important than your course, type of the programme or the institutions attended. This has been established in my post "Higher Grade or a Better Course? Which is Better?".

Although they could be an obvious hindrance to holding a part-time certificate or from related courses most especially in the past.

More on that below...

Part-Time, Distance Learning and Sandwich Certificates May Be Limited by NYSC Requirements

In the past, no graduates from any of the above programmes were allowed to go for NYSC. Instead of being issued the discharged certificate which their full-time counterparts will be entitled to after a year of National service, they will be compensated with exclusion letters.

This is, of course, acceptable by organizations nationwide as a replacement or equivalence of the discharged certificates.

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However, experience has shown that some organizations can be discriminating. They may prefer a university or polytechnic certificate together with a discharged certificate instead of together with exclusion letter.

At present and in the future, in order to bridge this gap, JAMB and concerned institutions are collaborating to ensure that part-time, distance learning and sandwich graduates also serve as long as they're within the 30 years (required age bracket).

This is why JAMB has included part-time, distance learning and sandwich registration on its platform. This will let each candidate have their own JAMB registration numbers which is the requirement for NYSC mobilization.

As a result, if you obtain a part-time, distance-learning or sandwich programme form without the institution asking to register with JAMB too, you may not be mobilized for NYSC.

If you're asked to register with JAMB before being admitted or during the course, then, you're qualified for NYSC and you should be mobilized all things being equal.

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Part-Time May Not Reflect on Your Certificate

One fear most candidates have is the thought that the university or the polytechnic may end up writing part-time on their certificates.

Definitely, if this will happen, everybody including the prospective employer will know you're a part-time, distance-learning or sandwich graduate.

The good news is, no university, polytechnic or college of education in Nigeria (or abroad) will write such on the certificates.

As long as the course is under the administration of the school, your certificate will be issued just like that of full-time counterparts,

However, we have seen some universities using dedicated study centres indicating the addresses of the centres on the certificates. This may expose your certificate as a part-time, distance-learning or sandwich. Yet, not bold writings that your certificate is for part-time, distance-learning or sandwich.

In order words, your BSC is BSC whether it's part-time or full-time. So also is your HND, ND or NCE.

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Most Part-Time, Distance Learning and Sandwich Students are Already Working

In most cases, candidates who apply for part-time and related courses are those who are already engaged in one work or the other. But in order to get promotions or upgrade themselves have to study further, they consider the full-time alternatives. This will allow them to work and study at the same time.

This is one piece of evidence that your part-time or related course certificate will earn the right job if your course and grade are required.

If those who are already at work can use it for promotion and upgrading, it simply means you who is just starting will be absorbed by the same or similar organizations.


You will get jobs will your part-time, distance-learning or sandwich certificate just like full-time graduates with a few exceptions. Organizations insisting on NYSC discharged certificates may limit part-time, DL and SW graduates in the past. This has changed now and into the future because of the JAMB-schools part-time registration collaboration.

Apart from that, nothing else will limit you from getting the same job positions with your part-time, distance learning and sandwich certificates.

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