Can I Use NOUN Certificate To Get Jobs? -

Can I Use NOUN Certificate To Get Jobs?

NOUN certificates are recognized by organizations, both locally and internationally, for job applications and further studies. The programs and awards of NOUN are approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC), ensuring their acceptance. While recognition abroad may vary depending on country and institution policies, NOUN certificates are generally accepted. There is no widespread discrimination against NOUN certificates, and many organizations accept them for employment. Employability depends on factors beyond certificates, such as grades and relevance to the position applied for.

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), just like several other open and distance learning universities, is trending at the time when ASUU is embarking on like-never-going-end strikes.

More and more admission seekers are now seeing prospects in universities that don't depend on a union to decide whether to be in sessions or not. As a result NOUN, LAUTECH ODL, UNIABUJA DLC, UI DLC, OAU DLC, etc. are now the go-to.

But the question that very many protective applicants want an answer to is if they will be able to get a job with such certificates. 

Can I use the NOUN certificate to get a job? That's a question being asked by an intending applicant who reached out to me through a post comment.

In this post, I will be answering the question of whether you can use your BSC, Master's, or Ph.D. certificate for job applications or whether you can secure employment with that.

NOUN Certificates and Qualifications Are Recognized for Jobs and Further Studies

The National Open University of Nigeria is a federal-owned and approved distance learning university whose certificates are recognized by any organization, both home and abroad, private or public for jobs and similar purposes.

The programmes and awards of the National Open University are statutorily approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and should be accepted by any organization without any form of discrimination or preference for other universities over NOUN's graduates.

Speaking of its acceptance abroad, the recognition of National Open University certificates abroad will depend on a number of factors such as the country, institution, and purpose for which the certificate is being used. Generally speaking, the recognition of a certificate from a Nigerian institution like the National Open University will vary depending on the policies of the specific country or institution in question.

It is important to note that some countries and institutions may require additional evaluation or assessment of foreign qualifications before they are recognized. In some cases, this may involve the use of a credential evaluation service, which can assess the equivalency of foreign degrees and credentials to those awarded domestically.

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Are Organizations Not Discriminating Against NOUN Results/Certificates?

From my personal experience, I've seen NOUN certificates being accepted by many organizations including private establishments and government-owned organizations. And I've seen a single organization officially or publicly decimating against their certificates.

NOUN BSC certificate

It'll be a matter of assumption to say that it's possible that some organizations may be discriminating without making it known to the public. But I've not seen one. Be kind to comment on this in the comment section if you've seen any company that is not accepting NOUN certificates or if you've heard of any establishment doing that.

For reference, I knew of a few women who had completed their degree in Nursing at the National Open University and are now using their certificates for jobs generally at government hospitals. Although to be admitted for the degree Nursing, Public and Environmental Health at NOUN, you must have got RN or RM to be admitted to the 200 level (as 100 level admission is not available for such courses).

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If NOUN Certificate Can Be Accepted for Nursing, No Reason To Reject It For Other Courses

As professionally and closely monitored as the field of Nursing is in Nigeria or any other country, the NOUN certificate in its degree is recognized and accepted

Obviously, this will equally be accepted in any other fields with relevance to the university's degree programmes and post-graduate courses.

NOUN Master Certificate

Similarly, while answering whether the NOUN certificate will be comparable with those from conventional universities? the distance learning-based university answered as follows.

Yes. NOUN certificates will in no way be inferior to those awarded by conventional universities since the same body National Universities Commission, sets the minimum standard.

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Other Stakeholders Offering Jobs Also Accept NOUN Certificates

A few job applicants have related their experiences while seeking jobs with the likes of MTN, Glo, Dangote, etc. They confirmed that the National Open University is regularly and consistently one of the universities listed on these companies' job portals.

For example, a contributor on myexampoint, has the following to say.

NOUN Degrees are fantastically acceptable anyway now. the varsity has been accredited by NUC. Employers of labor (MTN, ZENITH, ETISALAT, MOBIL, etc) has it in their list of Schools when applying for their jobs. just finished my MBA with them. Transparent learning system. your success solely depends on you. you don't know the examiners, your grade is what you wrote. enough hard work. The only challenge they are presently having is with their law students with regard to acceptance into law school, which they are sorting out. 


As you might have known, NOUN degrees and postgraduate certificates are right for career upgrades as they're perfect if you're starting with them. Those who just hold only the degrees from this university should be assured that their results will be accepted in the labor market without a favor over their counterparts from other conventional universities. What matters, in the end, will be your grade and course of study.

And with more alumni of the university at different companies who had completed their degrees and /or postgraduate studies with NOUN, you stand a better chance with them because they already know what your program entails and what you're capable of doing with it. 

Factors helping people to get jobs are more than certificates and where they studied. Your grade is the most important thing as much as how the course of study to the position applied for is related. The best grade and course will go a long way to help you secure a seat with any organization.

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