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Top up Degree in Nigeria and Abroad: All About One Year Course to Convert HND to Bsc

Local and Foreign Universities with Top Up Degree Programmes and Reasons to Take the Course

It can be disheartening to find out that after spending about 5 years in polytechnic for your ND and HND program, you’re still NOT given the same, if not better recognition, as your university counterpart.

Some people were done with their HND and later sidelined by the labour market for the university graduates.

Imagine how worse it becomes to find out later that only the university graduates are even recognized, by law, to lecture at the polytechnics where you’ve been trained.

An HND holder can only lecture in a higher institution if he has additional qualifications like PGD and/or Msc. Whereas, a Bsc holder can be offered a graduate lecturer position on convocation.

Now, thousands of HND holders are seeking ways to upgrade themselves to the status of their university counterparts without necessarily returning to a university and starting all over from 100 level.

This is possible.

I gave more recommendations in my post, "HND vs Degree in Nigeria: Ways Out for HND Holders"

You can end up possessing a degree certificate if you take any of the two routes below.
  1. Direct Entry Admission
  2. Bsc (Degree) Top-up program or HND to Bsc Conversion Course

Direct Entry Admission

In the case of Direct Entry admission, you obtain JAMB direct entry form and select your intended university. You can be given admission to 200 or 300 level of your desired course – depending on the policies of the school in question.

See: UTME/DE: A Major Requirement to Gain Admission to Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.

The main purpose of this piece is to introduce you to Bsc (Degree) Top-up program or HND to Bsc Conversion Course.

The post answers series of questions and guides you on how to go about this short-cut to converting your Higher National Diploma (HND) to Bachelor of Science (BSC).

What is a Bsc (Degree) Top-up program or HND to Bsc Conversion Course?

This is usually a year or two academic program designed by some universities to upgrade HND holders to Bsc.

The academic program is usually a two-semester course that will drill applicants in line with their previously held certificates. In other words, such course will be in line with or the same as your former course.

After completing this course, you now have two qualifications: your former HND certificate (under the previous polytechnic) and the new Bsc certificate under the name of the new university.

Nigeria: Top Up Degree or HND to Bsc Conversion Program

In Nigeria, the HND – Bsc dichotomy is not new. Even when government is trying to level both qualifications up, private establishments may not change the game in the next few decades.

This is why every HND holder who aims to use his education to get job should consider this opportunity.

Whereas, several reputable universities are already running HND to Bsc or degree conversion course. These universities include:
  1. Kwara State University, Ilorin (State)
  2. Bells University Abeokuta (Private)
  3. Alhikmah University Ilorin, Kwara State (Private)
  4. Southwestern University Nigeria (Private)
  5. Federal University of Oye Ekiti (Federal)
  6. Ekiti State University (State)
  7. Delta State University (State)
  8. Osun State Polytechnic Iree in Affiliate with Ajayi Crowther University (State)
  9. Ede Premier Institute
List will be updated continually. So, revisit this page please.

Foreign Universities: Top Up Degree for Nigeria HND Holders

Nigerian HND holders are wanted at foreign universities for a year HND to Bsc conversion/Degree top-up course. Among the most popular universities accepting Nigerians are:
  1. Sheffield Hallam University, UK 
  2. Birmingham City University. 
  3. Coventry University Group
The list will be continually updated. Visit the page again.

Online Top up Degree: Top Up Degree for Nigeria HND Holders

  1. Arden University.

Answers to Some Questions on Top Up Degree

Will it reflect on the certificate that I did top up degree instead of regular degree?

Usually No.

Schools here, are not known for indicating such.

Will I be allowed to go for NYSC after my top up degree?

No, not likely

Policies may change with time. But right now, no such arrangements between NYSC and the schools.

How much does it cost to run a top up degree?

No specific price for the program.

In other words, different school has her price and arrangement.

However, experience has shown that the fee is usually affordable and friendly. Students usually enjoy flexible payment plans too.

To know the cost, contact the school of interest.

Can I be working when running top up degree?

Yes you can.

However, nature of the studies (one year) and tedious academic arrangements may not be encouraging for the working students.

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