Can I Change My JAMB Email And Phone Number? -

Can I Change My JAMB Email And Phone Number?

A few of my posts must have briefly talked about changing of email and phone number used for the JAMB registration. For example, when I was addressing candidates who were contemplating using their old profile code for the new JAMB registration.

However there is a need to focus solely on this matter as more and more students are asking if they can still change their JAMB emails and phone numbers.

Let me take you on the ride you've been waiting for. Can you change your JAMB email or its JAMB phone number?

You Can't Change Your JAMB Email

After using an email for the JAMB registration or later linking it to the JAMB portal, UTME/DE candidates are not allowed to change or correct it should there be any need to do that.

JAMB allows corrections of many other details including names, state/LGA, gender, courses, and institutions - but not email addresses.

The reason for this limitation is that each JAMB candidate has been tied to a single NIN and a single profile code - that can't be changed. And since the email is equally attached to the same profile, it won't be possible to change that too. But there is a solution! More on that later...

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You Can't Change Your JAMB Phone Number

Since the 2021 admission, just like for the email, admission seekers were no longer allowed to change or correct the phone number they used for their UTME/DE.

Remember, since 2021 admission, it's one NIN, one profile code, one JAMB portal, one email, and one phone number. All are linked together!

In fact, in a recent interaction between an affected candidate and a JAMB official, the board made it unambiguously clear that changing email and phone was not allowed.

Candidate's question,

Pls, how can I change my registered gmail to another active one in my jamb profile? My phone was stolen and I can't recover my registered Gmail right now.

JAMB Response,

Kindly be aware that both email addresses and phone numbers are not changeable on the JAMB portal. You are hereby advised to retrieve your lost email address for future use.

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You May Not Need To Worry About Changing Your Email and Phone Number

Of course, immediately you realize you've made a mistake with your email - maybe you linked the wrong one or lost the password to it or you lost/damaged your phone and couldn't retrieve the SIM, you tend to worry if that will affect your admission.

JAMB restates you can't change JAMB phone numebr

Well, the good news is that in most situations, they won't have any effect on your admission if you have such problems with your JAMB email and/or phone number. You should just learn to maneuver things!

Let me explain! I've covered solutions to different related problems.

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  2. If you forget your JAMB email password, read, "How to Get JAMB Password With SMS/Text Message"
  3. If you lost or damaged your JAMB SIM or it's blocked, read,  "JAMB SIM Problem, How Do I Check My Result?"
  4. If after everything you can't still access your JAMB CAPS, read, "I Can't Enter My Email to Get JAMB Password: Solutions!"


While you cannot directly change your JAMB email or phone number once it has been linked to your profile, there are solutions to address issues such as linking the wrong email, forgetting your email password, or losing your SIM card.

It is important to stay proactive, keep your information updated, and follow the appropriate steps to rectify any problems that may arise.

Remember to always stay informed and seek guidance from the official JAMB website or authorized channels for accurate and up-to-date information regarding any changes or updates to their policies.

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