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I Made Mistake Linking Email to JAMB Portal: Solutions!

Now that candidates seeking admissions are linking their emails with the JAMB portal, we have been seeing errors of different nature. One of these mistakes is linking the wrong emails.

A candidate called to tell me that there was a mistake in the email linked to the JAMB portal. Instead of [email protected], he mistakenly called [email protected] for the attendant. And the wrong one was linked.

Another called to tell me that he just called an email for them which was linked. But when he tried to create the email, another person already had it (the email wasn't available again).

In short, if you're one of the candidates who linked the wrong email, the problem is that:

  1. You won't be able to log in to the email. Of course, the email didn't belong to you and you don't know the person.
  2. You won't have access to the password that JAMB will send to the email which you will be using to log in to your JAMB portal.
  3. You won't be able to reset your JAMB password, because the email they will send the new password to, is not yours and you can't access it.

So, what is the way out of this problem? What could you do if you mistakenly linked the wrong email to the JAMB portal?

In this post, I will profer two solutions. At least one of them will help you out and give you opportunities to do all that your JAMB portal is meant to serve you.

1. Try Getting A New Password Through SMS But With the Wrong Email

This method has really helped several students in the past and to date. However, because JAMB is having problems with several SMS services, this year, this may not be 100% sure. If it works for you, accept my congratulations.

To use the SMS method to get the JAMB password for your portal, you will send an SMS to 55019, using the phone line used to get your JAMB profile code, during the JAMB registration. 

The service charge is the usual #50. After which you will be sent a new password. This is the password you will be using to log in to the JAMB portal but you will keep using that with the email.

Here it won't matter if the email was not yours, you would just be writing it to log in to the JAMB portal, You don't have any reason to enter into the email. Just use it to log in to your JAMB portal.

To get the JAMB portal password, through the SMS, send PASSWORD followed by a space and followed by the wrong lined email.

For example, PASSWORD [email protected] to 55019. Or send an SMS "RESEND PASSWORD" to 55019

You will be debited #50. And an SMS will be sent to you containing a password. The password will look like cand62fb123.

Now, to be logging into your JAMB portal, visit https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/. On that page, enter the wrong email and the password sent to you through the SMS.

Once logged in, you can now be using the JAMB portal/profile for any of your admission activities - checking and printing of your result, uploading the results, checking your CAPS status, accepting the admission, printing of admission letter, etc

It should enter if JAMB is no longer having problems with the SMS services. However, if that won't solve the problem, you should give in to the next method.

2. You Will Be Visiting the Nearest CBT Centers For Help Till Admission Ends

I'm sorry if the first method doesn't work for you. If this is your situation you have to take this as a bitter pill but it's necessarily the last way out.

From now on, you will be visiting any available CBT center each time you want to do anything on your JAMB profile.

CBT centers have direct access to your profile whether you lined a correct or wrong email. They can do anything for you with just your JAMB registration number or the profile code.

Visit them with your JAMB registration number or profile code together with an appropriate fee if you want to do any of the following:

  1. checking and printing of your JAMB result, 
  2. uploading of your O'level/A'level results, 
  3. checking your CAPS status,
  4. accepting the transfer of admission
  5. change of institutions and courses
  6. checking market place for possible unexpected admission 
  7. accepting the admission on the JAMB portal, 
  8. printing of the JAMB admission letters etc

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