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Can I Change My Last JAMB Profile Code?

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When you see the level of suffering the prospective admission seekers are subjected to because of the generation of the JAMB profile codes, you will want to ask a question such as "can the JAMB profile be changed?".

Imagine a student who once used a profile code for admission. It's time to register another JAMB or do the direct entry using the old profile code. Such students find it difficult to buy the PIN with that code or he or she just doesn't trust using the last profile code to buy the new JAMB. This set of students may want to change their profile codes.

In another story, a student has some errors on his or her last profile, emanating from NIN to the JAMB profile. This student may be considering changing the profile code so that he/she can correct the errors on NIN before using the new profile code.

These and similar cases are giving admission seekers reasons to consider changing their profile codes.

In this post, I will be showing you what is possible and what is not if you want to change your JAMB profile code.

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You Can't Change Your JAMB Profile Code

JAMB has adopted a system where a student seeking admission is tied to one profile code since it started the use of the National Identification Number (NIN) to generate the code.

The implication of using the NIN to get the profile code is that since no Nigerian can change his or her NIN, JAMB candidates can't change their profile codes too.

Probably we should just say, NIN = profile code (and vice versa) for JAMB candidates. 

With this, you're left with no other option than to accept your profile code as your fate.

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You're Expected to Use the Same Profile Code All Through Your Studies

You're not only allowed but you're also expected and forced to use the same profile code all the days of your academic life.

Let me explain better!

JAMB knows that some candidates will have to sit for JAMB a few times before they can succeed in gaining admission. As a result, the board also expects you to keep you using the same profile code each time you will do activities such as:

  1. JAMB UTME registration
  2. JAMB DE registration
  3. JAMB part-time registration
  4. Regularization application
  5. JAMB Transfer admission application, etc.

The idea is that, unless your NIN details have to be changed, there is nothing to change on your JAMB profile too. Hence, no need to be changing the profile code each time you must do JAMB things.

In fact, after your first admission (maybe to 100 level, ND 1, DPT, etc.), if you must go for JAMB DE form or the JAMB transfer admission application, later, the same profile code, used back then, will still be used.

This is because typical information that will be exported across the board usually remains the same no matter your age, location, position, academic pursuit, etc. For example, names, date of birth, gender, and local government/state of origin will be the same all your days on earth. 

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There Is No Need to Change the Profile Code Because JAMB and NIMC Allow the Correction of Data

No matter what, the good news is, you don't have to change your profile codes because you're allowed to change the data on it.

Of course, with little stress, some JAMB-related issues can be corrected if such as crop in through the NIN/profile codes.

Let me explain that.

If you're having errors on your profile (such as in the names, date of birth, state, etc.), JAMB allows you to apply for the correction of data.

Similarly, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) allows you to make some corrections too right on your National ID card (NIN).

For the correction of bio-data, you're to visit the nearest JAMB office and spend about N3000 to correct an item. For the correction of data on NIN, you're to visit the next NIMC and spend about N1000 (for name, gender, state, etc.) or about N15000 (if the date of birth).

However, the routine is to first effect the changes on the NIN and be sure it has reflected in the headquarters' database (ask the officials to know if it has reflected in Abuja) before you proceed to the JAMB office for the same correction of data.

If this procedure is well followed and done, you're assured of the changes of the mistakes on your profile and consequently on your JAMB portal or for future admission-related activities.

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  1. I changed my name for Christ sake cos of some reasons
    I can't change my name on Jamb
    Buh I've changed on NIN
    I don't know what to do😭😭😭😭

    1. having same issue here..
      have you now resolved it

  2. I change my name on Non but I don't know how to change it in this year utme


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