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Deleted JAMB Profile Code? How to Get It Back!

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It can be disappointing to realize that you've mistakenly deleted your JAMB profile code, especially if it took considerable effort to generate it initially. However, life happens, and anyone can accidentally delete his/her JAMB profile code. The question now is, what should you do to retrieve it, or is it gone forever? In this post, I will guide you through the steps to take if you've accidentally deleted your JAMB profile code or lost your phone with it.

JAMB Provides Quick Solution for Recovering a Deleted Profile Code

The shortest and easiest way to recover a deleted profile code is to resend the command used to obtain it initially. As long as you have N50 to cover the cost of retrieving the profile code, you can send your NIN back to 55019/66019, depending on the code used for the deleted one. Upon sending the command, the profile code will be resent after deducting the N50, using the same SIM that was initially used. This process was precisely explained in the interaction between JAMB and a student facing this issue, as exemplified below: KansolašŸŒ¹ @kan_solah

"I deleted my JAMB profile code, how can I retrieve it?"


"Resend the command as you did earlier to the USSD code 55019 or 66019 to retrieve it."

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What If You've Lost Your Phone with the SMS?

In this situation, you need to first retrieve the SIM/line. Afterward, insert the SIM into another phone before sending the SMS. Follow the same command by texting NIN followed by a space and the actual NIN. This process will resend the profile code to you.

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While the inadvertent deletion of a JAMB profile code may be disheartening, a prompt and cost-effective solution is readily available. JAMB offers a straightforward method to recover a deleted profile code by resending the initial command through a specified USSD code, requiring a nominal fee of N50.

Additionally, for students who have lost their phones, the retrieval process involves obtaining the SIM, inserting it into another phone, and then resending the command via SMS. This efficient approach, exemplified in a student's interaction with JAMB, underscores the institution's commitment to providing practical solutions for such challenges. Overall, the prescribed steps offer a reliable means to recover a deleted JAMB profile code.

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